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You Are Not Alone…

Image thanks to Dan4th

It’s a fresh new year. This means that everywhere all around us is the idea of new chances, and clean slates, and starting from scratch. I keep reading articles, again and again, about how to lose weight in the New Year. How to get in shape and … [Read more...]

Resolution Evolution

new year's resolution

It’s just a few days into the brand new year, and I have to ask, how are those New Year's resolutions going? It doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, getting organized, cleaning up your credit score, or finishing that novel you’ve been trying to … [Read more...]

Big in Japan…and Other Life Lessons

end of year tips

Right now, I bet you’re thinking about how next year will be different from this one. Let me offer this suggestion: Think about what went right this year, what you learned, and how you’ve grown. It’s a fine way to pat yourself on the back, and get … [Read more...]

Have Yourself A Merry Little…

happy holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate this season, it may be sometimes feel like it’s overshadowed by stress. There is shopping to get done, meals to plan, parties to attend, and family gatherings aplenty. All of these things can be incredibly … [Read more...]

Crave: Healthy Holiday Cookies!

healthy holiday cookies

Ah, the holidays are upon us. The time of year for lights, festivities, and (most importantly) cookies. Cookies! They will be handed off by your neighbors, hanging out around the office, and decorating dishes at just about any holiday … [Read more...]

Oops, I Did It Again: Accepting Mistakes

accepting mistakes

We can be hard on ourselves. All those times we think about what we should have done instead of what we did. We kick ourselves in the mental butt for being such idiots. If only we could get a redo. Well, we can’t go back in time and change … [Read more...]

Breakfast of Champions II: Building a Better Breakfast

better breakfast food

A little while back we sent you an article about the many benefits of eating a healthy breakfast (and there are MANY). Breakfast is good for your energy, your metabolism, good for your waistline, and,'s just good. In that spirit, I … [Read more...]

Three Wise Men-u Items

smart holiday foods

Oh tradition. I hate when foods are in lyrics, which is why I feel Jimmy Buffet should just stay on his island and stop singing menus at Americans. But somehow, when foods are in a holiday song, they are more than tolerable. They are encouraged. … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most of NOW

how to make the most of now

Really, what good is nostalgia? The word itself is from the Greek, meaning essentially “the ache of homecoming.” We like to remember how good it was “way back when,” and then get all sad about it because it will never be that good again. It’s a … [Read more...]

Skin Deeper: How to Keep Your Skin Snappy

how to keep your skin snappy

There’s a big drawback to losing weight quickly, and it’s all over you, right now. It’s skin. People love the idea of dropping a bunch of pounds in a short time, but they don’t consider the way it will affect their largest organ. Skin has a … [Read more...]