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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

Image thanks to Joelk75

You can hear him in the distance. Jing-a-ling-a-ling… He’s getting closer; you can see him turn the corner. You check your pockets, and yes yes yes, you have enough change for the Ice Cream man…but then you remember… You’re on a diet. … [Read more...]

Star Crossed: Are Celebrities Prettier Than the Rest of Us?

Ryan Reynolds at the Oscars

Getting fit is hard enough without being bombarded by the Hollywood standard of beauty. All those celebrities on the red carpet, looking their best as always… they look so good, don’t they?  If only we could be so thin and gorgeous. It’s easy to … [Read more...]

It’s Greek to Me: Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diets are a healthy lifestyle choice

There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. It now looks like the hype may be true, and that there are some serious health benefits from adopting this kind of diet. It has been … [Read more...]

Don’t “Should” On Yourself


Have you ever heard the expression “don’t should on yourself?’ It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of making the point that we often spend too much of our thought process on what we "should" do, or all of the things that we "shouldn’t" do. The thing is, … [Read more...]

Oolong Tea, Which is the Best? – Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea, Of Course!

Okuma's Wu-Long tea is the best Oolong tea available

Which is the best Oolong tea? Research shows … Drinking two cups of Oolong Tea every day may help you shed stubborn pounds by boosting your metabolism (Journal of Medical Investigation) It may also help oxidize fat and block the fattening … [Read more...]

Finding Your Motivation

Image thanks to TRF_Mr_Hyde

What would it take to make a major change in your life? Motivation? It would be great to wake up with oodles of motivation, but motivation doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. While change happens all the time, you can’t just depend on some … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat: Summer Weight Loss Tips

Image thanks to Klearchos Kapoutsis

Summer will soon be upon us in the U.S. It is the season of sunshine, long days, and outdoor activities. It is also the season when we stop hiding beneath our cold weather clothes and face the reality of shorts and swimsuits. But fear not, … [Read more...]

Caffeine Levels in Wu-Long’s Oolong Tea

Caffeine Levels in Tea?

Caffeine Levels In Tea Concerning You? Many of our customers are curious about the levels of caffeine in our Oolong Tea.  We completely understand the questions. Too much caffeine in your diet has been linked to all sorts of health problems. One … [Read more...]

Slimming Tea – What’s All The Buzz About?

Okuma's Wu-Long slimming tea

Slimming Tea In The News There has been a lot of buzz about slimming tea lately and endorsements from all over the health industry, from CBS News to Dr. Oz. So, what is all the buzz about? The Chinese have long credited Oolong tea with providing a … [Read more...]

Newton’s Laws of Exercise

how to properly exercise - training the right way

There are people in this world who love exercise. I know, it’s crazy but it’s true. They spend money and time on devices and programs that once would be more associated with torture than the improvement of one’s health. They delight in sweat … [Read more...]