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Tea Fermentation

Tea Fermentation The Process of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Fermentation All true teas, those manufactured from Camellia Sinensis, fall into three tea fermentation categories: Unfermented (green tea) Fermented (black tea) Semi-fermented (Oolong … [Read more...]

Tea Oxidation

Tea Oxidation The Process of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Oxidation Tea oxidation is a crucial step within the manufacturing process of Oolong tea – one that the most skilled Tea Masters hold as a top priority. What is Wu-Long Tea Oxidation? Okuma’s … [Read more...]

Origins of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea History Rich Heritage Lies within Chinese Tea History There are many legends and theories surrounding origins of Oolong tea, along with the origin of how Okuma Nutritional’s premium grade of Oolong tea came to be branded Wu-Long … [Read more...]

Tea Brewing Tips

Tea Brewing Tips for the Perfect Cup Every Time The character of Wu-Long tea is deep and multi-layered, so it’s important to know some simple tea brewing tips. When you follow these tea brewing tips, your taste buds will be dazzled with everything … [Read more...]

History of Wu Long Tea

Wu Long Tea History Wu Long Tea is simply another name for Oolong tea, or Wu-Long, or even Black Dragon tea. Over time the names have changed, but the tea remains the same. Whatever name you wish to call it, the tea has incredible taste and even … [Read more...]


Tea Polyphenols Polyphenols and Weight Loss Do you hear "tea polyphenols," and think of an insignificant ingredient on a label of nutritional facts? Tea polyphenols are not something you hear about every day, but they should be. Tea polyphenols are … [Read more...]

Fat Burning Tea

Fat Burning Tea Is there really such a thing as Fat Burning Tea and can it really help me loose weight? The answer to both these questions is a resounding YES! Okuma’s Wu-Long oolong tea is a fat burning tea that actually helps you to lose … [Read more...]

Natural Weight Loss

Wu-Long Natural Weight Loss Tea Provides a Safe, Natural Way to Lose Those Extra Pounds Okuma’s Wu-Long natural weight loss tea is an all-natural, completely safe and delicious tea beverage that can actually help your body with natural weight loss. … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Tea

Weight Loss Tea

Can You Really Lose Weight By Drinking Tea? Your number one choice in weight loss tea is Okuma’s Wu-Long tea. There are many teas on the market today claiming to be rapid weight loss teas, but Okuma’s Wu-Long tea is far superior - not only for … [Read more...]

Resource Center

Wu-Long Tea Weight Loss Testimonials » Tea Studies Reveal the Health Benefits of Wu-Long Tea Recent tea research points to Wu-Long tea for a healthier, slimmer you. At Okuma Nutritionals, we believe in the claims we make about the many … [Read more...]