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Why You Should Avoid Fructose for Weight Loss…

Tea Photo

The U.S. celebrates the official kick-off of summer with a special Memorial Day Weekend. In case you didn't know, this 'holiday', which commemorates those who've fallen in the armed forces, is also synonymous with barbeques and outdoor … [Read more...]

How To Turn Leftovers Into Fat-Loss Feasts…

 Don't Forget - This Weekend Take Up to 47% OFF Slimming Tea! Find Out How Here...   Gourmet Leftover Recipes That Torch Fat! There are few things I love more than opening my fridge, putting a fork into something yummy - and not having … [Read more...]

Stay Fit While Traveling… In Just 7 Minutes Per Day!

Stay Slim While Traveling... in Just 7 Minutes! Here's a riddle for you: What are THREE items you can travel with that fit in an average ladies' purse... That burn fat better than running an 8-minute mile... And provide you with a FULL-BODY … [Read more...]

How To Eat Carbs And STILL Lose Weight…

Carbs are a scary word when you're trying to lose weight. Either you're afraid of them - which gives them undue power over your mind and body.  Or you are scared to live without them - which means you may have an addiction to carbs or … [Read more...]

How “Cheat Meals” Can Help You LOSE Weight…

It's Not Cheating If You Play By THESE Rules... We all do it.  And if you're anything like me, it usually happens on the weekends... I'm talking about "cheating". Not cheating on your partner - cheating on your weight loss plan. Perhaps it's … [Read more...]

Can Tea Enhance Your Sex Drive?

I can be a bit shy when discussing love and sexuality with my newletter readers.... But I just ran across some research that really fascinates me. If you're like me, it seems like everywhere you turn people are making excuses for why they don't … [Read more...]

Can Tea Actually Harm Your Body?

A doctor wrote our support team this morning with a very important question. Simply put, he wants to know if our tea's quality can be assured although it comes from China, where many other teas that have dangerous toxins come from. I'm really … [Read more...]

Why Additives “Add” Pounds… and Endanger Your Health!

For decades, food manufacturer’s have been putting “additives” in foods and beverages to help increase shelf life, make them taste better, and to help the foods have less calories from fat and sugar. At the same time, an “Obesity Epidemic” began … [Read more...]

The Real Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight…

Have you ever been here? You've been eating lean, healthy, non-processed foods for weeks.  Exercising like mad. Maybe you've even been fasting intermittently. But you step on the scale and it hasn't budged. Your jeans still feel tight.  And … [Read more...]

Real Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets…

After big events like the Met Gala, I can't help but to stare at all the amazing dresses, and fit figures - of all the celebrity attendees. They've got all the money they could want... and it's basically their JOB to look good. Lucky … [Read more...]