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You Put WHAT In Your Tea?!

2013-11-01 15.11.50-1

  I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and took a big slurp of Wu-Long. After scolding me for rudely slurping in her ear; she inquired as to what I was drinking.  I told her it was Wu-Long Tea with Turmeric. While she knew … [Read more...]

Not Your Grocery Store Tea…


I get this question a lot:  What Makes Okuma's Wu-Long So Special? When you buy grocery store teas, you're likely to get a lot of toxic "fillers"; including: Artificial Flavors Un-"Natural" Flavors Preservatives Artificial … [Read more...]

A Personal Invitation…

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  My #1 Motivational Tool I recently discovered an incredible motivation tool: Instagram. Yeah, maybe you've known about it for years.  I'm a bit slow on the technological uptake, though ;-) Check out my personal Instagram here; … [Read more...]

Boo! SCARY Facts About How Sugar Becomes Fat…

Facts About How Sugar Becomes Fat

Sugar doesn't have any fat in it; so why can sugar become fat in your body? Don't let sugar goblins scare you out of enjoying your Halloween! Once you understand the way your body processes sugar... You will be able to combat its sometimes … [Read more...]

Incredible Study Shows Oolong Tea Lowers Cholesterol…

Oolong Tea for Your Heart

High cholesterol is a scary reality that millions of people, including some children, face. It is usually associated with arterial degradation, heart disease, or even strokes. But cholesterol is also very misunderstood. A study has recently … [Read more...]

7 Fun Workouts (No Gym Required!)

7 Fun Workouts (No Gym Required)

Here are 7 great exercise ideas that take the "work" out of workouts! 1.  Run with your pet – or borrow somebody else’s! Running and walking with man’s best friend usually incorporated sprints, balancing, and lots of squats!  (For pets, eye … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Lasso Motivation During a Plateau

5 Ways to Lasso Motivation During a Plateau

Plateaus happen to the best of us sometimes. However, knowing that they are completely natural does little to make them any less frustrating. During a plateau, motivation to continue trying can be scarce to come by. Don’t let a momentary stumbling … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

This past weekend I decided to stay in and have a movie night with a few friends. Everyone brought some food along and we set everything out in front of us to enjoy. Then, before I knew it, all of the treats had been wiped out and I was left … [Read more...]

Crave: Spectacular Salsa Recipes

Spectacular Salsa Recipes

As the hint of fall slowly creeps into the air here in Denver, I spent part of this past weekend enjoying the dwindling summer days at a fantastic salsa party. Yes, that's right. A friend decided to plan a birthday in the park and have everyone … [Read more...]

Just Do It: Finding Your Motivation

Tips For Finding Motivation

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, when the alarm is an unwelcomed friend and the rest of the day just never quite settles into place? On days like these exercise is often one of the first things that we may let go of. Honestly, … [Read more...]