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The Diet Myths You’ve Been Believing

Image thanks to o5com

It’s hard to know fact from fiction. There’s a lot of good advice, and unfortunately, a lot of superstition. Some things sound too good to be true. Some bits of advice just don’t apply universally, and some are just silly. We get caught up in … [Read more...]

Best Stress Busters


Let’s face it; it is nearly impossible these days to avoid stress. It finds you at work, at home, and may even be hanging out with you when you are waiting in line at the grocery store. It can cause sleepless nights, food binges, and – if left … [Read more...]

Slim Down Pick-Me-Ups


So you have decided to make some big changes which involve… not being so big. Even those who go eagerly into a weight loss program may get a little grumpy about it. But there are ways to avoid getting glum. After all, trying to accomplish … [Read more...]

It’s Greek to Me: Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diets are a healthy lifestyle choice

There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. It now looks like the hype may be true, and that there are some serious health benefits from adopting this kind of diet. It has been … [Read more...]

Don’t “Should” On Yourself


Have you ever heard the expression “don’t should on yourself?’ It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of making the point that we often spend too much of our thought process on what we "should" do, or all of the things that we "shouldn’t" do. The thing is, … [Read more...]

Finding Your Motivation

Image thanks to TRF_Mr_Hyde

What would it take to make a major change in your life? Motivation? It would be great to wake up with oodles of motivation, but motivation doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. While change happens all the time, you can’t just depend on some … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: Summer Weight Loss Tips

Image thanks to Klearchos Kapoutsis

Summer will soon be upon us in the U.S. It is the season of sunshine, long days, and outdoor activities. It is also the season when we stop hiding beneath our cold weather clothes and face the reality of shorts and swimsuits. But fear not, … [Read more...]

Slimming Tea – What’s All The Buzz About?

Okuma's Wu-Long slimming tea

Slimming Tea In The News There has been a lot of buzz about slimming tea lately and endorsements from all over the health industry, from CBS News to Dr. Oz. So, what is all the buzz about? The Chinese have long credited Oolong tea with providing a … [Read more...]

Are There Side Effects of Wu-Long Tea?

Image thanks to melloveschallah

Yesterday I had a customer send me a link to this article and ask me if there were any side effects of Wu-Long Tea… Here is the article that they sent us… I am really … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

get a better night's sleep

  Normally, I am pretty good about carrying healthy snacks and not feeling the urge to eat all day long. Today, however, I was constantly hungry and it was all I could do not to grab a giant bag of chips with my lunch “for later.” It … [Read more...]