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How to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

We are so focused on losing weight that any weight loss is considered good. What people often overlook is the fact that most of the initial weight loss is because of loss of muscle. No exerciser would want smaller muscles because of exercising. The … [Read more...]

Less Known Causes of Weight Gain

Been on a weight loss diet plan but those extra pounds never seem to go away? Well, you are not alone. Many people get frustrated because they keep on gaining weight even when they are regularly exercising and are ensuring a calorie controlled … [Read more...]

How to Control Weight Gain Associated with Aging

Once you cross the 40 mark, you tend to gain weight and the weight that you gain with age is difficult to get rid of. So, it is important to become a little more conscious and take necessary precautions as we age. Let us first understand the … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Weight Loss

Do you feel discouraged when you are continuously fighting with the weight scales? You need not lose hope. All you need is patience and determination which will help you find obvious results from all the efforts you have put in. keep yourself … [Read more...]