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7-Minute Healthy Cookie Dough Balls

Bread dough balls

Who doesn't love a healthy recipe for a quick tasty snack on the go that only takes 7 minutes to make a full batch that lasts you for a week... And they taste like cookie dough balls.  Delicious, but healthy! I swiped this recipe from my close … [Read more...]

Avoid These 7 Pitfalls If You Want To Lose Weight…


The other day, I was visiting my good friend Lacy Arnold (founder of She told me several things I should be avoiding if I want to lose fat, plus a secret recipe for tightening up loose belly skin. I was actually shocked at what … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way To Fight Over A Dozen Diseases? (while losing weight…)


Here’s A Scary Thought… Because of modern movements such as the Industrial Revolution and the shift from rural, farm and small community living to large cities; people have become completely separated from their food. When is the last time you … [Read more...]

The Trick To STOP Having Fat Days

Fat man

Few things can make your day stink worse than these 4 evil words: "I feel fat today." You know those days; when no matter how loosely you wear your tie - you keep feeling like you have a double chin... ..Or when you put on your pants or … [Read more...]

Lose Weight During The Holidays? Yes, please!

sexy christmas girl blowing a kiss

 The holidays are here… and it’s going to be so much fun! But let’s face it… With all the food and drinks around us, the holidays aren’t exactly the best environment to try to lose fat. Everyone around us is going to be stuffing their faces… So … [Read more...]

How To Trade-In Fat For Energy (weight loss tip)

Weight loss

Did you know... White, yellow, pu-erh, black, green, AND oolong tea all come from the same plant? It's called Camellia Sinensis.   So what makes all these teas so different? Well, one way that teas vary is the way they're … [Read more...]

The Superfood Of The Future (May Replace Pasta?)

Quinoa Salad

The days of ordering wheat toast or an English muffin as the ‘healthy choice’ are pretty much over. Thanks to pioneer researchers and nutritionists, the symbiosis of ‘health food’ and ‘processed foods’ is a myth we’ve pretty much debunked. The … [Read more...]

Why Tea Makes You Healthier… And Happier!


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published some very good news in it's December 2013 issue. Among other things; 12 new studies indicate that tea makes you happier, more productive, and helps you lose weight. YES! Here's a summary … [Read more...]

#1 Food To Avoid For Weight Loss (What IS This Nasty Stuff?!)

Fresh Homemade Bread Rolls

OK, Enough With This Gluten-Free Diet "stuff"! If you’re anything like I was only one year ago – this “Gluten-Free” thing may seem out of control. But like I was just one year ago – you may also be plagued with digestive issues, … [Read more...]

Why I’m Thankful For Oolong…

Give Thanks Tecumseh

Study Shows Oolong Tea Can Burn Extra 240 Calories Per Day... Did you know that a study published in the Journal of Nutrition concluded that drinking regular amounts of oolong tea not only increases your metabolic rate... It also increases fat … [Read more...]