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How to Eat Well and Save Money

eat well and save money

I don’t know anyone these days who doesn’t keep a close eye on their budget. Well, except for a guy in New Jersey who just won $338 million dollars this week playing Powerball. But for the rest of us, it’s something we need to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Drinks For Memory And Brain Function

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Or like your brain is on the verge of shutting down? It is the feeling that happens when you are mentally fatigued - much like a wet blanket thrown over your brain. How hard it is during those times to get anything … [Read more...]

Two Easy Routines For A Better Life

Image thanks to Sister72

Everything in our life thrives on routine. Things we do best have a foundation of routine at their core. Think of any area of your life where you have established a habit - good or bad - and all you've really done is train your body and your brain … [Read more...]

6 Anti-Aging Superfoods

6 Anti-Aging Superfoods

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”  ~ Lucille Ball I often write about food from the perspective of weight loss and healthy eating, but food can influence so much more than just your … [Read more...]

Would You Eat A Horse?

know what you are eating

Don’t have a cow. I mean literally. It was reported this week that the Swedish meatballs being served at Ikea possibly contained horse meat. Now, this was only the European stores, but still people are pretty up in arms about it. But … [Read more...]

Crave: Simple Soup Recipes

simple soup recipes

As I was busy digging my car out of a massive snowdrift in Denver yesterday morning, I kept my mind occupied with warm thoughts of making delicious soup for dinner. Mmmmm, soup. This is really the perfect time of year for such a cozy and … [Read more...]

Love, Love, Love

love and your health

Yeah, it’s Valentine’s day. It’s all about love, and if you happen to be in a beautifully commited relationship, you’ve got even more to be glad about then the free kisses and whispered sweet nothings. It’s a many splendored thing, they say. It … [Read more...]

Mind Over Matter

tips for improving your attitude

It’s no secret that your attitude is important the success of any pursuit you undertake. If you start off thinking you’ll fail, that’s probably how it will go down. Heck, why bother? But if you go into a situation with the firm belief that you … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Sick!

home remedies for sickness

Sniffles, coughs, and aches; oh my! There are plenty of germs circling around these days, and if you hang around people, there’s a chance you’ll get a bug just by proximity. Heck, doorknobs can pose a hazard this time of year, and if you start … [Read more...]

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

accentuate the positive

Warning: This is not a pep talk. It’s going to be a hard slice of reality. Just thought you should know before we got into it, because a vague disclaimer is no one’s friend. You won’t be good at everything you try. There. I said it. I … [Read more...]