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Crave: Delectable Zucchini

Image thanks to nociveglia

Although the evenings lately are beginning to hint that fall may be in the air, there is still a bounty of summer’s delicious fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed as the season winds down. One of my favorites? Zucchini. I also think it is often … [Read more...]

You’re The Inspiration

Image thanks to lululemon athletica

Sometimes, knowing you should do it isn’t enough. We human beings have become really good at procrastination. If someone isn’t cracking the whip and making us do what we need to do, we are fine with putting it off, indefinitely. Losing weight … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Tea For Weight Loss?


We all know that tea has an almost endless list of health benefits. It is chock full of antioxidants, can contribute to cell protection, heart health, strong teeth, great skin, and so much more. Not only that, but more and more research shows … [Read more...]

Under Pressure: Stress and Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight is stressful on its own. It may be an even harder task to accomplish if a person is already feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. As with everything, there is a science to stress and weight loss. Maybe you’ve … [Read more...]

Natural Weight Loss Tea

Natural Weight Loss Tea

Wu-Long Natural Weight Loss Tea Provides a Safe, Natural Way to Lose Those Extra Pounds Okuma’s Wu-Long Oolong weight loss tea is an all-natural, completely safe and delicious tea beverage that can actually help your body with natural weight … [Read more...]

All About The Benjamin

Image thanks to Daniel Rink

Old Ben Franklin is famous for quite a few things: great inventor, founding father, a cosmopolitan, and a ladies’ man. He was known for his words of wisdom, and Ben Franklin's wisdom can be applied to anybody’s life, even when that life is on a … [Read more...]

We Are The Champions

Image thanks to the*roving*sheep

Gold Medal Olympic Attitude and Motivation There’s something going on in London now-a-days. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called the “Olympics.” Some of us are watching the event with a sense of awe and national pride. A few of us may have just … [Read more...]

Snack Attack

Image thanks to Old Shoe Woman

Oh, snack food. Why do you hurt us so? How many times do we find ourselves sitting in the dark with a bowl or a bag of something salty? That bowl or bag gets emptier as we get fuller, until there’s nothing left to munch on, and we don’t feel good … [Read more...]

Avoca-Do’s and Don’ts

picture thanks to

Don’t be afraid of the alligator pear! Sure, they may be funny looking, but avocados, as they are more commonly known, are so good for you. They have plenty of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and more potassium than bananas. They’re also a great … [Read more...]

Crave: Onion Rings and a Milkshake


Usually, the hot summer days have me craving lots of fresh food - fruits, veggies, and other light and healthy things. However, every now and then I get a hankering for something a little bit naughty. This weekend it was onion rings. I saw … [Read more...]