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Make your Refrigerator Diet Friendly

Your refrigerator could prove to be your most effective weight loss diet tool or it could throw your diet plan terribly off course. If your refrigerator keeps tempting you with leftover chocolate cake, while vegetables and fruits rot, it is time for … [Read more...]

Conquer Food Cravings

All of us at some point of time have given into that craving for food, often cursing ourselves later as we realize the amount of calories we have piled on. The way you deal with our food cravings can make or break your weight loss management plan. … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Increase your Fiber Intake

Increasing the amount of fiber you consume not only improves your overall health but can also work wonders for helping you lose weight. The best part about fiber is that it gives a sensation of fullness and keeps hunger satiated for a longer period, … [Read more...]

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Overeating

Overeating is one of the major causes of obesity in America. Whether you tend to overeat without realizing (i.e., when you pig out in front of the television) or frequently help yourself to 'All You Can Eat' buffets, overeating can not only derail … [Read more...]

Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

Been on a weight loss diet for long, sacrificed all your favorite foods and still can'92t see much progress? More often than not, the reason for this is the touted health foods, which in fact are not so healthy. Disguised as healthy food, these … [Read more...]

How to Cut Calories from Your Pizza

Love sinking your teeth into that yummy pizza, but your weight loss diet doesn't allow it? It doesn't have to be so. Just making a few changes can keep you from blowing away an entire day's calorie at the pizzeria. Here is what you should do to … [Read more...]

Fighting Fat at the Movies

Are you headed for the movies this weekend? And are you on a weight loss diet? If your answer to both these questions YES, chances are you are entering into a diet danger zone. Ready for some scary stats? Studies show that a single large tub of … [Read more...]

How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

It is not that occasional dessert that ruins your weight loss efforts. It is the wish to shed all those excess pounds immediately. Weight loss experts call this the 'false hope syndrome', when dieters start having unrealistic expectations about the … [Read more...]

How to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

We are so focused on losing weight that any weight loss is considered good. What people often overlook is the fact that most of the initial weight loss is because of loss of muscle. No exerciser would want smaller muscles because of exercising. The … [Read more...]

Basics of a Healthy Eating Plan

Most people are confused about what healthy eating is, owing to the variety of advice given which are often conflicting. Eating for a healthy life is not that complicated once you get to know the basics. Here we will talk about what a healthy … [Read more...]