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Skin Deeper: How to Keep Your Skin Snappy

how to keep your skin snappy

There’s a big drawback to losing weight quickly, and it’s all over you, right now. It’s skin. People love the idea of dropping a bunch of pounds in a short time, but they don’t consider the way it will affect their largest organ. Skin has a … [Read more...]

Breakfast Of Champions

healthy breakfast

For a good, long time, one meal has been touted as the most important one of the day, making lunch and dinner feel like step children in the scheme of nutritional provisions. What makes breakfast so gosh darn special? Is it the prizes in the … [Read more...]

Cold Hearted: The Health Benefits Of Cold Climates

health benefits of cold climates

Damn, it’s cold. Old Jack Frost and all that jazz have been hitting us sporadically lately, and it’s only going to get worse, what with the time of year. As the seasons change to the lower temps, here in the northern hemisphere, you got to wonder … [Read more...]

5 Healthy Holiday Tips…

Healthy Holiday tips

Believe it or not that time of year is upon us again. Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving will be here next week, and soon all of the December holidays will have arrived. This means dinners, parties, and other festivities with family and … [Read more...]

Crave: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

roasted chicken

Some nights it’s all about the simple things. After a long day, the last thing any of us wants to face is a super-complicated 15-ingredient recipe. Some nights all I really want is…chicken. A delicious, satisfying, warm, simple chicken … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Mindful Eating

tips for mindful eating

I am writing this article on Monday afternoon. Today I needed to go drop off my ballot (go vote!), get to the post office, pay bills, return phone calls, and do the usual Monday catch-up routine at work. I had brought snacks for the next couple … [Read more...]

The Buzz About Honey…

Image thanks to BotheredByBees

If you hadn’t noticed, we sell tea. It’s 100% natural, so when our customers ask if they can add anything to it for flavor, we typically recommend using something just as natural: honey. Tea and honey go hand in hand. Both have been consumed … [Read more...]

Eating Healthy On A Budget

healthy aeting on a budget

It’s one of the most common excuses that people have for not eating healthier – they think that it will cost too much. Honestly, I thought the exact same thing the first time I wandered the aisles at my local Whole Foods. Going there felt a lot … [Read more...]

What’s Your Beef With Vegetarianism?

Image thanks to picto:graphic

I knew this girl who went vegetarian because of a wacky restaurant. The place had all those novelty knick knacks and nostalgic memorabilia on the walls, and you could see in the kitchen. A taxidermied cow was hanging right above the grill. Now, … [Read more...]

Does Not Compute: Pros and Cons of Modern Technology

Image thanks to blakespot

We humans have been blessed and cursed. We are so clever, and yet, kind of dumb. It’s okay. Knowing that humans can sometimes be dumb makes humans smarter. We’re so smart, we’ve built extra brains to do our thinking for us. They used to fill a … [Read more...]