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Weird “Underwear Trick” for Fat Loss?

Did you hear about this crazy new trick people are using to drop weight and tone their bodies for summer? It’s kinda weird… People are hanging bathing suits, shorts, and even slinky underwear on their refrigerators to motivate them to get in … [Read more...]

Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Shake [Recipe]

Mint Shake

You don't have to drink green beer to enjoy St. Patrick's Day favorites! I love all things green.  Broccoli, green olives, basil, celery. Oh, yeah, and St. Patrick’s Day! But St. Patrick’s Day has also become synonymous with fatty foods and … [Read more...]

Celebrity Fat Loss Secret?

Celebrities Dreamstime

Have You Ever Wondered How Celebrities Seem To Maintain Perfect Figures All-Year Round?  Let's face it... celebrities have a lot of money... Which means they have access to the best fat loss secrets on earth... And their jobs depend on their … [Read more...]

The Dark Side of Energy Drinks…

The Dark Side of Energy Drinks... It's SXSW in Austin this weekend and to my surprise, there are thousands of people old and young... very young... consuming these dangerous beverages.  Here's why you should steer clear for the sake of your mind, … [Read more...]

Is THIS Hazardous Toxin in Your Water Bottle?

Water bottles

Most of us don't think twice when purchasing water bottles, baby bottles, or sports drink containers. Little do most people know - many contain a chemical that is very detrimental to our health. We're talking about the dangerous chemical … [Read more...]

Cooking With Tea: Weight Loss Dessert Recipe!

Banana cream

To celebrate 2014: The Year of The Tea as a hot new food trend, we here at Okuma have decided to flood you with delicious, nutritious Wu-Long Tea recipes all week long. We're bringing your four-course feast to a festive close today with a … [Read more...]

Cooking With Tea: Weight Loss Chicken Recipe [2 Ways]

Grilled chicken breast on ratatouille bed

Course 3:  Weight Loss Main Course Two Ways Well, folks... We're on our third course in our Cooking With Slimming Tea Week. Earlier this week you learned how to create a fat loss soup stock, fat-blasting soup, and a delicious Wu-Long-soaked … [Read more...]

Cooking With Tea Week: Fat-Blasting Salad

2013-12-12 17.09.58

  I don't know about you... ...But if I have to order one more nutrition-less iceberg lettuce "salad" in a restaurant with a single tomato and cucumber on- it I think I'm going to scream! Thankfully when cooking at home you can pack … [Read more...]

Icky Substance I Just Found In My “Whole Foods” Salad…


Ugh… I have to go to the grocery store this weekend and I’m TOTALLY dreading it. Does your head spin when you read food labels? So does mine. In fact, I stopped reading food labels a couple years ago when I stopped shopping in the aisles … [Read more...]

Move Over “Joe”… There’s A New Sheriff In Town

covering an event with a video camera

The era of coffee-infused drinks, desserts, and even steak rubs is moving over for a super-hot new food trend: tea. Tea has been a beverage of choice since at least before the time of Confucius – more than 2,500 years ago! In the West, the … [Read more...]