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How to Beat Sugar Addiction

beat sugar addiction

If your anything like me, you love your sweets. Whether it’s indulging in dessert after a meal (crème brulee is my weakness), being tempted by chocolate, or indulging in that box of donuts at work, sweet treats can be hard to avoid. The problem … [Read more...]

Portion Control Tips

portion control

In the case of weight loss, less really is more. Portion sizes all around us are getting bigger and bigger, and this can have a major impact on your dieting success. Here are some tips to help you keep your portions under control… Read the … [Read more...]

Love The Veggies You Love To Hate

tasty vegetable recipes

All right, so even the most open-minded eaters amongst us often have vegetables that we avoid at all costs. Often it is because of some awful childhood memory of being forced to eat them regardless of how badly they were cooked. The following … [Read more...]

Components of a Healthy Diet Plan

healthy diet plan

  Americans are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat. You may have noticed that diet plans can vary to a large extent. Not only are these based on specific needs but are also subject to opinions. However, the following … [Read more...]

Eat Smart for Weight Loss

eat smart for weight loss

Successful and sustained weight loss not only depends on what you eat and your physical activity, but also on how you eat. Here are some easy tips on how to eat smart to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Chew Slowly: Although we seldom … [Read more...]

Tips for Eating Out on a Weight Loss Diet

Image thanks to Mark Ramsay

Enjoying an occasional meal out at a restaurant with friends or family is one of the great pleasures in life. Okay, so restaurants usually do pile up oversized portions on your plate, but that does not necessarily mean eating out will ruin your … [Read more...]

Healthy Lunch Recipes

Image thanks to Annie Mole

Are you trying to find healthy lunch options? Bored with eating the same diet food day in day out? Does the menu at your office cafeteria tempt you every time you have your diet lunch? All you need to do is introduce variety and make healthy food … [Read more...]

Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

Is your weight loss plan in jeopardy because of your eating habits over the weekend? It is quite easy for people to follow the mindset of, “I have stuck to my diet all week, so I deserve a treat.” The problem is that it can be far too easy to lose … [Read more...]

Low Fat Cheesecake Recipes

Being on a diet plan does not have to mean that you give up all your favorite desserts. You just need to make certain healthy food substitutions to turn your favorite calorie laden dessert into its diet friendly version. Here are some great low fat … [Read more...]

Fat Burning Workout: The Elliptical Trainer

While you might have your own fat burning workout and fancy equipment to help you pump off the calories, mindless exercising on its own will not benefit you much. Your focus should be to workout in a manner such that you can maximize your weight … [Read more...]