You Create Your Reality – Believe It

Dear Friends,

As you know, people are overweight for a variety of reasons.

For many being overweight is result of some underlying  unresolved emotional issue. When we have unresolved emotional issues, we create false belief systems around that issue.

For example, Mary overeats because she is lonely. Food becomes the friend that offers the illusion of comfort and friendship. Unfortunately, Mary’s overeating has resulted in obesity and poor health. Mary is embarrassed about being obese, so she shuns her friends and family, thus making herself more lonely. Can see how Mary’s faulty belief system causes her to spin?

In the article below, Bill Harris of the Centerpointe Research Institute, discusses belief systems and life experiences. Also, he reveals how you can change your belief systems and experiences.

This is incredibly powerful article.

To your health!
Michelle Chen

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Results and Experience of Life, and What You Can Do About It

by Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute

I’ve written about this topic before, but since what you believe is such a powerful part of what determines your results and experience of life, I’ve decided to revisit the topic in more detail.

Let’s start with a definition of beliefs: Beliefs are those things we trust to be true, and which are instrumental in creating our actions and our experience of life.  As you may know by now, I am of the opinion that living with suffering and emotional pain is not necessary, regardless of your past or present circumstances. In addition, there are definite ways to change your life to one in which you can choose to be happy and peaceful all the time.

Whether you can see it or not, you are the creator of your life, your reality, and all your responses to whatever happens around you. You may be creating all of this unconsciously and automatically, but, nonetheless, what happens, and how you respond to it, comes…from you.  While outside events may trigger a response or an action in you, all your responses and actions originate from something inside of you, even if the process is hidden from your awareness.  There are two keys to ending suffering and living a happy, peaceful, and conscious life:

  • First, you must end your resistance to people and situations being as they are. Instead, you must develop the ability, emotionally, to let whatever happens be okay-even while you may be taking action to change it.
  • Second, you must develop the ability to choose, and then create, the moment-by- moment results and responses that best serve you.

Ironically, if you’re letting whatever happens be okay, it ultimately doesn’t matter what results you create, at least in terms of your level of emotional suffering, since when you are not attached to your results, your level of inner peace and happiness remains the same regardless of what happens.  On the other hand, the more you emotionally allow people and situations to be the way they are, the more the resulting inner peace gives you the ability to be effective in creating the results you want.

One of the little mysteries of life.

How, then, are you creating the outer results and inner responses that create your experience of life? And how do you make this process conscious and volitional, rather unconscious and automatic, as it is with most people?  The results and responses of your life flow from a whole variety of internal mental filters, processes, and strategies’ what I call your Internal Map of Reality. You could call it the software that creates your life. Your beliefs are very important part of this internal map, and how beliefs contribute to the results you get in life, and how you can take control of this process, is the subject of this article.

Important principle #1:

Based on early life interactions and experiences, especially with our primary care-givers, we all develop beliefs about who we are and what our relationship is to the rest of the world.  We don’t choose these beliefs. We soak them up from our life experiences when we’re too small to have any way of evaluating them. Beliefs become core components of how we see ourselves, other people, and the world.

Important principle #2:

Your beliefs, in combination with other aspects of your internal map of reality, create the results, circumstances, and experiences of your life. Regardless of what you believe, you will find a way to create consistency between your life and your beliefs. For this reason, beliefs, for the believer, are always true.

This principle is critically important to your happiness. The brain is a goal seeking mechanism, and a very powerful one. Your brain will either make whatever you believe is true actually come true in your life, or will at least make it seem to be true (which amounts to the same thing, as far as your actual experience of life is concerned).

This happens because human beings have a powerful need for consistency between the world and what they believe. The impulse to create this consistency is so strong that people will do almost anything be right about their beliefs, even when doing so creates failure, suffering or unhappiness.  You will arrange to be right about your beliefs by creating the circumstances that confirm to you that they are true.  We create this consistency in three ways:

  • Method #1: We attract, and are attracted to, people and situations that confirm the truth of what we believe. If, for instance, you believe that no one will ever love you, you will somehow feel a magical attraction to men or women who do not have the capacity to love you, even though you have no way of consciously knowing this about them in advance.This is why some people keep attracting essentially the same person, but in a different body. As long as you entertain the belief that no one will ever love you, you will, as if by a hidden radar, continue to attract and be attracted to people who are unable or unwilling to love you. Doing so creates consistency between what you believe and the actual events of your life.
  • Method #2: We find ways to distort what we perceive so as to make a belief seem true, even if it is not. Believing that no one will ever love you, you interpret other people’s behavior as evidence that they don’t love you, even if that isn’t what it really means. Of all the possible interpretations, you will pick those that confirm that your belief is true and filter out any interpretations that contradict your belief.
  • Method #3: We act in such a way that people finally comply with what we believe and act in the way we feared. You believe you won’t be loved, and that fear causes you to act in such a way that eventually someone who may actually love you finally really does stop caring.

With all three methods, you get to be right about what you believe, and create consistency between your beliefs and your life. If you would rather be right than happy, this is a great strategy, but if you would like to be happy and peaceful, it’s a losing proposition.

Important principle #3:

Significant negative emotional experiences create beliefs that are not resourceful and cause us to focus on what we do not want. Since the mind takes whatever you focus on as an instruction to create something, this is not resourceful. To get what you want, you must focus on what you want and have beliefs that tell the mind to create that result.

People who have had significant, negative emotional experiences often focus on what they don’t want (i.e., a repetition of the significant emotional experience, or anything that reminds them of it). Consciously or unconsciously, they have a belief: “I must avoid “x” at all costs!”

When you notice yourself focusing on what you do not want, immediately change your focus to what you do want. Your mind doesn’t know when you focus on something that you do not want it. It always takes whatever you focus on as an instruction to go get something and bring it to you. For this reason, it is crucial that you immediately replace thoughts of what you do not want (for instance, beliefs that create negative outcomes) with thoughts of what you do want.

Important principle #4:

Since everything is true to the person who believes it, evaluating beliefs based on whether they are “true” or “false” is not helpful. Doing so is indulging in circular, fallacious logic. Conscious, happy people evaluate beliefs based on whether of not they are resourceful’97in other words, on whether or not they create the desired results and experience of life.  Beliefs have consequences, and the best way to evaluate a belief is by what consequences it creates. Since all beliefs seem to be true to the believer, believing something “because it’s true” is useless, at best, and often dangerous.

Important principle #5:

The most effective way to replace beliefs that do not serve you with those that do is to adopt the witness posture’ to watch the process of how a belief creates the results of your life. This watching process causes whatever is not resourceful to fall away and whatever is resourceful to remain.

A very effective and easy method of developing the necessary conscious awareness and the ability to do this is to meditate with Holosync.  The easiest and most effective way to replace beliefs that do not serve you with those that do is to learn how to watch as these beliefs create the results of your life. When you do this, you don’t have to figure out what is resourceful and what isn’t.

You just watch with awareness, and whatever is not resourceful falls away, automatically. This is based on the principle that you can only continue something that is not resourceful if you do it unconsciously.  The best way to develop this ability to watch with curiosity is to meditate, and meditating with Holosync is much faster and more effective than traditional meditation. It is also helpful to practice this type of consciously aware watching every chance you get. Doing both together is, of course, most powerful of all.

When you watch it with awareness, the process of creating your results and experience of life no longer happens unconsciously and automatically. Instead, you begin to consciously observe how this happens. As you do this, it becomes impossible to create results that do not serve you. Such undesirable results can only be created unconsciously’ outside your awareness.

Being the witness does not mean merely knowing that you do something, it does not mean mentally analyzing what is happening, nor does it mean being dissociated from what is happening’ or any other kind of mental gymnastics. It simply means watching whatever is happening, with intense curiosity, as if you were a scientist, without any agenda for what should or should not be happening. It means observing your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and the results of your actions.

Any number of things can keep you from successfully watching with awareness. One popular way of lapsing into the unconscious, automatic mode is to place the cause for what is happening outside of yourself. If you think something outside of you is creating your experience or outcome (rather than acknowledging that, regardless of appearances, whatever is happening is coming from something inside of you), you will be unable to witness what is happening. Instead, your awareness will be busy looking for something to blame (this phenomenon is called projection by psychologists).

Humans have an almost infinite number of methods for lapsing into unconscious and automatic thinking, feeling, and behaving. In using any of them, you become unable to notice how you create the results of your beliefs. Analyzing and dissociation are two other popular ways of going unconscious, but there are many others, including overeating, drugs, alcohol, television, sex, anger, depression, anxiety, fear-and thousands of others.

At first, it takes practice to learn to witness what is going on without slipping into some kind of distraction or other way of going unconscious. One of the most amazing benefits of daily use of Holosync is that it automatically creates and enhances the ability to be consciously aware and watch what is happening, both inside and outside of yourself. This ability to be more conscious allows all kinds of internal processes that create our suffering to fall away.

Important principle #6:

Once you have watched the creative process with awareness, and, as a result, have caused an non-resourceful belief to fall away, you can then consciously choose a more resourceful belief that creates the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical results and outcomes you want.

You can choose what you want to believe, and therefore experience the results of that belief in your life. You don’t have to believe whatever seems to be true based on past experience. Once you actually see, from start to finish, and with awareness, exactly how you create “no one loves me,” or “I’ll always be poor,” or any other belief that does not serve you, the non-resourceful belief will fall away and you will be able to consciously choose a new belief that gives you the results you want.

Beliefs are nothing more than instructions to your mind to make something happen in your life. Instead of accepting results you do not want created by beliefs you did not choose, you can consciously choose more resourceful beliefs. In doing so, you can create whatever results you want in life.

Important principle #7:

The first step in the process of replacing automatic, unconscious, non-resourceful beliefs with conscious, resourceful beliefs is to discover what your core beliefs are.

One way to begin is to make a list of ways you would complete the following sentences:

I am _______.

People are _______.

The world is _________.

You could probably make a long list for each of these categories. In doing this, you’re looking for what you say to yourself when things have gone wrong and look bleakest. You are not looking for what you learned in self help books’ those things you think you should believe about yourself, such as “I am one with everything.” “The world is filled with abundance.” “People are basically good.” “Everything happens for the best,” and so on. If you really believed these things, you would be creating them in your life, and you probably wouldn’t need to be reading this article.

Instead, we’re looking for those things you believe about yourself that keep you from being happy and peaceful all the time’ statements such as

“I’m never going to be a success.”
“No one will ever love me.”
“There’s something wrong with me.”
“I can’t seem to do anything right.”
“People always take advantage of me.”
“Men always leave me in the end.”
“No one cares about me.”
“The world is dangerous and chaotic.”
“Making money is not spiritual.”
And so on.

These statements are big clues to what negative and non-resourceful core beliefs you have.

Important principle #8:

The most effective way to determine your core beliefs is to examine the results you are getting.

A second, and actually much more effective, way to determine your core beliefs is to look at what is actually happening in your life, your actual results. You could fake your way through the sentence completion exercise, but you can’t deny the actual results of your life. Since what you believe manifests in reality, you can tell what a person’s core beliefs are just by looking at the results they get.

If, for instance, you are having trouble sustaining a close relationship with the opposite sex, you must have a core belief about relationships that is manifesting as this result in your life. If you are having trouble with prosperity, or health, or any other issue, you must have a corresponding belief about that subject that is manifesting in what is actually happening. Of course, if you have resourceful beliefs in these areas, you will have positive results. In some cases, people have conflicting beliefs, causing them to go back and forth between results they want and results they don’t want.

When you look at other people who are getting better results, you can be sure that they have different, and more empowering, core beliefs on that subject.

Important principle #9:

As long as you continue to hold the same beliefs, you will continue to get the same results. There is no way to continue to hold the same beliefs and get different results. To get different results, you must be willing to adopt different beliefs-the beliefs of others who are getting the results you want.

A common stumbling block is wanting to keep the old beliefs (even though they result in outcomes you do not want) and yet somehow get different results. Please be very clear that this is not possible. One tongue-in-cheek (but very accurate) definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. There is no way to change your results other than to change the contents of your internal map of reality, and a key component of that map are your beliefs.

Once you know what your core beliefs are (and, again, we’re concerned here with the negative beliefs-the positive ones, those that are giving you the results you want, don’t need attention), and have made the decision that you want new and different results, the next step is to decide what beliefs would be more empowering and resourceful, and would create the results you do want.

Important principle #10:

To install a new belief, focus on it as often as possible and in every way you can think of.

Once you have chosen what you want to believe, based on the results you want, you can begin to adopt this new way of thinking about yourself. This will automatically begin to create new results. To install a new belief, you have to start feeding it into your mind, over and over, while wiping the old belief out of your mind whenever it pops up. The only reason the old belief seems true is that you have focused on it for so long and assumed that it was true, which makes it play out in reality, which of course makes you focus on it more, which makes it play out…on and on, in a self-reinforcing cycle.

Focus on this new belief. Think about it while meditating, while driving, while showering, as often as possible. Doing so may bring up old and uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, so be prepared for that’97the old belief will literally fight for its life. Don’t let that bother you. Just keep focusing on what you want.

Create a Technicolor movie of yourself getting the result of the new belief, and feeling happy and satisfied by it’ the more vivid the movie, the better. In addition to playing the movie during meditation, play it right before you go to sleep and right after waking up. Then, whenever you find yourself thinking about the old, non-resourceful belief, immediately switch your focus to the movie of the new belief. At first this will take effort and will seem awkward, but over time it will become more and more natural and effortless. Eventually, the new belief will be part of you.

You can also read books by people who share your new belief, socialize with people who share it, or find a mentor who will help you adopt the new belief. Flood your mind with the new belief in every way you can.

Let it be okay that there is a learning curve… This process of changing core beliefs can happen in the blink of an eye. Realistically, however, for most people, it takes several years to complete. This is because, on an unconscious level, people associate the old way of being with safety, and tend to unconsciously fight against change, even when they consciously desire it. Take it one step and one day at a time, and let the pace of your progress be okay, whatever it is.

Meditation with Holosync greatly speeds up this process, because it helps you become more conscious and aware of what you are creating, and it takes the emotional charge off things in your life and allows you to look at things from a more dispassionate perspective (i.e., be the witness).

However long this process takes, it is worth undertaking. There is a big difference between being an unconscious automatic response mechanism. Living out beliefs that create suffering, and being a conscious being who chooses what to believe based on what kind of world they want to live in.

You are already an expert at creating what you believe and focus on. It’s just that you did not choose what you currently believe and focus on, and it continues to automatically create the results you are getting in your life. It is in this manner that most people are nothing more than automatic response mechanisms. To begin getting what you want in life, both internally and externally, you must consciously change your internal map of reality, and what you believe and focus on is a very important aspect of that map.

You CAN do this. There is no reason to continue to experience outcomes and feelings that you do not choose. Meditate daily with Holosync and consciously choose how your internal map of reality is constructed, and you will gain control over all aspects of your life.

Weight Loss Products: What Options Do You Have?

Did you know that the average expenditure on weight loss products and services by Americans ranges between $33 billion and $55 billion?

There is nothing surprising in this, considering the alarming number of people who struggle to lose weight. Many of them rely on weight loss products to achieve their weight loss goals.

Let’s discuss the three major categories that weight loss products fall into.

Weight Loss Medicines and Supplements: The market is flooded with off-the-shelf and prescription medicines and supplements aimed at helping people lose weight. These are basically made from different herbs and various dietary supplements. These are designed to control the appetite and thereby promote weight loss. Many health experts have questioned the efficacy of weight loss pills and supplements, as there are many counterfeit products in circulation that may have side effects. This makes it crucial for such products to be bought from reliable providers.

Weight Loss Meal Replacement Products: Many people rely on prepackaged foods, or meal replacement products, to lose weight. These foods come in the form of cookies, shakes and bars that are low in calories and have high nutritional content. It requires a lot of determination to replace your meals with these items for around two to three months. It may be a good idea to ask for expert advice before switching to meal replacement foods, as you would not want your energy levels to be affected.

Weight Loss Accountability Tools: Accountability tools are used by weight loss enthusiasts to track the performance of their efforts. Popular tools include pedometers (used for distance and time by people who do walking or jogging) and calorie counters (through which people can also judge their behavior towards weight loss). These are available in different forms, such as portable and web-based.

There are many people out there who have not been able to achieve benefits of weight loss products. So, it is better to seek advice of a fitness expert before using them.

How to Increase Calorie Burn

Does the word calorie hover in your mind whenever you are all set to relish you favorite cheesecake?

Don’t worry, there are many easy ways of increasing calorie burn. Although enhanced movement is traditionally considered to be one of the best ways to burn calories, you can choose from options that suit your body type and daily routine.rn

Best Ways to Increase Calorie Burn

Exercise is among the best measures to increase calorie burn. Christopher Wharton, PhD, researcher at Yale University’92s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity rightly said, The more time spent exercising and the more vigorous the exercise, the more calories will be burned.

Regular exercise also elevates your metabolic rate. Many fitness experts also advocate strength training aimed at building muscle strength as a significant measure of burning calories at a fast rate. Your strength training should particularly focus on the arms, chest, abdomen and thighs. As you age, your metabolic rate declines and strength training at least 3 times a week keeps your metabolism up and running.rnrnApart from exercise and strength training, you can concentrate on the following points to increase calorie burn:

Eat Low-fat Milk Products: According to a study, calcium-rich foods, such as low-fat milk products, are associated with lower amounts of tummy fat. Calcium in low-fat dairy may not help is increasing calorie burn, but it is helpful in reducing body fat.

Eat Smaller Meals: When we eat something, our gastrointestinal tract consumes calories to digest food and absorb nutrients. Well, this does not mean that you start eating like a glutton. All it means is to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

Breakfast is a Must: Calorie burning or weight loss is not all about reducing your diet. Many people do not know that skipping breakfast actually adds to body weight, as advocated by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Eat a light and, more importantly, a healthy breakfast if you are not in the habit of eating anything before leaving for work.

Consume Caffeinated Green or Black Tea: Caffeine intake has been found to burn calories in the body. More than that, it is green tea which burns calories at a fast rate.

Water of course is anther calorie burning measure and helps to reduce body weight. According to a German study, you can burn around 100 calories a day by drinking about 8 glasses of water.

Best Diet Tips

If you search the Internet, you can find numerous diet tips. Some are tough to follow and some do not work as effectively. How do you know which ones to follow?

Easy to Follow Diet Tips

Diet tips should be such that they can smoothly blend into your daily routine. Here are a few of them:

Are You Really Hungry: Michele May who authored ‘Am I Hungry’ advises the following physical cues of hunger. According to May, when your craving to eat is not physical, you cannot satisfy it through eating. Moreover, you should rather feel energetic than tired or stuffed after finishing a meal. By keeping the size of your meals reasonable, you will be able to understand your cues of hunger and fullness.

Cope with Mood Swings through Non-food Alternatives: Many of us turn to chocolates, chips or junk foods when we feel sad, happy or anxious. Jumping on food to cope with your mood swings is the worst thing for your weight loss goals. Instead, you can read a book that you have been wanting to for a long time, listen to your favorite music or practice meditation to elevate your mood. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

Avoid Organizing Treats at Your Home: It is a good idea to walk to the nearest sandwich bar or ice cream parlor if you are planning a family treat. When you host a treat at home, you end up with leftovers that you tend to binge on. Such treats pose a threat to your weight loss goals.

Choose Nighttime Snacks Consciously: People who are habitual of an early dinner and those who sleep late at night often indulge in mindless eating when they are in a relaxed mood. This happens especially when they unconsciously grab a bag of cookies or chips while watching TV. Better alternatives can be a low-calorie snack or zero-calorie tea.

Eat Foods in Season: When you eat a fruit or vegetable that is out of season, there are chances that you will not find it tasty. This is because fruits and veggies tend to lose their flavor and juice if stored to be eaten later. Choose foods that are currently in season to enjoy them.

Walk to Weight Loss

Do you find doing workouts a Herculean task, but still want to shed those extra pounds?

You can try following a walking program instead of sweating it out in the gym.

Walking Requires Commitment

Aweight loss walk requires strong commitment. Remember, a weight loss program based on walking will take months to show any visible results. Moreover, after a certain duration, you have to increase the distance and your pace to achieve your weight loss goals.

Did you know that in order to sustain a healthy weight, you should walk around 10,000 steps a day as stated by the National Institutes of Health?

This does not help shed pounds but only to avoid putting on more weight. A weight loss walking regimen requires you to walk at least 12,000 steps a day.

How to Stick to a Walking based Weight Loss Regimen

Everyone’s body is different and so is everyone’s lifestyle. So, if a walking based weight loss regimen works for one, it may not necessarily work for you. Here are some tips to help you diligently follow your walking program:

Morning Walk: Try to do more walking in the early hours of the morning. This is because you may be too tired in the evening to complete your goal of 12,000 steps. Also, by not delaying it you will not feel pressurized the whole day.

Pedometer: It is crucial to track your steps when you are on a walking based weight loss program. This is possible through wearing a pedometer.

Don’t Drive, But Walk: If your workplace is just a 2 or 3 miles from your home, it is better to take a walk than to drive. If your workplace is far away, you can park your car after you have covered certain distance and walk the rest.

Find a Partner: The best way to stay motivated on your journey of steps is to find a partner with similar goals. This way you will feel the urge to walk everyday and walk more even if you do not feel like doing so.

Last, but not the least, have faith in yourself and your walking program to achieve your weight loss goals.

Problems And Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss

rnrnObesity is a very common lifestyle disease. People all over the world seldom fall prey to the weight loss programs which promise to shape you down in just few days. Unfortunately, these kinds of false promises lead to a lot of health problems and potential danger for the dieters. Moreover, the result for such rapid weight loss ranges from erratic to nonexistent.rnrnThis article focuses on substitution of healthy weight loss programs for the rapid weight loss programs.rnrnMost of the people these days are concerned about weight loss today. With busy schedules people hardly find time for regular exercises and gets attracted towards the rapid weight loss solutions. But as the very name suggests, the rapid weight loss programs come with only short term benefits. There are a number of organizations which guarantee fantastic results in just 2- 7 days.rnrnSome people, in preparing themselves for the upcoming wedding or vacations, fall prey to the rapid weight loss programs. However, those who look forward to natural methods and long term solutions, adhere to the healthy weight management programs for yielding maximum benefits. About 2/3rds of the US population suffers from obesity and most of them want to shed their excess fat in short periods of time.rnrnPeople must be made aware of the risk factors involved in these short term programs. There are several instances when people in an attempt to reduce weight go without food for days together. This can have hazardous effects on the overall health. In due course of time the metabolic processes slows down and the fat gets accumulated in the body at faster rates. In future as one goes back to the normal dietary habits, the calorie burning process of the body slows down leading to greater accumulation of fats.rnrnThe weight of the individual tends to be even more than what it used to be before dieting program. The weight loss becomes even harder to accomplish. The basic metabolic rate diminishes more and the individual gains more weight.rnrnBy following the healthy weight loss programs, you need to adhere to goals which are achievable and believable. Exercise and combination of the right of food can effectively bring about the desired changes which you dream of. Patience and determination is a must when you try to shed off the extra fat from your body. If you plan to use a particular weight loss product, make sure you are reading all the reviews carefully and understanding the benefits associated with it. Do not run before goals which are impossible to achieve.

Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Tea

Slimming tea particularly grown in china has been consumed for many years because of the nutritional reasons. The American and Swiss scientists highly recommend intake of the tea rich in antioxidants which helps in enhancing the energy expenditure of human body.

The oolong tea or the wulong tea is rich in properties which help in the weight loss process.rnrnThe EGCG or the epigallocatechin gallate contained in the Chinese tea help to increase the rate of metabolism and the body works on the 24hr energy burning process. The EGCG components in the weight loss Chinese tea triggers release of noradrenaline which is a kind of hormone. Secretion of this hormone suppresses appetite and thus the body starts losing weight at a much faster pace. The fat contained in the body burns up with the increased metabolic processes. The fat is transformed into energy as a result of the intake of the Chinese tea supplements. According to the studies conducted by the nutritionists, regular intake of the weight loss tea helps in reduction of about 21/2 pounds of the body weight every month.

The Chinese tea meant for weight management contains thermogenic properties that promotes fat oxidation process and effectively burns the visceral fat. This helps to reduce cases of diabetes which have become a common lifestyle disease among many.

The other vital chemicals present in the tea are polyphenols which helps to reduce level of cholesterol from the body. The fat cells cannot enlarge or multiply due to regular intake of the slimming tea. The properties of the tea slow down processing of the complex carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar. The slow conversion of foods into fatty substances in the body helps in the normal weight reduction process.

The Chinese tea is truly ideal for all those who want to lead a healthy life. Since the Chinese weight loss tea has got no magical properties, it is extremely essential that you are adhering to the standards of healthy lifestyle and daily exercising regimes.

You can sip a cup of the special tea between the breakfast and the lunch sessions. You stay full this way and can satisfy the cravings. You can as well drink the tea along with meals. This way you can substitute water, soda or milk which is generally consumed along with meals. This will not only aid digestion but also ensure that you are not indulging in overeating.

Preparation Of Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a kind of semi oxidized tea which is fermented from the Fujian province situated in China. China has a long drawn cultivation of this kind of oolong tea for weight loss.

The health benefits associated with the tea made it popular all over US. There are a number of restaurants which serve this slimming tea. A number of world famous celebrities like Rachael Ray and Oprah have endorsed the oolong tea for weight loss.

The healthy polyphenols contained in the tea strengthens the immune system and helps in development of strong teeth. The cognitive functioning as well as the overall health is well taken care of with the intake of the tea.rnrnTo reap the benefits which the tea has to offer, it is extremely essential that you are following the proper step by step instructions while preparing the tea. The essential things which you will need are a mug, tea pot, kettle for making the tea.

    • In the first step the water needs to be boiled in a glass vessel or in stainless steel container. The leaves (if used) must be put in a particular strainer. The tea bags or the strainer must be placed in the mug or the glass tea pot.
    • Boiling water must be poured over the bag or the strainer. The first infusion is designed for opening the tea and releasing its aroma. If you want to gain the maximum heath benefits from the weight loss tea, it is advisable that you are not discarding the tea.
    • The boiling water must be poured over the bag or strainer and steeped for about 1-3 minutes. This depends on how strong liquor you desire. The 2nd infusion from the leaves or the bag is taken to be a lot better.
    • The steeping time should be increased. Boiling water must be poured over the bags or strainer for at least 1-5 minutes. The time can be increased if you desire a strong tea. It is the 3rd infusion which is considered to be the best.
    • For successive tea infusions, the steeping time must be increased. The oolong tea of superior quality can be brewed for more than 6 times.

These steps for preparation, if followed will ensure that beneficial properties from the polyphenols are released. This tea which has strong fat burning capacities, if taken daily will ensure that your muscles get toned and you are maintaining a normal body weight. Along with regular intake of the oolong tea for weight loss, it is advisable you follow healthy lifestyle practices as well.

Aerobic Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Did you know that with regular aerobic breathing exercises you can maintain your desired body weight?


It definitely sounds easy but you need to stick around the aerobic program for getting the visible results. You need to be patient and determined to continue the weight loss program for the rest of your life to stay in shape.

    • In the first step you need to inculcate a faith in the weight loss program. Shed all your inhibitions and jump start with a positive mind. The breathing techniques have shown positive results for centuries together
    • Maintain proper body structures. You need to sit up straight exhaling air from the lungs. Concentrate on the breathing process while you are exercising.
    • You need to remain focused while inhaling through your nose. Make sure you are not attempting to breathe from your mouth. Try to inhale huge amounts of air so that your lungs get filled with air. The lungs filled with air should feel ‘stretchy’.
    • Apply force while you are exhaling air from the lungs. You need to hold in between the aerobic breathing patterns. Though initially it might seem to be bit difficult, you will gain control over the exercise as you practice.
    • You need to pull your stomach in and there after roll the organs under the ribcage. This is very simple; all you need to do is pull the bellybutton towards the spine.
    • You need to hold the position for as long as you can. Repeat the procedures with ease, and make sure you are not straining while performing the weight loss aerobic breathing exercise. Repeat as many times possible and slowly increase the total number of times.
    • About 10 -20 breathes each day before light weight exercises can be immensely beneficial. Even if you are not planning to go for the light weight exercises, you can still practice the breathing exercises for deriving excellent benefits.

Keep yourself hydrated while you are exercising. Supplement the energy drinks and coffee with plain water or weight loss tea. There are different varieties of sliming tea such as the oolong tea, green tea, Wulong tea available which you can consume in between the exercising regimes. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the weight loss tea. A balanced diet with daily physical exercises can help to keep your weight under control.

Importance Of Good Weight Loss Nutrition

If you have embarked on the road to weight loss, follow the healthy and safe methods so that you are not falling sick. With the right amount of exercise, good food and weight loss tea, you can attain healthy life. Following good nutrition is extremely essential to protect your health from damages, exhaustion and sickness.

Good weight loss nutrition depends on intake of a balanced healthy diet. Try to moderate intake of alcohol or chocolate to be on the safe side. Arming yourself with the right kinds of information will help you to develop proper idea about the preferred weight loss nutrition. You can visit a nutritionist chamber who can prepare a diet chart for you after analyzing the kind of lifestyle you lead, your age, height etc. A balanced diet combined with the right kinds of exercises can help you lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

A healthy lifestyle keeps you rejuvenated and fresh. There are wide varieties of slimming tea such as the oolong tea, Wulong tea which you can sip in between your exercising regimes. The doctor’92s advice, that you supplement coffee and soda with this kind of weight loss tea for deriving the maximum health benefits.

A good weight loss nutrition program is the one which suggest achievable and believable goals that are worth considering. The programs charted by professional nutritionists and dietitians emphasize on a number of behavioral strategies which help in effective weight control. With a positive bent of mind and adoption of healthy living practices, the chances of success increases all the more.

You need to be aware of the fact that there are no quick fixes to a weight loss program. Though, there are hundreds of advertising agencies coming up with instant weight loss programs through artificial methods, it is advisable that you are not falling prey to such false promises. Stay away from fad diets, slimming pills and unscientific exercising patterns to protect you from irreparable losses.

The good weight loss nutrition program developed by an expert will never support intake of fad diets, for these are branded to be idiosyncratic eating patterns. Though the initial stages of dieting shows positive results and rapid loss of weight, you may end up suffering from health problems. The fad diets work by restricting calories which eventually leads to depletion of vitamins and valuable minerals from the body.

Weight loss through the natural methods offer long term gains, moreover you do not suffer from side effects or health problems of any kinds in the future.

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