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Is Juicing Making You Fat?!

Woman Choosing Apples In Grocery Store

  It wasn’t the first time this happened… I’m sitting at a coffee shop the other day and I notice a mother and her two children consuming blended iced coffee drinks, lattés, cake pops, and other fattening treats in front of me. The … [Read more...]

This Toxic Substance Is On Your Kitchen Counter

2013-12-05 19.37.41

I was cooking a nice, warm pasta sauce the other day when I noticed "salt" as one of the ingredients in the tomatoes I was using...   ...And it hit me - sometimes I forget that not everyone knows everything about nutrition and weight loss … [Read more...]

5 Foods That Should Be Illegal?! (please don’t eat these)


I take a LOT of pride in purveying one of the healthiest, purest, and most rare Medicinal-grade Healthy Teas on earth. And, frankly, it really disgusts me when I read about teas, foods, and even children's’ formulas that are full of toxic … [Read more...]

The Superfood Of The Future (May Replace Pasta?)

Quinoa Salad

The days of ordering wheat toast or an English muffin as the ‘healthy choice’ are pretty much over. Thanks to pioneer researchers and nutritionists, the symbiosis of ‘health food’ and ‘processed foods’ is a myth we’ve pretty much debunked. The … [Read more...]

Why I’m Thankful For Oolong…

Give Thanks Tecumseh

Study Shows Oolong Tea Can Burn Extra 240 Calories Per Day... Did you know that a study published in the Journal of Nutrition concluded that drinking regular amounts of oolong tea not only increases your metabolic rate... It also increases fat … [Read more...]

Got The Munchies? Fatburning Snack In Under 5 Minutes!

SMALL Endive Treat Finished Product_Snapseed

Do you love to snack on zesty, crunchy, salty, sweet or even spicy foods? Me too, and my favorite is when they’re also fat-torching, satisfying superfoods! You can throw this plate together in under 5 minutes – and it contains some of the … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Cellulite With This One Delicious Food…


  This was really shocking to me... I'm sitting on a dock this summer two of my dear friends - who both have smokin' bodies! Naturally - I want to know the secret... I ask the woman - "how DO you keep such a lovely figure?" (What … [Read more...]

One Of Nature’s Most Rare Health Miracles


Did you know that there’s ONE tea that has MORE fatburning potential than EVERY other tea? In fact, drinking this tea has shown up to a 12% increase in fat oxidation over a 24-hour period. When you drink this one special tea, you’re lighting … [Read more...]

Are These Sneaky Chemicals Keeping You Sick… and Overweight?


One of the hardest things to wrap my mind around in my years of health research is that toxins make you fat. Our bodies aren't equipped to rid themselves of the vast amount of environmental pollutants around us. What are these sneaky, … [Read more...]

Incredible Disease-Fighting Tea Tip [already in your kitchen]


Okuma's Wu-Long Tea is the world’s number one fatburning diet tea. It is the easiest, most convenient way to boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and shed fat faster. Wu-long is 100% natural Oolong Tea; no fillers, no preservatives, and … [Read more...]