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5 Reasons This Diet “Trick” is Toxic…


  When I was a kid, my mom used to show apartments to supplement the family income.  She’d have showings from morning until night – and my siblings and I loved to play a game of sneaking into mommy’s purse. We knew that if we got … [Read more...]

21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long Tea You Never Knew…

Tea Photo

Wu-Long Tea holds some of Nature's most incredible healing powers. There are almost more health benefits than I can list - but just for fun... I tried to name just 21! You can read more about them here. -- 21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Food In America…

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Breaking Bread.  Making a toast.  Celebrating a birthday. Our lives are inundated with sugar in one way or another. With the epidemic of cancer, child obesity, and diabetes; more researchers are looking carefully at how the sugar epidemic … [Read more...]

Nature’s MOST Powerful “Secret Ingredient”?!

Young woman drinking tea

What is Nature's most powerful fat-burning secret? And what is all this talk about 'polyphenols' and 'catechins'?!   Frankly, I'm more the artistic type and these words are pretty obscure to me, too.   Here's the … [Read more...]

Fat loss expert says: “Break all the rules!”

John Before and After

There are certain "rules" most people swear up and down you must follow if you want to lose weight… • Eat less… • Exercise 'til you drop… • Cut all "junk food" and carbs… But what if the "rules" don't work for you? Well, they didn't … [Read more...]

A Shocking Way People Are Healing From Acne…

Sandra Brown January 6, 2014 Testimonial

I received this incredible note the other day and I just had to share it with you: Wow!  Notes like these absolutely make my week! But let’s first dig in to why Wu-Long Slimming Tea can so powerfully clear your skin of blemishes… Wu-Long Tea … [Read more...]

Is Juicing Making You Fat?!

Woman Choosing Apples In Grocery Store

  It wasn’t the first time this happened… I’m sitting at a coffee shop the other day and I notice a mother and her two children consuming blended iced coffee drinks, lattés, cake pops, and other fattening treats in front of me. The … [Read more...]

Scientists Confirm THIS Improves Happiness…


There are a few foods I think about when I ponder some of nature’s greatest gifts. Eggs... apples... But above all else, Wu-Long tea is the gift from nature that really shows off how amazing natural foods are. Wu-Long has undeniable health … [Read more...]

This Toxic Substance Is On Your Kitchen Counter

2013-12-05 19.37.41

I was cooking a nice, warm pasta sauce the other day when I noticed "salt" as one of the ingredients in the tomatoes I was using...   ...And it hit me - sometimes I forget that not everyone knows everything about nutrition and weight loss … [Read more...]

1 Trick To Start The New Year Like A BOSS


You are about to write a book. You see, the next 365 days aren’t just a chapter of your life – they’re a story with a beginning, middle, and end. So starting today – write the BEST opening chapter you can dream of. For many of you that … [Read more...]