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Mind Over Matter

tips for improving your attitude

It’s no secret that your attitude is important the success of any pursuit you undertake. If you start off thinking you’ll fail, that’s probably how it will go down. Heck, why bother? But if you go into a situation with the firm belief that you … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Sick!

home remedies for sickness

Sniffles, coughs, and aches; oh my! There are plenty of germs circling around these days, and if you hang around people, there’s a chance you’ll get a bug just by proximity. Heck, doorknobs can pose a hazard this time of year, and if you start … [Read more...]

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

accentuate the positive

Warning: This is not a pep talk. It’s going to be a hard slice of reality. Just thought you should know before we got into it, because a vague disclaimer is no one’s friend. You won’t be good at everything you try. There. I said it. I … [Read more...]

Blending Is The Key

all about smoothies

You know what you need? A good blender. If you don’t already have one, get one. If you have one that’s been sitting on the shelf, then get it out, dust it off, plug it in, and get ready for some easier, healthier days ahead. You want something … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea There are many health benefits of oolong tea, including reducing chronic bodily conditions such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, providing vital antioxidants, reducing high cholesterol levels, promoting … [Read more...]

Crave: Hearty Crockpot Meals

healthy crockpot meals

I admit it. In the heart of winter I sometimes lose my motivation to cook the warm, comforting meals that I crave because it just takes too much darn work at the end of a long day. Well, the other night, the answer to my problems hit me in the … [Read more...]

All That And A Bag Of Chips…

serving sizes

Ever eat a whole bag of chips? You’re just sitting in front of the television, minding your own business, watching terrible rich people on Bravo, when low and behold, that full bag you started with is nothing but tasty flakes stuck in the static … [Read more...]

A Hard Habit To Break…

breaking bad habits

I’ll make a bold declaration and say we all have bad habits. Big ones, little ones, there a certain things we want to change about ourselves, and the tough part is we’ve been doing them for a while. Our habits have become character … [Read more...]

4 ‘Get Real’ Tips for Weight Loss

real tips for weight loss

I just saw an article headline about brides who are turning to a feeding tube diet to lose weight before their weddings. I am honestly shocked that it has come to this. Shocked to consider the dangerous and drastic measure that some people will … [Read more...]

Try a Little Tenderness: Building a Better Relationship With Food

better relationship with food

You wanna know something I’ve been thinking about lately? Maybe we would all be better off if we treated our relationship with food the same way that we treat our relationships with people. Whether it’s with friends, spouses, lovers, or family, we … [Read more...]