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You Create Your Reality – Believe It

Dear Friends, As you know, people are overweight for a variety of reasons. For many being overweight is result of some underlying  unresolved emotional issue. When we have unresolved emotional issues, we create false belief systems around that … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Products: What Options Do You Have?

Did you know that the average expenditure on weight loss products and services by Americans ranges between $33 billion and $55 billion? There is nothing surprising in this, considering the alarming number of people who struggle to lose weight. … [Read more...]

How to Increase Calorie Burn

Does the word calorie hover in your mind whenever you are all set to relish you favorite cheesecake? Don't worry, there are many easy ways of increasing calorie burn. Although enhanced movement is traditionally considered to be one of the best … [Read more...]

Best Diet Tips

If you search the Internet, you can find numerous diet tips. Some are tough to follow and some do not work as effectively. How do you know which ones to follow? Easy to Follow Diet Tips Diet tips should be such that they can smoothly blend into … [Read more...]

Walk to Weight Loss

Walk To Weight Loss

Do you find doing workouts a Herculean task, but still want to shed those extra pounds? You can try following a walking program instead of sweating it out in the gym. Walking Requires Commitment Aweight loss walk requires strong commitment. … [Read more...]

Problems And Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss

rnrnObesity is a very common lifestyle disease. People all over the world seldom fall prey to the weight loss programs which promise to shape you down in just few days. Unfortunately, these kinds of false promises lead to a lot of health problems and … [Read more...]

Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Tea

Slimming tea particularly grown in china has been consumed for many years because of the nutritional reasons. The American and Swiss scientists highly recommend intake of the tea rich in antioxidants which helps in enhancing the energy expenditure of … [Read more...]

Preparation Of Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a kind of semi oxidized tea which is fermented from the Fujian province situated in China. China has a long drawn cultivation of this kind of oolong tea for weight loss. The health benefits associated with the tea made it popular all … [Read more...]

Aerobic Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Did you know that with regular aerobic breathing exercises you can maintain your desired body weight? YES. It definitely sounds easy but you need to stick around the aerobic program for getting the visible results. You need to be patient and … [Read more...]

Importance Of Good Weight Loss Nutrition

If you have embarked on the road to weight loss, follow the healthy and safe methods so that you are not falling sick. With the right amount of exercise, good food and weight loss tea, you can attain healthy life. Following good nutrition is … [Read more...]