Is Wu-Long The World's Best Tea?

Tea Growers in China Mountains

I celebrate tea every day.

I drink tea in the morning, for a 3 p.m. pick-me-up and carb-craving crusher…

And I take Wu-Long capsules for an added BOOST of polyphenols, mental clarity, and, of course… to keep off unwanted weight!

We here are Okuma make tea, well, EASY.

But tea is a fine art that dates back many generations… throughout many civilizations!

It is full of rituals, tastings, harvests, fermenting, and even climate-control.

The World’s Best Tea

As a society, we mainly give credit for the prevalence and art of tea to one magnificent country alone: China.

China today grows the finest, most delicious, and the most fragrant teas.

And China’s FINEST tea is called Wu-Long.

It’s true: in China Wu-Long tea is referred to as a “crane among chickens”.

Wu-Long’s fragrance and flavor is unmatched.  And it’s one of the world’s rarest teas because it comes from high mountains.

In fact, the Chinese refer to it as “High-Mountain” tea.

Wu-Long is a “Black Dragon” [gao-shan wu-lung cha] that is a type of “Oolong” tea.

Oolong comprises only two percent of the world’s tea…

But Wu-Long is a fraction of that already-small percentage!

What Makes Wu-Long So Special?

Wu-Long is semi-fermented; which is VERY IMPORTANT!

That’s because it retains all of the nutrients and health benefits of an unfermented green tea WITHOUT all the nasty, dirty tastes and stomach problems that are associated with unfermented green tea.

The semi-fermentation of Wu-Long also gets rid of toxic compounds found in fully fermented black tea.

Like delicious wine, Wu-Long is harvested with different flavors, aromas, bouquets, and nutrient-density every year.

You only need to steep Wu-Long for 4-5 minutes to get unbelievable floral notes and flavors.

How You Can Enjoy The World’s Best Tea

This year, our Wu-Long has it’s highest antioxidant polyphenol content EVER…

AND it’s certifiably VOID of traceable residue, pesticides, or toxins.

When you taste Wu-Long; you’ll know why it’s been touted on Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, and even by Bill Phillips of Body For Life.

It’s very delicious, very nutritious, and there’s almost nothing in the world like it.

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