Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

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Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

There are many health benefits of oolong tea, including reducing chronic bodily conditions such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, providing vital antioxidants, reducing high cholesterol levels, promoting superior bone structure, glowing skin and good dental health.

Nutritional Value:

Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants. It also contains vital minerals and vitamins such as calcium, manganese, copper, selenium, and potassium, Vitamin A, B, C, E and K, in addition to folic acid, niacin amide and other detoxifying alkaloids. Developed in semi-fermented processing, the oolong tea is rich in numerous polyphenolic compounds, adding value health benefits of oolong tea.


The various health related benefits of oolong tea are as follows:

  • Controls Obesity: The polyphenol compound found in oolong tea is very effective in controlling the fat metabolism of the body. It activates certain enzymes and thus enhances the functions of the fat cells in human body. Daily consumption of oolong tea can reduce obesity by enhancing metabolism.
  • Removal of Harmful Free Radicals: The polyphenolic compound is also responsible for removal of free radicals, thus saving us from potential harm that these free moving cells may pose to the human body.
  • Treatment of Skin Disorders: According to scientific experiments, patients diagnosed with eczema skin disorder can benefit from drinking 3 cups of oolong tea 3 times per day. The beneficial results of oolong tea could be seen in less than a week with these patients showing remarkable skin improvement.
  • Promoting Good Bone Health: The antioxidants present in oolong tea protect the tooth against decay, strengthens the bone structure and boosts normal healthy growth of human body.
  • Adjunct Treatment for Diabetes: Oolong tea may be used as a natural blood sugar regulator for treating type 2 diabetic disorders and as an appendage to other supplementary drugs for treating the disease.
  • Protection against Cancer: It is well-known fact that tea drinkers have lower risk of acquiring skin cancer. Moreover, oolong tea polyphenols promote apoptosis in stomach related cancerous growth. This polyphenol extract also acts a chemo-preventive instrument against development of other cancerous forms.
  • Stress Buster: In a detailed Japanese study conducted at the Osaka Institute for Health Care Science, the experimental mice that ingested oolong tea showed a remarkable improvement in stress levels, by more than 10 to 18%. The natural polyphenols in the oolong tea are said to be the main stress buster and tea itself is an adaptogen. This means that is both energizing and calming.

More About Oolong…

Oolong tea falls between green and black teas, as its leaves are only partially oxidized. Of the numerous kinds of tea in this world; oolong tea is one of the rarest forms produced. The origin of oolong tea dates back to China to around 400 years ago. It is a semi-fermented tea. But, the fermentation process is halted as soon as the tea leaves start to change their color.

The oolong tea is fragrant with a somewhat nutty flavor and fresh aroma. It has minimal caffeine and is extremely relaxing to drink. The health benefits of oolong tea are doubled because of its semi-fermentation process which combines qualities of black tea and green tea.

Drinking several cups of oolong tea in a day is a simple way to promote good health and feel great.

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