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More Important Than Exercise?…


More Important than Exercise?

Getting in shape and losing weight always involves two things: exercise and eating right.

I recently saw a meme with a picture of an obese Ronald McDonald that said, “you can’t outrun a bad diet”.  Well said!

Here’s the thing…

You can exercise all day long, but if you’re stuffing your face with unhealthy foods, you’re going to struggle to lose weight.

You’ll probably even gain weight.

That’s why I pay very close attention to the foods I eat and the beverages I drink.

Especially at night!  There’s nothing worse than eating healthy all day only to blow it all up at night with heavy dinners or booze.

Three Things I’ve Learned About How To Stay Trim…

One thing I’ve discovered during my quest to get thin is that some foods and drinks can actually help you lose weight. For example:

  • High-fiber foods can make you feel full and prevent overeating.
  • Many vegetables – like celery – actually require more calories to digest than are contained in the food itself! (These are called “negative calorie” foods.)
  •  Slimming Tea can increase your metabolism and turn on your fat burning engine. 

Slimming Tea is a rare Oolong that the Chinese have been drinking for hundreds… even thousands of years.

It’s one of the reasons they have such a low obesity rate!

The fat-burning properties of Wu Long Tea have been documented by dozens of scientific studies.

How To Incorporate Easy Slimming Into Your Daily Life…

Here are the drinks I completely CUT out of my life in order to make way for Slimming Tea:

  • Soda
  • Bottled Water
  • Store-Bought Teas
  • Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Juice

Research shows that merely cutting energy drinks alone can help you sleep better, AND lose weight fast.

I also recommend lightening your alcoholic beverage consumption.

When you drink booze, you tend to make bad food choices.

Scratch that, if *I* drink booze, *I* tend to make bad food choices 😉 

Plus the alcohol becomes sugar in our bodies and causes weight gain.

The Easiest Way To Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight Fast…

But by far the EASIEST way to incorporate Slimming Tea into your diet is by carrying capsules of 100% PURE Slimming Oolong with you wherever you go.

I just had a capsule before lunch – and I usually take another one before breakfast in the mornings.

Slimming Tea capsules:

  1. Burn up to 523% MORE calories than green tea, every day!
  2. Are packed with antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins; which stimulate weight loss, heart health, and detoxification!



  1. Contain roughly 50 mg of caffeine, about as much as 1 cup of coffee
  2. Are 100% Pure Tea, no additives, preservatives, or chemicals!

Capsules ingredients

Our capsules are so popular that I completely sold out of them earlier this year.


But thankfully we’re back in stock.

Go HERE and read some fascinating studies about capsules today.  <— BACK IN STOCK

I Love It When This Happens!

High Altitude Tea

The Best Teas On Earth Are Grown At A High Altitude, Like Wu-Long!

What a GREAT way to start my week!

I just got a challenging question from one of our Okuma Wu-Long Tea Drinkers.

Here’s what just came into my inbox:

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 8:39 AM, [customer] wrote:
Stephanie, I would like for you to please read this article
and let me know your thoughts.
I have been drinking your Wu-Long Slimming tea but was somewhat
discouraged after reading this article.
Thank you, [signature of customer]

Because I take all customer questions and concerns really seriously, I immediately went to read the article.

Here’s what I found out…

The “Truth” About Wu-Long Tea…

The author of the article is actually a huge tea fan.

The author appears to even receive compensation to promote the teas she promotes in her article.

She began by explaining that all tea comes from the same plant (camelia sinensis).  Truth.

The author also writes that claims that tea promotes weight loss are pretty much marketing bunk because they ALL effectively promote weight loss.

This isn’t quite true, though.

A LOT of teas are sold as green, black, oolong, pu’ehr, etc… but they’re so full of other ingredients that there’s very little of the weight-loss proponents in these teas.

Plus, not all teas are high in fat-burning polyphenols and catechins.

More on that in a sec…

The author then stated that Wu-Long is a marketing term, basically for Oolong, as westerners call it.

This is a misunderstanding that I’ll also explain below…

However the author is right about one thing: tea is great – and many teas stimulate weight loss, not just Wu-Long.

Here are a few critical points I touched on personally for my fellow Wu-Long Drinker this morning, and thought I’d share with you today!

Why Is Wu-Long Rare and Special?

Wu-Long DOES stand out from other teas.  And it’s not just any old “Oolong” :-)

In China it’s referred to as a ‘crane among dragons’ and it is sold in Taiwan for as much as $300 per kg.

Wu-Long is a very special tea that comes from the Fujian Province of China.

Plus, Okuma’s Wu-Long comes from a tea plantation that is run by multi-generational families of tea connoisseurs.

Wu-Long does NOT come from a mass-yielding, low-quality plantation that’s sprayed with pesticides and other scary chemicals.

Wu-Long is grown for QUALITY, not quantity.

In fact, Okuma has published third-party laboratory research that confirms Wu-Long is FREE of ANY traceable pesticides, chemicals, environmental toxins, or other foreign elements.

When you drink Wu-Long Slimming Tea, you’re drinking some of the most rare, most pure, and most powerful teas on earth.

How Does Wu-Long Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Okuma’s Slimming Wu-Long is quite special because it has extremely high polyphenols and catechins.

The antioxidant and fat-burning effects of our Wu-Long are often 4-10 times higher than other popular ‘fatburning’ teas.

Sadly, when you get into the mainstream teas, you’ll often find chemicals, pesticide residues, additives, coloring, artificial flavorings, and even other additions to the tea.

Wu-Long has been extensively studied in the U.S. and abroad for it’s high polyphenols, which stimulate weight loss.

Polyphenols are plant chemical compounds; including catechinstheaflavinstannins, and flavonoids.

Is Wu-Long Just “Oolong”?


In fact even Oolong is only 2% of the world’s tea… and the Wu-Long Okuma purveys is from a protected UNESCO world heritage site high above sea level.

It’s a high mountain, or high “altitude” tea.

So, yeah.  We’re pretty dang rare and very special!  😀

The difference between Okuma’s Wu-Long and the “Oolong” that this writer refers to is that she isn’t distinguishing the actual plantations.

She’s pretty much saying that Oolong’s are the same, and that they aren’t rare.  This is totally UNTRUE.

Wu-Long is grown in one of the world’s highest altitude tea plantations.

Higher altitude means lower crop yield, in fact.

Academic and professional tea reviews indicate that high altitude teas have superior aroma, color, brightness, mouthfeel, and flavor.

However, because Wu-Long is grown at this high-altitude environment in the Wuyi mountains, and there is NOT a lot yielded per crop…

… It is also a bit pricier than grocery store teas!

The teas grown at this high altitude take longer to grow and develop.  Plus the crop yields are lower, so they’re more rare.

Teas are kinda like wine, actually.

In fact, Wu-Long is sold in it’s home country for between 150 and 300 USD per kg… so it ain’t cheap even if you drink it in it’s home country!

How To Make Good Decisions With Your Tea…

In the same way we grow out of Ramen Noodles and Yellow Tail wine, it’s good to grow out of bad teas.

Here’s what you’re looking for…

  • Organic, or pesticide free (like Wu-Long)
  • No artificial colors or flavors (like Wu-Long)
  • High polyphenol, catechin, and other weight-regulating components (like Wu-Long)
  • High antioxidants and alkalizing properties to detox and fight disease (like Wu-Long)
  • 1-Ingredient – no scary fillers you can’t see or taste – but that your body will recognize!  (like Wu-Long!)

Nutrition Facts


Plus Wu-Long is backed by *dozens* of scientific studies and is shown to:

  • Fight Diabetes
  • Regulate Hormones
  • Oxidize Fat
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduce Arm Fat
  • Make Flatter Bellies
  • Detoxify Your Body
  • Raise Metabolism
  • Aid in Weight Loss


Get your Wu-Long here TODAY (BUY TWO GET 1 SPECIAL!)


More Articles On This Subject…

Cooking With Tea: Weight Loss Dessert Recipe!

Banana cream

To celebrate 2014: The Year of The Tea as a hot new food trend, we here at Okuma have decided to flood you with delicious, nutritious Wu-Long Tea recipes all week long.

We’re bringing your four-course feast to a festive close today with a beautiful Weight-Loss Dessert.  Yum!

For your fourth course in our Wu-Long Weight Loss Feast, we’re serving Wu-Long Tea Mint Ice Cream.

REMEMBER: everything in our feast is Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, and SLIMMING… including this weight-loss dessert!

Oh yeah…

And if you haven’t taken advantage of our Buy 2 Get 2 offer yet this week to celebrate Cooking With Tea, go here now to claim it because it ENDS SUNDAY.

Course 4:

Wu-Long Slimming Raw Ice Cream

Glass of mint ice cream

Serves 4



  • 1 Cup Cashews, soaked
  • ¾ Cup Wu-Long Tea
  • 3 Bananas, frozen and sliced into 4 chunks
  • 5 Mint Leaves
  • 1 Tbsp Agave Nectar
  • ½ Tbsp Vodka or Xanthan Gum


  1. Blend Cashews & Tea in blender on high until smooth
  2. Add frozen bananas, then blend until smooth
  3. Add mint leaves, Agave and Vodka and blend until smooth
  4. Pour into glass container and freeze for 3 hours.
  5. Stir in crushed nuts, berries, or even edible flowers as a garnish!  It will look stunning!

There you have it, folks.

We’ve just journeyed through my absolute favorite foods that you can cook with Wu-Long Slimming tea.

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I’ll give you another 2 boxes FREE.

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Cooking With Tea: Weight Loss Chicken Recipe [2 Ways]

Grilled chicken breast on ratatouille bed
Course 3: 

Weight Loss Main Course Two Ways

Well, folks…

We’re on our third course in our Cooking With Slimming Tea Week.

Earlier this week you learned how to create a fat loss soup stock, fat-blasting soup, and a delicious Wu-Long-soaked pear salad.

Now we’re going to share with you two ways to make chicken anything BUT a boring ‘healthy’ meat.

If you haven’t yet downloaded our Weight Loss Cookbook, you can download it from our home page at

Happy cooking!

Version One

Oven-Baked Chicken Breasts… with Gluten-Free Gravy!

Serves 4

Grilled chicken breasts on a plate ,isolated


For The Chicken

  • 4 Free-Range Chicken Breasts
  • 4 Cups Steeped Wu-Long Tea
  • 1½ Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
  •             *Try a gluten-free, low-sodium one such as Lea & Perrins
  • 1 Tsp hot sauce
  • 1 Tbsp Dried Thyme
  • Sea Salt & Pepper

 For The Gravy

  • 2 ¼ Cups Wu-Long Chicken Stock
  • 2 Tbsp. Millet or White Rice Flour
  • 3 Swigs Fresh Thyme
  • 4-5 Fresh Sage Leaves
  • Sea Salt & Pepper


For The Chicken:

  1. Use glass dish to marinate chicken breasts in the tea, Worcestershire, hot sauce & thyme overnight in refrigeration.  Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  2. 1 hour before serving, preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  3. Cook chicken until internal temperature is 165 degrees, or approximately 15 minutes.

For The Gravy:

  1. Bring only 2 cups of the Wu-Long Chicken Stock to boil over medium heat.
  2. Reduce heat to low once boiled.
  3. While Stock is being heated, stir Millet/White Rice Flour into remaining ¼ Cup Wu-Long Chicken Stock until you achieve a nice thick texture
  4. Add flour/broth mix, herbs, and salt/pepper while stirring.
  5. KEEP STIRRING constantly for a few minutes so your gravy doesn’t get lumpy.  If you don’t see gentle bubbles from heat, you may need to add a bit more heat under your pan.


Version 2

Gluten- Free Sesame Oolong Orange Baked Chicken


  • Two chicken breasts
  • Three cups of Wu-Long Tea
  • Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice of one orange
  • Zest of one orange
  • Teaspoon of gluten free worcestershire sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 3 cups gluten-free panko crumbs (recipe available in our free cookbook!)
  • 2 eggs

1. Marinate the chicken overnight if possible in Wu-Long and worcestershire.  (If overnight marination is not possible, marinate at least two hours before cooking.)

2. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.

3. Prepare an egg wash- add orange zest and orange juice into the eggs and then place the chicken breasts into the egg wash and immediately into the breading.

4. Place it on a non-stick cooking sheet.

5. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and juices run clear.



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Move Over "Joe"… There's A New Sheriff In Town

covering an event with a video camera

There’s A HOT New Food Trend That’s Helping People Shed Fat Fast… Read More HERE 

The era of coffee-infused drinks, desserts, and even steak rubs is moving over for a super-hot new food trend: tea.

Tea has been a beverage of choice since at least before the time of Confucius – more than 2,500 years ago!

In the West, the British adopted tea as their own National Beverage shortly after it was brought over to them in the 17th century by a foreign queen.

And now, according to NPR, 2014 is a resurgence for tea like no other since these monumental times in history.

Thanks to mainstream health consciousness, people’s minds and tastes are moving back to one of history’s most celebrated, delicious, nutritious, and fundamental health drinks: tea.

And lucky for us, this is one food trend that doesn’t just taste great; but helps you lose weight as well!


Are You Looking For An EASY Way To Lose Weight Fast?

Try Two Cups A Day of Delicious Wu-Long Tea!


Weird New Ways People Are Using Tea…

There are six types of teas which all derive from the same plant: camellia sinensis.  White, Yellow, Green, Pu-erh, Black, and Oolong are the six primary strains of tea.

Teas range from smoky to flowery, strong and creamy.

That’s one of the reasons that you’re now seeing a hot new food trend of tea used in some pretty unique ways.

One hot new food trend that is less of a ‘stretch’ for tea is tea “beer”.  That’s right, tea-infused beer.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. has created a wheat beer made with tea.  And Red Brick Brewing uses tea in a new stout beer.

If you haven’t yet conquered your at-home brew mastery; try using tea as a marinade to tenderize meat as well as infuse tea’s incredible florals or smokiness into your meal..

Tea is also fantastic when used in soup stocks and broths

Many are even grinding it into a powder to use as a seasoning on potatoes, rice, or as a steak-rub.

Tea is also a delicious addition to cocktails, ice cubes, or even infused in your favorite alcohol.

Try infusing vodka if you’re looking to up the game of your alcoholic Arnold Palmers…

Or infuse bourbon with tea for 24 hours if you’re feeling particularly brave.  This makes a delicious floral-flavored Pisco when you use Wu-Long tea in your bourbon.

People are even using tea in ice creams, cookies, cakes, and muffins.  Sweet!


Don’t just drink your tea hot.

Infuse lemonade, juice, or even alcoholic cocktails with

Fat-Blasting Wu-Long!


4 Reasons To Hop On This Hot New Food Trend…

The best way to use this hot new food trend in 2014 is with the world’s best tea: Wu-Long.

Here are 4 reasons why…

1.  Wu-Long’s flavor is a perfect compliment to foods without overwhelming them.

Wu-Long tea has a delicious, delicate, floral note.

Wu-Long is mild and doesn’t have an extremely smoky or heavily-“roasted” flavor like many black and green teas.

This makes it perfect for infusing into drinks, baking cookies with, or even for marinating your favorite cut of steak.

2.  Wu-Long is Easy To Use In Food and Beverage Preparation

Wu-Long tea is best when steeped 4-5 minutes.

Before cooking with Wu-Long, it’s best to steep it and then allow it to cool.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking with tea is to over-steep it.

However, with Wu-Long’s mild flavor – you aren’t going to taste the tea as much as the subtle, floral notes; and you certainly won’t get a bitter, over-roasted earth aftertaste with Wu-Long!

You’re gonna love the taste of Wu-Long – order yours TODAY!

3.  Use High-Quality Tea To Create The Most Delicious Meals

Any decent chef will tell you that if a wine isn’t good enough to drink, it isn’t good enough to cook with.

Along the same line, most teas sold online or in grocery stores are NOT high quality.

You will often find tea bags contain pesticides, fluoride, and other chemicals.  Eew!

And you’ll find even more often that commercial teas themselves contain artificial coloring, flavors, and other additives that aren’t even tea at all!

Wu-Long, however, comes from high in the Wuyi Mountains on a UNESCO heritage site.

We here at Okuma have tested Wu-Long for chemicals, pesticides, and other foreign elements and have certified, third-party labs make sure that before it hits your cup…

… It’s 100% pure Wu-Long with no traceable chemicals, elements, nor pesticides.

4.  Wu-Long Oxidizes Fat In Your Body

Take your next low-cal or weight-loss meal and REV up the fat-burning potential with Wu-Long!

Wu-Long Tea has shown up to a 12% increase in fat oxidation over a 24-hour period.

It raises metabolism, assists with digestion and breaking down fat in the body… and can help the average person burn up to 240 MORE calories per day.

Because of Wu-Long’s high polyphenols, it helps to dissolve body fat while promoting better organ, skin, teeth and bone health.


Read more about how Wu-Long TORCHES body fat HERE


Stay Tuned…

Because the rest of this week we’ll be composing a 4-Course Meal together using Wu-Long Slimming Tea!

See you tomorrow for our first course!




Cooking With Tea: 2 NEW Fat Loss Soup Recipes!


Enjoy Your Four-Course Fat-Blasting Feast with Wu-Long. Click HERE To Get Yours Today!

NPR recently stated that the hot new food trend of 2014 is TEA.

That’s right, chefs have started cooking with green, black, and oolong teas in everything from aperitifs to desserts.

For those of us trying to eat the most nutritious foods possible and lose weight fast, this bodes very, very well!

In order to celebrate, this week I’m going to provide you with SIX FAT-BLASTING Recipes that ALL use this incredible food trend.

In fact… all 6 recipes I’ll provide you with are some of my personal favorites at home.

…And they all use Wu-Long Tea!

This week, I’ll provide you 6 easy, step-by-step recipes to turn your next four-course meal into a fat-blasting feast!

Continue reading all week to find recipes for your salad, soup, entree, and dessert; all nutrient-dense, dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo-friendly!

You won’t find tea like Wu-Long in your grocery stores, so if you’re looking to cook with our fat-blasting, metabolism-boosting Wu-Long Slimming Tea, go here to order yours today.

Bon appétit!

~ Stephanie

Course 1 Food Prep:

Wu-Long Slimming Soup Stock

Makes enough for approximately 16 servings of soup


  • 1 lb. Free-Range Chicken Legs & Thighs
  • Black Peppercorn
  • 1 Liter Metabolism-Boosting Wu-Long Tea
  • 1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Onion
  • 4 Stalks Celery, chopped
  • 3 Carrots, chopped
  • 1 Bulb Garlic


  1. Sauté one white onion in a pan until onions are translucent.
  2. Add garlic cloves to taste.  I will use a whole bulb, personally!
  3. Once the onions & garlic are lightly browned, add chopped carrots and celery, apple cider vinegar and 1 lb. chicken thighs and legs.  The vinegar is used to break up the bones and release their nutrients and marrow into the broth.  The vinegar is a critical part of the soup! 
  4. Add 1 liter Wu-Long tea (steeped for 4 minutes) and 3 liters filtered water.
  5. Spices:  I don’t generally add spices because I sometimes make mild soups like Avgolemono, and other times I want to make a soup loaded with unique spices that I don’t want in my ‘stock’ soup.  I do add cracked black peppercorns, no matter what I do with the soup – I always love a little kick!
  6. Cook soup broth on medium-high for 3 hours, covered.  Your house will smell amazing in no time!
  7. After a few hours, or once you’ve reached desired depth of flavor, skim excess fat from the top of your soup and strain the broth.  Discard the celery, bones, garlic, onion, carrots, and peppercorn.  Now you have a delicious stock to use in soups, or to drink on it’s own for it’s nutritional benefits.

 **Important:  I always store the broth in a glass container because of the toxic effects of BPA in many plastic containers.


Don’t forget your incredible fat-blasting Wu-Long Tea!  < This Week ONLY Buy 2 Get 2 FREE!!!

Did you know it could be this useful in all your cooking?



Course One:

Dairy-Free Creamy Broccoli Soup

Serves 4

Broccoli soup


  • 1 Liter Wu-Long Slimming Tea Broth (recipe above)
  • 2 lbs. Broccoli, chopped with stems separated from florets
  • 1 Lg. Onion, chopped
  • 1.5 Lbs Potatoes (peeled & chopped in 2-inch cubes)
  • ¾ Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • ½ Lemon
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • Salt & Pepper


Bring Wu-Long Slimming Tea Broth to a boil with Broccoli Stems, Onion, Potatoes, Bay Leaves, and ½ juice of Lemon (save the yellow zest for a garnish!) and let simmer for 15 minutes.

Once veggies are tender, bring to medium-high heat and boil.  Add broccoli florets and reduce heat in approximately 7 minutes, or when florets are tender.

Place soup on cool side of stovetop and discard bay leaves.  After letting it sit for two minutes, use immersion blender to puree the soup with ½ cup Almond Milk.

Once pureed, bring soup again to a boil and add more almond milk to achieve desired consistency.  You may reduce the soup over low heat without boiling for a thicker soup, or add more milk for a thinner soup.

Salt and pepper to taste.  Then garnish with toasted pine nuts, small broccoli florets, lemon zest, or any other desired garnish or herb.


Don’t forget your incredible fat-blasting Wu-Long Tea! 

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Is Wu-Long The World's Best Tea?

Tea Growers in China Mountains

I celebrate tea every day.

I drink tea in the morning, for a 3 p.m. pick-me-up and carb-craving crusher…

And I take Wu-Long capsules for an added BOOST of polyphenols, mental clarity, and, of course… to keep off unwanted weight!

We here are Okuma make tea, well, EASY.

But tea is a fine art that dates back many generations… throughout many civilizations!

It is full of rituals, tastings, harvests, fermenting, and even climate-control.

The World’s Best Tea

As a society, we mainly give credit for the prevalence and art of tea to one magnificent country alone: China.

China today grows the finest, most delicious, and the most fragrant teas.

And China’s FINEST tea is called Wu-Long.

It’s true: in China Wu-Long tea is referred to as a “crane among chickens”.

Wu-Long’s fragrance and flavor is unmatched.  And it’s one of the world’s rarest teas because it comes from high mountains.

In fact, the Chinese refer to it as “High-Mountain” tea.

Wu-Long is a “Black Dragon” [gao-shan wu-lung cha] that is a type of “Oolong” tea.

Oolong comprises only two percent of the world’s tea…

But Wu-Long is a fraction of that already-small percentage!

What Makes Wu-Long So Special?

Wu-Long is semi-fermented; which is VERY IMPORTANT!

That’s because it retains all of the nutrients and health benefits of an unfermented green tea WITHOUT all the nasty, dirty tastes and stomach problems that are associated with unfermented green tea.

The semi-fermentation of Wu-Long also gets rid of toxic compounds found in fully fermented black tea.

Like delicious wine, Wu-Long is harvested with different flavors, aromas, bouquets, and nutrient-density every year.

You only need to steep Wu-Long for 4-5 minutes to get unbelievable floral notes and flavors.

How You Can Enjoy The World’s Best Tea

This year, our Wu-Long has it’s highest antioxidant polyphenol content EVER…

AND it’s certifiably VOID of traceable residue, pesticides, or toxins.

When you taste Wu-Long; you’ll know why it’s been touted on Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, and even by Bill Phillips of Body For Life.

It’s very delicious, very nutritious, and there’s almost nothing in the world like it.

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5 Reasons This Diet "Trick" is Toxic…



When I was a kid, my mom used to show apartments to supplement the family income.  She’d have showings from morning until night – and my siblings and I loved to play a game of sneaking into mommy’s purse.

We knew that if we got caught it would be disastrous.  But that’s what made it so exciting, too!

Once somebody had the gumption to grab an abandoned purse – there typically wasn’t any candy or much loose change.  But we really looked forward to one thing: chewing gum!

That’s right – at 4 years old I remember the pure joy of sticking a piece of sweet, minty gum in my mouth.

At that time, people weren’t commonly aware of the chemicals found in chewing gum, diet sodas, or even sweeteners for coffee.

And today, you’ll find that most people are surprised to find out that many of the same toxic chemicals in ‘diet foods’ are also in sugar-free gum!

For years I thought that chewing gum was a great way to curb carb cravings.

Now I find that it’s an addiction I’m desperately trying to break!

Here Are 5 Reasons Chewing Gum May Hurt Your Health… And Your Waistline!

1.  Gum Wears Away at The Cartilage in Your Jaw. 

If you damage this cartiledge, you may suffer irreparable discomfort for life.

2.  Chewing Gum Can Give You Headaches.

Because chewing gum uses facial muscles, the excessive use of chewing gum can strain the muscles that connect to nerves near your temples.

This can cause headaches and chronic pain around your temples.

3.  Chewing gum can damage your metabolism.

Because chewing gum requires saliva, excessive chewing of gum requires you to take up the body’s energy making saliva.  Now energy that your body needed for other internal activities, such as metabolism and digestion, is being used to produce saliva.

4.  Gum is Sweetened With Sugar.

Diets with excessive sugar are linked to obesity, Type II Diabetes, atherosclerosis, and even the breeding of cancer cells inside the body.


Kill Your Carb Cravings For Good HERE


5.  Sugar-Free Gum Contains Toxic Chemicals

Sugar-free gum is most likely sweetened with aspartame; a chemical that is believed to be both a brain toxin and the cause of many other scary disorders, even cancers.

“Healthy” gum is sweetened with xylitol; an otherwise “healthy” naturally occurring ingredient found in berries, oats, beets, sugar cane, and birch.

However, the xylitol in chewing gum is not the same as the xylitol found in nature; which is used medicinally to prevent tooth decay and even ear infections.

Rather, thy xylitol made for, say, chewing gum, is often a byproduct of taking natural ‘xylan’ from something like corn and then adding chemicals to it.

That also makes Xylitol products particularly vulnerable to having nasty GMO’s!

Why Do We Chew Gum?

You may chew gum because it’s an alternative to another addiction; such as candies, smoking, or nail-biting.

But another reason we chew gum is because we become addicted to the sugary taste and the chemicals in most chewing gums.

Also, chewing gum helps us focus on a task for longer periods of time.

But did you know that Wu-Long ALSO helps improve mental clarity and productivity?

That’s right; and Wu-Long will help you CURB carb cravings, so you’ll be less likely to get hit with a sugary snack attack throughout your day.

Best yet, you don’t need to brew a pot of water for your Wu-Long after all.

That’s because it comes in convenient, easy capsules as well!

Plus, our tea burns up to 240% MORE fat than green tea…

But our capsules are a concentrated form of the tea that are more than TWICE as powerful as the tea!

Wu-Long Slimming Tea Capsules burn up to 523% MORE fat than green tea.

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Did you know that Wu-Long is one of the world’s ONLY

teas that has NO chemicals, NO pesticide residue, and

NO artificial colors or flavors?

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21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long Tea You Never Knew…

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Wu-Long Tea holds some of Nature’s most incredible healing powers.

There are almost more health benefits than I can list – but just for fun… I tried to name just 21!

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21 Amazing Facts About Wu-Long That You Never Knew…

1.  It sharpens thinking skills due to L-Theanine and Caffeine in the tea… although it only contains 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee!

2.  Psychology today notes that Wu-Long enhances what they call “Happiness Chemicals”

3.  It is used to prevent cancer and has even been shown to prevent organ aging in a study of men and women conducted by a Japanese doctor due to it’s high polyphenol content.

4.  It may prevent osteoporosis by strengthinging bones – even your teeth!

5.  It fights heart disease and is recommended to drink after a meal when heart attack risks are highest

6.  It fights Type II Diabetes and obesity

7.  It originates from the Fujian province of China and is one of the most rare tea’s on the planet.

8.  Oolong means “Black Dragon” in Chinese.  Wu-Long is the special Oolong that comes from the Wuyi Mountains.

9.  It’s nutrients enhances mental alertness and productivity.

10.  Wu-Long Tea lowers stroke risks

11.  When consumed regularly, it helps you lower cholesterol.

12.  It promotes shiny, healthy hair

13.  It fights acne and does wonders to provide clear skin!

14.  It lowers stress levels

15.  Wu-Long can ease arthritis pain

16.  It can fight Alzheimer’s disease

17.  It helps with headaches

18.  L-Theanine in Wu-Long also helps generate dopamine and seratonin: neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for making you feel good!

19.  It may reduce risk of Prostate Cancer

20.  Wu-Long blocks fat absorption

21.  It’s proven that the polyphenols in Wu-Long promote oxidation of body fat.

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The Most Dangerous Food In America…

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Breaking Bread.  Making a toast.  Celebrating a birthday.

Our lives are inundated with sugar in one way or another.

With the epidemic of cancer, child obesity, and diabetes; more researchers are looking carefully at how the sugar epidemic began… and how we can put it to rest.

But did you know that 300 years ago – many people didn’t even know that sugar existed?

It only became a global commodity about 250 years ago via trade by sea.

That’s right – sugar is relatively NEW to the human diet.

However, it’s so pervasive that almost every event we mark, celebrate, mourn or commemorate has sugar or alcohol as an integral part of its ritual.

How We Got Our Global Sweet-Tooth

250 years ago trade on the seas was booming. 

Sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and opium became, for the first time ever, profitable global commodities.

Our lives, and our bodies, have changed significantly in the past 300 years.

And for the latter; they haven’t improved much.

What doesn’t kill us via famine or plague now kills us more slowly via coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancers.

Sugar Is Pervasive In Our Diets…

What was once a guilty pleasure is now a part of our morning beverage ritual, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and after-dinner night cap.

Ask yourself: have you ever gone a single day in your life without either tobacco, sugar, or alcohol?

It’s likely that you have not.

That’s because sugar takes many forms, and it isn’t just something reserved for cookies, cakes, and sweets.

In the U.S. it is the most popular addition to foods across the board.

And MOST processed foods have it.

It’s known as sugar, raw sugar, dextrose, maltose, glucose, fructose, corn sweetener, honey, corn syrup, sucrose, sorghum syrup, sorbitol, brown sugar, lactose, molasses, syrup, and fruit juice concentrate.

ALL of the above are empty calories and should be avoided! 

Why Sugar Makes You Gain Weight

How bad can sugar be?  

Well consider this: one measly teaspoon of white sugar has 15 calories.

A teaspoon of corn syrup has 20 calories.

And the average can of soda has 11 TEASPOONS of sugar… translating to between 165 and 220 calories just from sugar.

A couple hundred years ago when sugar started to creep into the American diet, people only ate about 2 lbs per year.

Today the average American eats over 150 pounds of sugar per year.

That’s 3 POUNDS of sugar per WEEK!

The average American even consumes more than 40 teaspoons DAILY of sugar.

Imagine setting 40 teaspoons of anything in front of you.

It’s overwhelming… and indeed it’s a scary thought!

Your Brain on Sugar…

When you consume sugar; taste receptors signal different areas of the brain, one being the cerebral cortex.

Your brain rewards you for it and tells you to have more sugar.

The same thing happens when people experience sex or take certain drugs.

That’s why people want more and more of these things and become addicted.

And yes, your brain’s reaction to sugar does lead to sugar addiction.

That’s the reason dieting can be so hard!

Either you aren’t avoiding sugars that sneak into restaurant and processed foods…

Or you’re having legitimate sugar withdrawal!

Your Gut On Sugar…

Your gut has sugar receptors, just like your brain.

When you eat sugar – your gut will actually send a warning up to your brain.

Your brain responds in one of two ways:

1)  You feel full

2)  Your insulin spikes in response to excess sugar.

The more insulin your body releases to process sugar, the more we store sugar as fat.

The insulin is meant to regulate blood sugar.

Abusing your body’s insulin response can actually cause your body to become resistant to insulin; thereby unable to regulate blood sugar.

This isn’t just a way to store excess body fat, but it’s dangerous for your overall health and wellness.

The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar…

Eating sugar is unique in your brain.

You see, when you eat broccoli, you don’t get the same reaction in your brain as you do when you consume sugar.

What makes sugar ‘feel’ so good?

The answer is dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good.

Dopamine is released when we consume alcohol, nicotine, heroine, and sugar.

That’s one of the reasons people become addicted to one or all of the above.

How Your Brain Regulates Nutrition…

Just because dopamine is associated with all of the above-mentioned ‘risky’ business doesn’t mean that dopamine is inherently bad.

In fact, dopamine can help you be MORE nutritious.

That’s because when you eat the same thing over and over, you don’t react with as much dopamine.

This causes our bodies to constantly seek new foods and different tastes.

Food and drink variety begets more dopamine; which causes us to try new foods and have more balanced nutrition.

How We Can Become Addicted to Sugar?

When you eat sugary foods, dopamine doesn’t level out like it does with normal foods.

When you eat sugar, the reward in your brain persists.

That’s how people get addicted to sugar – you keep eating it and it keeps feeling good!

One of the biggest offenders of sugar overload is SODA POP.

But you’ll be shocked to know how much is in tomato sauce, ketchup, even in healthy protein and cereal bars!

How To Lose Weight Naturally and Easily…

There are a lot of benefits to most diets out there.

But there’s ONE thing that all healthy diets have in common: the absence of high-sugar foods and beverages.

In March, Okuma will be hosting a 90-Day SLIM TEA CHALLENGE for Okuma readers.

During this challenge – we will be replacing sodas, diet drinks, fruit juices, and creamy coffee drinks with Wu-Long Tea.

If you want to join us – keep reading my blog and I’ll share more info with you.

If you want to get started NOW while we’re still in the beginning of the year – go here NOW and grab your Wu-Long Tea.

Cut sodas, toxic diet water and mineral drinks, creamy sugary lattes, and even alcohol.

Replace them all with Wu-Long to rev up your metabolism and TORCH body and belly fat.

Go here today and get started!



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