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Crave: Simple Summer Recipes

Simple Summer Recipes

You are probably aware by now that I am a huge fan of summer. I love the sunshine, long days, and those special things that only come along this season (in Denver anyway) like picnics and farmers markets. But what do I make with those farmers … [Read more...]

Are Eating Habits Contagious?

Are Eating Habits Contagious

Could it be that one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is actually the people around you? It isn’t a factor we talk about a whole lot, but it just may have more impact on your waistline than you think. As a matter of fact, research shows … [Read more...]

The Real Rules of Fitness

Fitness Rules

The world of fitness - just like the world of weight loss -  is complicated. There's lots of advice everywhere you look, and pretty much everyone is a fanatic about the one thing that they will swear by as the very “best" way to get in shape … [Read more...]

The Truth About Gluten-Free Food

Truth About Gluten-Free Food

Suddenly they're everywhere…gluten-free foods. These products are all the rage and have begun flying off supermarket shelves. The problem? Well, this new “health” trend isn’t really about health at all. So, what’s the truth behind the … [Read more...]

Crave: Oolong Iced Tea Recipes

Iced Tea Recipes

It’s a question that we get a lot around here (especially this time of year)… Can Wu-Long Tea be enjoyed as iced tea? The answer is yes! Whether you like it hot or cold, you can still get all of the amazing benefits of our tea. In the … [Read more...]

10 Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy Food Swaps

Are you looking for a little extra help to eat better? Here is a terrific visual list from of 10 healthy food swaps... … [Read more...]

6 Surprising Foods That May Cause Weight Gain

Surprising Foods That May Cause Weight Gain

“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks, and all I’ve lost is two weeks.” ~Totie Fields Sound familiar? This tongue-in-cheek quote is a funny way of saying something that most us have probably felt at one time or another. If you feel like you … [Read more...]

Is Summer the Best Time for Weight Loss?

photo credit: .craig via photopin cc

For most of us, it’s finally here…well, almost. Summertime. The season of warm days and nights, picnics, barbecues, and outdoor adventures. It’s the perfect time to shed a layer or two, and I don’t just mean clothes. Now, you may have … [Read more...]

How to Fight Food Cravings

Fight Food Cravings

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and things are going along as usual, when suddenly it hits you…YOU MUST HAVE CHIPS NOW! You are under attack from the dreaded food craving. Whether it lurks under you desk at work or behind the couch in your living … [Read more...]

Spring Fever: Natural Allergy Remedies

Natural Allergy Remedies

The sun has finally come out in Denver - and after a few weeks with snow and rainstorms - it looks like it's here to stay. This is great! Except for one thing… Allergies. All of the sudden, myself and everyone around me, is sniffling, … [Read more...]