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Berry Smart, Berry Good


For some people, summer isn’t the beach or an amusement park. It isn’t about air conditioning or laps in the pool. For some people summer is all about the berries. Whether it’s the local farmer’s market or the great outdoors or even as simple as … [Read more...]

6 Simple Weight Loss Tips

6 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Whether you are trying to lose a lot of weight, or just those last few pounds, every little bit helps. Here are 6 simple weight loss tips you can do every day to help get you closer to your goal... 1. Drink up: I can’t say it enough; hydration … [Read more...]

Food Fight: How To Win

food fight

Here’s the thing about dieting…most "diets" out there make food into an enemy. We're taught that we can’t trust it. That we should hide it. Shrink it. Fight it. We have come to believe that it will sneak up on us when we least expect it and so … [Read more...]

Weight Loss By The Numbers

Image thanks to metro thom

Weight loss is never easy, but we can at least keep it simple. So what are we talking about when we talk about losing weight? Reducing a number. That’s it, that’s all you’re trying to do.  While neither math nor weight loss are counted as typical … [Read more...]

Aw, Nuts!


Unless your one of those unfortunates with a bad allergy to them, nuts are good for you in a lot of ways. In addition to being highly portable and found on most commercial flights, nuts are full of protein, which is good news for the vegetarians, … [Read more...]

The Diet Myths You’ve Been Believing

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It’s hard to know fact from fiction. There’s a lot of good advice, and unfortunately, a lot of superstition. Some things sound too good to be true. Some bits of advice just don’t apply universally, and some are just silly. We get caught up in … [Read more...]

Best Stress Busters


Let’s face it; it is nearly impossible these days to avoid stress. It finds you at work, at home, and may even be hanging out with you when you are waiting in line at the grocery store. It can cause sleepless nights, food binges, and – if left … [Read more...]

Food For Thought


We spend a lot of time focusing on the outside, on our physiques or how we look. But there’s a plenty to think about on the inside, too. Especially that thing you’re thinking with. Shouldn’t your brain be at tip-top form? You can feed it knowledge … [Read more...]

Weight Loss: Just the Facts

picture thanks to kevan

The most basic principal of weight loss is to make sure you use more calories in a day than you consume. Limit the amount you take in, and burn up as many as you can. It's as simple as that, but executing that may not be so easy for … [Read more...]

Slim Down Pick-Me-Ups


So you have decided to make some big changes which involve… not being so big. Even those who go eagerly into a weight loss program may get a little grumpy about it. But there are ways to avoid getting glum. After all, trying to accomplish … [Read more...]