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You Put WHAT In Your Tea?!

2013-11-01 15.11.50-1

  I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and took a big slurp of Wu-Long. After scolding me for rudely slurping in her ear; she inquired as to what I was drinking.  I told her it was Wu-Long Tea with Turmeric. While she knew … [Read more...]

A Personal Invitation…

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  My #1 Motivational Tool I recently discovered an incredible motivation tool: Instagram. Yeah, maybe you've known about it for years.  I'm a bit slow on the technological uptake, though ;-) Check out my personal Instagram here; … [Read more...]

Incredible Study Shows Oolong Tea Lowers Cholesterol…

Oolong Tea for Your Heart

High cholesterol is a scary reality that millions of people, including some children, face. It is usually associated with arterial degradation, heart disease, or even strokes. But cholesterol is also very misunderstood. A study has recently … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

This past weekend I decided to stay in and have a movie night with a few friends. Everyone brought some food along and we set everything out in front of us to enjoy. Then, before I knew it, all of the treats had been wiped out and I was left … [Read more...]

Crave: Spectacular Salsa Recipes

Spectacular Salsa Recipes

As the hint of fall slowly creeps into the air here in Denver, I spent part of this past weekend enjoying the dwindling summer days at a fantastic salsa party. Yes, that's right. A friend decided to plan a birthday in the park and have everyone … [Read more...]

Just Do It: Finding Your Motivation

Tips For Finding Motivation

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, when the alarm is an unwelcomed friend and the rest of the day just never quite settles into place? On days like these exercise is often one of the first things that we may let go of. Honestly, … [Read more...]

5 Weight Loss Tips to Start Today

5 Weight Loss Tips to Start Today

Sometimes I like to make plans. I decide that I am going to make a change, and then lay out a step-by-step guide of the best way to do it. Sometimes I even make lists or charts of all of the things necessary to put my plan into place. Then, … [Read more...]

Eat Less Crap, Eat More Food

Eat Less Crap, Eat More Food

There is a whole lot of weight loss advice out there in the world. Honestly, it’s everywhere you look – from the news, to social media, to your coworkers chatting in the break room. Now, I love reading all the latest health and nutrition … [Read more...]

Crave: Simple Summer Recipes

Simple Summer Recipes

You are probably aware by now that I am a huge fan of summer. I love the sunshine, long days, and those special things that only come along this season (in Denver anyway) like picnics and farmers markets. But what do I make with those farmers … [Read more...]

Are Eating Habits Contagious?

Are Eating Habits Contagious

Could it be that one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is actually the people around you? It isn’t a factor we talk about a whole lot, but it just may have more impact on your waistline than you think. As a matter of fact, research shows … [Read more...]