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To Help 100,000 People Save Over $200 Per Month On Grocery Store Drinks While Losing Weight, Having More Energy, and Reversing Signs of Aging by 2016.

With a change in ownership in 2008, Okuma Nutritionals has built a team of specialists to not only get the word out about our ultra-premium SlimTea, but also to create raving fans of all our customers.

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Okuma Nutritionals, LLC was formed in 1998 after uncovering significant research spotlighting the many health and weight loss benefits of oolong tea.

The data showed time and time again how individuals benefited from oolong tea’s powerful antioxidants with weight loss, increased energy, and improved health. This is when Okuma’s premium SlimTea came to be.

We strive to support, inform, and guide ourselves and others toward a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Stay tuned as the Okuma Nutritionals story continues to unfold. And if you are one of many who have given us your SlimTea success story, we thank you and take every word to heart.