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The 5 Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite…

Eew! Find out 5 ways to reduce cellulite… and one way to get rid of it forever!

Reduce Cellulite With These 5 Easy Steps…

Cellulite.  Eew.

Lumpy, bumpy, dimply, orange-peel, cottage cheese-like skin generally around the thighs or rear end.

Even though nearly 9 out of 10 women have it – we still just hate it and spend millions of dollars per year trying to get rid of these pockets of fat pushed up against connective tissue under the skin.

(Women are more prone to cellulite than men because our skin tissue is thinner, making these nugdy, budgy fat cells more apparent on the skin’s surface.)

Cellulite can be caused by a plethora of things: lack of exercise, hormones, and even diet contribute to cellulite.

If a cure for cellulite were known… well… let’s just say that the brilliant man or woman to patent it would never have to work again.

But there are a few ways to reduce the *appearance* of cellulite.

5 Secret Ways To Fight Cellulite…

1.  Eat More Flaxseed…

Flaxseed has a positive influence on estrogen levels.

Plus, it boosts collagen growth in your body.

Collagen is what helps strengthen connective tissue, which reduces the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Sprinkle 2 Tbsp of flaxseed on salads, or blend into smoothies.

2.  Limit Your Salt & Sugar Intake…

Sugar gets stored in fat cells, causing them to expand.  

Salt causes you to retain water, which also causes cellulite to look more pronounced.

It’s wise to limit sugar consumption to no more than 6 teaspoons each day and avoid processed foods that contain too much sodium.

Restaurants are another source of mega food-oversalting – so if you’re eating a lot of restaurant food, even ‘healthy’ foods, you could be eating a ton more salt than you want to.

3.  Stay hydrated…

Water is critical to flushing toxins from your fat cells that cause cellulite to portude on your skin.

Stick to the 8X8 Rule: Drink 8 glasses with 8oz. of water every day.

Drinking water boosts metabolism, detoxifies your body, helps improve brain function, reduces headaches, and can even make cellulite less visible!

You should aim to drink 8-10 glasses every day.

***Because Slimming Tea is naturally low in caffeine and high in antioxidants, it’s a way to hydrate your body while also boosting your meatbolism!


4.  Get a Massage

Massaging devices have been hailed by some, and slammed by others.

But here’s why massaging your cellulite-ridden area may be beneficial to reducing cellulite in your body.

As you can see in the image above, cellulite develops when connective tissues between your skin and fat pull fat towards your skin’s surface.

When you massage your skin, you can soften these bands to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It’s not a permanent solution… but it may be beneficial to kick off your next day at the beach!

5.  Drink Slimming Tea

I love to drink Slimming Tea because it’s great for:

  • Productivity

  • Mood Enhancement

  • Antioxidants

  • Weight Loss

Slimming Tea burns about 2.5 TIMES as much fat as green tea.

It also boosts your body’s energy expenditure for a full 24 hours after you drink it!

But did you know that Slimming Tea Capsules burn more than 5 TIMES as much fat as green tea?!

If you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily, you can try massages, creams, and other temporary tricks.

But he BEST way to get rid of cellulite once and for all is to drink Slimming Tea.

It naturally detoxifies your body, which reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps boost your metabolism to KEEP the weight off!

Read more about how Slimming Tea can help you get rid of cellulite HERE.

If you want to permanently detoxify your body and oxidize fat, read about how Slimming Tea can help here.

One Weird Reason You Have Belly Fat…

One Weird Reason You Have Belly Fat…

I haven’t always been healthy and fit.

In fact, just a few years ago, my face was bloated, my belly was hanging over my jeans, my arms were flabby and my thighs looked like they were dimpled from decades of lethargy – although I would regularly run up to 7 miles at a stretch.

Why was I eating little but salads and running until I dropped only to feel – and look- so unhealthy?

One of the plagues during those years was stress.

I stressed about paying my mortgage.  I stressed about getting jobs, losing jobs, keeping the jobs I had. I stressed about family.  I stressed about my relationship. But most importantly- I stressed about every single calorie I consumed.

And all this time I was like a rat on a treadmill, never getting anywhere and completely miserable about my situation.

What Does Stress Do To Your Body?

The main reason my belly fat wouldn’t go away, no matter how many miles I ran, is because of a hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol spikes when you’re stressed, and it can cause you to retain belly fat.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol a hormone released by your adrenal glands to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolism, immune system, and inflammatory response.

Cortisol can be very positive – as it’s released to help us pull through stressful or painful situations.

But too much stress causes Cortisol levels to remain elevated.

This causes:

  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Bone Density and Muscle Tissue Erosion
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Increased Belly Fat

Why Does Stress Cause Belly Fat?

When you’re stressed, you don’t eat right.  You don’t sleep right.  You probably don’t give or receive Love right, either!

But in addition, stress causes fat to gather in your belly.

This may be because people eat more ‘bad’ foods when they’re stressed.

When your cortisol levels are high, your blood sugar becomes imbalanced.

You feel hungry, even when you are not.

Or else you eat without feeling satiated.

It’s very common for people to eat their stress away – and it’s one of the most common reasons people say they gain weight.

Moreover, if your blood sugar is out of whack, your body stores MORE fat than it needs because you go into a survival mode.

But it’s also because people don’t relax or come down from their stressful state.

Yoga, walking, playing with children or puppies, praying, journaling, and breathing exercises are all ways you can manage stress in your life.

Exercising your core is great for reducing belly fat, but Slimming Tea is the fastest way to trim belly fat.

Another Weird Reason People Gain Belly Fat…

The American Journal of Epidemiology has yet another fascinating opinion on why people gain belly fat.

Scientists analyzed over 3,000 people over 10 years.

Studies show that people with negative relationships were more likely to gain weight than people in positive relationships.

That’s because spending time with Negative Nancy’s causes you to eat more of the wrong foods, and exercise LESS.

Positive people help you make positive decisions!

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat…

You probably have heard that you can do all the crunches in the world, but it won’t get rid of belly fat.

That’s probably true.

But the most important thing you can do to get rid of belly fat is to boost your metabolism and curb your cravings for foods that are high in sugar or carbs.

Allow yourself to eat more satisfying fats and proteins.

And above all else, drink nature’s most potent Slimming Tea.

Slimming Tea is a high-altitude Oolong that has off-the-charts antioxidants.

What’s more, Slimming tea helps to reduce stress, which causes belly fat.

That’s because it helps you:

  1. Lower Blood Pressure
  2. Detoxify chemicals that slow down your body… and your metabolism!
  3. Boost energy levels and mood – making it easier to exercise!
  4. Calm your mood with L-Theanine
  5. Promote synaptic plasticity, memory, and cognitive function due to high flavonoids.

If you want to get rid of belly fat, drink Slimming Tea.

Just two cups a day of Slimming Tea has helped thousands of people lose weight, reduce stress, and feel happier!

Read here about more ways to cut your stress levels…



Slimming Tea helps burn up to 240 MORE calories every day, in just 2 cups!


1 Trick To Start The New Year Like A BOSS

dreamstime_s_34081720You are about to write a book.

You see, the next 365 days aren’t just a chapter of your life – they’re a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

So starting today – write the BEST opening chapter you can dream of.

For many of you that first chapter is embarking on a journey to lose weight and extend your life… not to mention happiness.

For others, it’s lowering cholesterol or regulating blood sugar because of insulin resistance, or even Type 2 Diabetes.

It is often said that “as goes January, so goes the rest of the year.”

So join me in kicking off the New Year on the right foot.

Could you benefit from clearer skin, stronger bones, healthier hair and teeth?

Wu-Long is truly one of the world’s VERY BEST Medicinal-Grade Premium Teas.

I’ve spent the past several months educating you about the benefits of nature’s perfect miracle tea – Wu-Long.

Order yours TODAY to start the New Year out right… and before we run out in the January rush!

Happy New Year!


12 Tips To Stay Trim Through The Holidays [without being a party pooper…]

Defocused abstract blue and yellow christmas background

If you aren’t the chef de cuisine at this year’s holiday gathering, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Fret not!

Here are 12 stellar tips to keep you on track with your weight loss goals, without being the party pooper!

1.  BYOF

Bring Your Own Food.  There are two benefits to contributing to the meal, whether it’s at your house or at the home of a loved one.

1.   Not showing up empty-handed is the generally the polite thing to do. 

Plus, if you’re a guest at somebody’s home, you can’t expect them to fuss with a 100-year-old family green bean casserole recipe on account of your not eating bacon… err… you get the point.

2.   Nobody is going to care about your weight loss goals like you do.  

Even if they say they do – it’s unreasonable to expect people to cook around your diet.

That’s why I recommend bringing a snack to share with everybody.

One of my favorite snacks to bring to the holidays is a seafood platter with shrimp, gluten-free low-sugar cocktail sauce, grilled calamari, and even some fish roe that I get for a reasonable price at a local Asian foods store.

If you’re attending the party of a more “beer-n-brats” type gathering, bring something low-key that people can still slather in their chemical-laden ranch dressing.

Veggie platters don’t have to be the overpriced grocery store version with fatty, sugary salad dressings in the middle.  Head to the local organics section for Belgium Endive, Snap Peas, Baby Zucchini, Asparagus in every color… and Radishes!

Next week Okuma is releasing our Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide – a cookbook and collection of stories that will help you keep Merry AND Trim throughout this holiday season.

I’ll provide you *better* dressings (fresh and in just 2 easy steps!), great snacks and desserts to share, and lots of incredible stories that will help you stay on track without being a party pooper – no matter how many holiday parties you attend!  Stay tuned!

2.  Juice Before Getting Loose…

My sister Val is notorious for stopping at the coffee shop for a hot tea with milk or a latte before holiday gatherings.

A professional dancer for many years, she was under intense pressure to keep her tummy taut throughout the season.

This has become one of my favorite tricks for holiday healthfulness!

I stop at the Whole Foods or local juice bar before attending a party to get a nice green juice.

I sip the juice before arriving so that I won’t be hungry during the snacking phase of a party.  I may nibble on some olives, veggies, or protein-packed mixed nuts, but it keeps me satisfied until the main meal is served.

When I’m really in a rush, I arrive at the party empty-handed, but request a cup of hot water for my Oolong tea with honey and sip that for an hour or so in order to pace myself for the long, food-filled parties my family throws.

3.  Beware of Portion Distortion

Nothing can keep me away from my Grandma’s Homemade Ravioli or my Mom’s Famous Breakfast Casserole (I included a gluten-free version in my cookbook), but instead of twelve raviolis, I fill my plate with salad and have one piece of each filling.  (One ricotta, one beef.  Mmmm…. ravioli.)

Instead of two slices of my dad’s to-die-for homemade bread, I eat the crusty end of the loaf – my favorite part, and a decidedly smaller piece than one from the massive gooey middle of the bread.

4.  Don’t Deny Yourself

Who am I to turn my nose at fine champagne or my Aunt Diana’s mouth-watering meatballs?

The key is portion control.  

I don’t go back to the crock pot with my toothpick four or five times for meatballs.

Instead I take one, try a reasonable bit – savor that bite and let my mouth and taste buds enjoy the fatty meat and fruity sugars – and share the rest with somebody who isn’t watching their diet.

I’ve never had a problem taking half-portions or small bites of anything.  In fact, you enjoy the food MORE when you savor each bite slowly than if you scarf down seventeen meatballs.

Instead of a glass of champagne every hour – I’ll have a half a glass with my desert. That way I’m enjoying 50 calories of a sugary drink instead of 700 calories of French Silk pie.

And frankly, I prefer to “drink my dessert” as it is!

5.  Choose Your Battles…

There are some foods that I absolutely won’t touch at parties.

It’s good to use a bit of discretion – or even to be resolute about certain foods. There’s something wickedly cool that happens in the brain when you make a choice.  When you willfully choose to do something – your brain is filled with chemicals that fill you with a sense of reward.

The more we practice the art of willfully choosing a course of action – or saying “no” to foods that nobody should ever eat – like Velveeta cheese dips – the easier it becomes to practice self-control on a regular basis.

If you have ever suffered from addiction, you know that until you cultivate these higher self-control processes, you feel like a an teenager on the school yard who falls into smoking or drinking habits – it’s harder to say no to things when you haven’t practiced.

Your brain – and your body – will become stronger with each good choice you make.

6. Choose Your Booze Wisely!

I love to enjoy a nice glass of wine many nights of the week.

I live in the city so it’s a great way to break from my beloved work here at Okuma and meet a friend out on one of our notoriously warm, dog-friendly Austin outdoor patios.

I find that most parties, weddings, and celebrations tend to provide an abundance of drinks with high-sugar, empty calories, and inevitable hangovers.

My trick is to show up with a nice bottle of wine (or two) – something that’s a treat even for me to drink.  Then I’ll set it on the counter and let it breathe for 30 minutes or so.

If you start the celebration off with a sugary drink such as a martini or champagne right away, this has a few really negative side effects.

Here are a few that are excerpts from our upcoming Holiday Recipe Book!

Bonus Tip:  3 Reasons NOT To Start The Party With Sugary Drinks

  1. Sugary drinks spike insulin levels.  When you have excess insulin levels in your blood – your brain signals your body to pick up fat cells from the bloodstream in order to store more energy.  That’s why sugar is your worst enemy for fat loss – an excess of sugar = excessive fat storage.
  1. Alcohol affects your judgment – if you drink on an empty stomach you’re more likely to drink more, and use less discretion with your food choices.
  1. Eating sugar doesn’t satisfy you – in fact when you eat an excess of sugar – your brain doesn’t pick up on the fact that you have enough energy in your body and are full.  Therefore, you overeat.

My tip is to sip a delicious wine and really focus on it’s flavors, aromas, and texture.  Wine has unbelievable health benefits, such as antioxidants and the resveratrol in wine is linked to a healthier heart.

Not a fan of wine?  There are a plethora of other low-sugar options that I share in our Holiday Recipe Book.

Best yet – almost every one of our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be prepared with Okuma’s Slimming Wu-Long Tea!

Tip #7.  Use Your Guests To Divert Your Attention From Food

My favorite way to divert my attention from food and booze at a party is to play with kids.

I have tons of cousins and it’s easy to spend hours running around, playing games, or throwing a ball with them.  In Chicago one of my favorite holiday pastimes is getting bundled up and creating a snowman with the kids.

It’s amusing for the guests – and it’s an incredible workout.

In Texas where I live now – it’s almost always perfect weather for a walk.

Make a game of it: take a group with you to have a holiday scavenger hunt or sing a carol to your favorite neighbor who lives a few blocks away.

Dig up your dad’s old Radio Flyer sled and trek to a hill near the house.

BONUS:  The parents will love you for minding the little ones for a bit while they relax and enjoy the holiday.

And the kids will think you’re the bee’s knees for years to come.

Tip #8.  Don’t Dip

It’s rare to find a dip that isn’t loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, and preservatives.

One way to stay on-track with your holiday is to avoid dips altogether. Ketchup, dressings, barbecue sauces, and cheese dips are the nastiest offenders.

Instead of dunking your veggies into a bath of chemicals, bring an organic hummus on-hand that will give you protein, vitamins, and is just as satisfying on your veggies.

Opt for mustard instead of ketchup on your grilled foods and if the menu calls for steak sauce or barbecue – find a special gluten-free one and offer it as a gift to the host or hostess.

One trick I use when going to a barbecue is to find a fancy, $8.00 bottle of sauce that is locally made, organic, and gluten-free.

Now you don’t look like you’re not gracious to your host – you’re presenting your healthier option as a gift to the party-thrower!

BETTER YET – make fresh, gluten-free homemade dips.

I’ll share tons from my new recipe book with you next week!

Tip #9.  Be Sweet… But Picky!

Loading up on turkey and salad is the easy part of a healthy holiday meal.

But what if you’re suddenly confronted with a room full of ice cream, pies, cakes, candies, and coffee drinks?

This is one of the easiest ways to take an otherwise healthy meal and blow it.

My trick has become a fun game for the whole family.

Everybody wants to try every treat – but it seems like each family brings enough dessert to feed the whole party!

That’s when we cut a couple slices of each desert and put them on plates with a few forks around each plate.

Now I’ll taste my Mom’s homemade pies while also getting a reasonable bite of my Uncle’s authentic cannoli too.

Or if there’s just one dessert you must have – cut yourself a mini-slice and slowly savor each bite.

You may find that the first bit is out of the world – and by the end you’ve spent so much time savoring and appreciating the dessert that you don’t need to finish it!

Tip #10.  Make Post-Holiday Plans…

My father loves to make post-holiday plans that keep him and my mom on track the day after a party – when most people want to sleep in and gorge themselves with fried eggs and toast in front of a football game.

My family, however, started a tradition of going on a hike the day after the holiday.

We all pile into cars and trek a few hours south of where they live to hike trails.

It gives us a reason to burn beaucoup calories – and spend quality time together as a family.

Nobody associates it with working out – everybody sees this as a cherished family adventure.

Plan an activity the day after your holiday that will inevitably get you back on track with your weight loss goals, and provide you with quality family time.

Tip #11.  RELAX A Little!

If you’re preoccupied with thoughts of calories and weight loss, your holiday will be anything BUT merry.

If you enter the holidays feeling confident about your workout routine, weight loss successes, and realistic about your goals; you will BE stronger.  At the bottom of every email I write is this quote:

“A Person Is Limited Only By The Thoughts That He Chooses”  ~James Allen

Go into your holiday season envisioning all the ways you will stay fit, and merry!

Visualize yourself using all these tricks to conquer the food frenzies.

Envision yourself going to bed at night after the holiday party and feeling fit, sober, and satisfied.

Know that you have already maintained your weight loss goals over the holiday season… you’re just waiting for the universe to catch up to what you’ve already accomplished.

REMEMBER:  If you believe it, you WILL achieve it!

Tip #12.  Curb Carb Cravings BEFORE You Indulge·

I ALWAYS keep Okuma’s remarkable Slimming Tea Capsules in my purse at ALL TIMES.

Taking one capsule 15 minutes before a meal CURBS carb cravings.

Wu-Long Slimming Tea capsules also rev up your metabolism for increased fat burning.

Our capsules are some of the BEST, 100% NATURAL ways to kill cravings and melt belly fat.

One Oolong Slimming Tea Capsule has nearly TEN TIMES the powerful fatburning polyphenols of green tea!

Busy days don’t always allow for a nice, relaxing cup of Oolong Tea. But there’s ALWAYS time to take advantage of our revolutionary tea capsules.

Get yours here today so that they arrive before the holiday parties begin!




Incredible Disease-Fighting Tea Tip [already in your kitchen]


Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea is the world’s number one fatburning diet tea.

It is the easiest, most convenient way to boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and shed fat faster.

Wu-long is 100% natural Oolong Tea; no fillers, no preservatives, and NO chemicals you can’t pronounce.

And did you know that there are hundreds of ways to make Wu-Long tea even MORE effective?

I’ve had DOZENS of raving Wu-Long tea fans ask me, “Stephanie, what can I ADD to Wu-Long to give it more flavor, and an even MORE healthful boost?

My #1 go-to add-on:  LEMON

Wu-Long With Lemon Improves Liver Function

The key function of your liver is to regulate chemical levels in the blood.

The liver excretes a product called bile.

Bile helps to breakdown fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption.

So add Lemon Juice to your Wu-Long tea to improve healthy liver function; lemon juice reinforces liver enzymes, normalizes levels of carbohydrates and increases the production of enzymes

Wu-Long is packed with antioxidants, and adding lemon juice will act as a liver detoxifier – revving up your fatburning potential.

Lemon Juice Enhances Urine production

Urinating is part of your body’s process to remove components cleaned by your kidneys and liver from your body.

Every year, people spend millions of dollars on natural diuretic products and teas.

But many of these products are filled with chemicals, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.

Lemon Juice, however, acts as a natural diuretic.

Add lemon juice to your Wu-Long tea to increase your rate of urination, and thereby cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.

But it won’t dehydrate you!

That’s because lemon juice rehydrates your body and replacing fluids in your lymph system.

This Acidic Treat Actually Alkalizes Your Body?

Studies about disease prevention continually talk about alkalizing the body; or fighting acidity.

Here’s something fascinating: lemon, notwithstanding it’s acidity, actually makes your body more ALKALINE.

When your body is overly acidic, its systems can be weakened.

Alkalizing the body can help you resist disease.

Moreover, studies show that Oolong Tea is loaded with properties that restore your body’s organs, while slimming your waistline.

Lemon Juice Boosts Your Body’s Immune System

Lemon juice is packed with Vitamin C.

But if you really want to unlock the vitamin and mineral content in Vitamin C – grab a microplane and shave the skin into your tea.

The lemon rind is packed with exponentially more Vitamin C than in the juice, and it has even more of the sweet, zesty flavor.

Moreover, Vitamin C deactivates free radicals in your body that induce aging and promote disease.

Got acne?

Vitamin C is also great for the skin and will help in blasting those blemishes.

You’re WORTH The Very Best…

Okuma Nutritionals is devoted to bringing to light all the ways Nature has provided us with the tools to live well, fight disease, and feel great.

If you haven’t tried Wu-Long Tea because you’re accustomed to teas with artificial flavors – that’s totally OK – you CAN add *natural* flavors to your tea to make it taste exactly how you want.

Flavors that don’t come from a science experiment!

Go ahead…

Add real, natural, disease-fighting ingredients to your Wu-Long tea so that it is packed with flavor AND alkalizing properties.

Don’t settle for grocery-store teas that contain suspicious ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals.

Drink Wu-Long, Okuma’s 100% Oolong slimming tea; grown high on the mountains of the Fujian Province in China – where it’s potency is measured by master tea growers.

Check out how you can qualify for a FREE box of tea with your order today…

[that’s a $47 discount!!!]

To Your Health & Vitality,



7 Fun Workouts (No Gym Required!)

7 Fun Workouts (No Gym Required)

7 Fun Workouts (No Gym Required)

Here are 7 great exercise ideas that take the “work” out of workouts!

1.  Run with your pet – or borrow somebody else’s!

Running and walking with man’s best friend usually incorporated sprints, balancing, and lots of squats!  (For pets, eye contact, and treats!)

My puppy Atlas and I love to run together.  He’s up to about 3 miles – but when we walk we can go for over an hour!

You’ll find that the health of the owner and the health of the pet often coincide.  What’s beautiful about dogs is that they force you to get consistent exercise every day… or else they’ll act out.

2.  Dance like nobody’s watching…

Put on music that makes you want to get your groove on and then look at yourself dance in the mirror.

This might seem silly at first – but you can get an incredible ab workout when you focus on moving your core.

Latino and Raggaeton are incredible for dancing – but I have friends who maintain killer abs with belly dancing, too.

3.  Do something that would make your mother blush…

I can’t believe how many friends have taken up poll dancing – even modest, otherwise shy women… and men!

Pole classes incorporate spins, climbs, and dance for an ‘interval’ type workout- which is widely acknowledged as one of the very best ways to burn fat!

Pole dancing combines two critical workouts that are incredibly difficult to combine; isotonic and isometric.

You get isotonic workouts because you contract muscles through controlled movement.  Lifting weights… doing pushups… or doing a pole spin?  Take your pick!

Isometric movements involve pushing your muscles against a solid object while remaining frozen in one position.

4.  Paintball?!

Yes, Paintball.  Many of my friends looking to get in shape have recently taken up paintball in order to get in shape.

It’s incredible how fat melts off your body when you’re running around dodging paint balls and chasing people.

You’ll find that paintball attracts people of all ages who want to run around, have fun, and get an amazing workout in the process.

Moreover, when stalking your target – you maintain a squat position that’s incredible to workout you core and thighs.

Plus – you can bring your whole family!

I’m signed up to join a big group next weekend.  Why don’t you join me and find a paintball field near you?  Let me know how you like it!

5.  Go explore…

If you want to incorporate exercise into your day in a really fun way, go explore something!

Maybe there’s an art museum two miles from your house.  Don’t cab it or drive – walk!

Or perhaps you can use an app to find restaurants that are one to two miles from your home that you’d like to try.

Find 3 or 4 things you’d like to do this week that are one or two miles from home and plan on walking there instead of driving.

5.  Create family time…

I can’t believe how kids play – it seems like they’ll never tire!

I recently went to a child’s birthday party at a children’s museum and I couldn’t believe how much I ran, jumped, and lifted thirty to forty pound munchkins.

7.  Breeze through errands…

When you find that your calendar doesn’t allow for much wiggle room – here’s a fun trick.

Go to a big shopping area where you can spend your lunch hour or some time after work speed-walking your errands.

Maybe your butcher is a ten minute walk from the electronics store and fifteen minutes from the pharmacy.

Write down all the ‘things’ you need to get done this week and then find a place where you can kick off your heels and put on some trainers and burn calories while you get it all done!


If you’re having a hard time getting on the treadmill (who doesn’t?), choose a few of these FUN ways to workout this week.

You can arrange your entire social calendar around dog walking, dancing, visiting families, and even taking a class.

Another habit you can commit to TODAY is drinking 2 cups of Okuma’s Wu-Long Slimming Tea every day.

This one little habit could make a huge difference in how you look… and feel!

If you’re really on the go, remember that our Wu-Long Slimming Capsules are a great little trick you can keep in your purse or briefcase – and each ONE is equivalent to 2 ½ cups of tea!

What’s more, Wu-Long Tea Capsules are easy, convenient, and portable. You can take them anytime, anywhere, so long as you’ve got some water with you.

Get yours here…


5 Ways to Lasso Motivation During a Plateau

5 Ways to Lasso Motivation During a Plateau

photo credit: Despotes

Plateaus happen to the best of us sometimes. However, knowing that they are completely natural does little to make them any less frustrating.

During a plateau, motivation to continue trying can be scarce to come by. Don’t let a momentary stumbling block become a permanent setback. Use these five tips to keep it going:

1.  Remind yourself of your goals.

If you’re in a weight loss plateau, then you have not yet reached your fitness goals. Revisit why you wanted to get fit in the first place. Was it so you’d have better health? Was it to look great in a bathing suit? Was it so you would have more stamina to do the things you love? Whatever your reasons were, use them as a source of inspiration to keep at it, even when progress seems to have come to a screeching halt.

2.  Reflect on how far you’ve come.

When nothing seems to be doing much for your body, stop and look back on the progress you’ve made so far. It’s easy to lose sight of progress already accomplished, especially when you see yourself every day. If you took pictures before you started, compare those to where you are today. Remind yourself that if you stop now, you risk undoing all that you’ve worked so hard for already.

3.  Educate yourself.

Plateaus occur when the body adapts to a routine. This one, tiny bit of knowledge can be so powerful. All you have to do to get over a plateau is to change up your routine. You may or may not need to increase the intensity level of your workouts, so it will take a little experimentation.

You should also take a look at your diet. No amount of exercise will give you the results you want if you’re still eating poorly. Look into “healthy” cookware brands, like Xtrema, that claim to cook healthier meals than typical cookware. Researching different workout routines and meal plans lets the promise of busting that plateau serve as its own motivation.

4.  Go for a walk.

From kindergarten teacher to corporate CEO, everyone needs an opportunity to get some fresh air. Going for a leisurely walk, without exercise in mind, can help you relax, focus and regroup.

During your walk, you can meditate on where you are in life, both physically and mentally. You can use this time to try our first two tips, or you can choose to make it a completely cleansing exercise by refusing to think about anything.

After your walk, you’ll feel physically refreshed and mentally rejuvenated. Chances are that you may even feel like getting in a killer workout. Remember, it’s always that first step in the right direction that is most difficult. You’ve already taken that one; now you just have to keep the momentum.

5.  Reach out for support.

Join a fitness or wellness community online and become an active member. It is so much easier to find motivation when you have others around to support you when things become difficult.

A bonus for this is that, in addition to words of encouragement, you’ll find out that thousands of people have experienced the same problem before. You’re likely to get tons of tips from those people about ways they overcame their plateaus, including workout hacks and nutrition advice.

While an online community is invaluable for motivation and support, don’t overlook the value of having a support system in the real world, too. A hug from a good friend or a “You’re doing great!” from a loved one can go far to help you reclaim your motivation.

Michelle is a blogger and freelancer. She’s written about almost every topic under the sun, and loves constantly learning about new subjects and industries while she’s writing. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

This past weekend I decided to stay in and have a movie night with a few friends.

Everyone brought some food along and we set everything out in front of us to enjoy.

Then, before I knew it, all of the treats had been wiped out and I was left feeling stuffed, but having no recollection of having eaten as much as I did.

This got me thinking about mindless eating and how easy it is to overeat when we are distracted.

From this little bit of inspiration, here are 5 tips to keep you from overeating…

1. Pay Attention

Distracted eating frequently results in overeating. This can be at work in front of the computer, or at home in front of the television. Either way, if you have food in front of you, chances are you are going to eat a lot more without realizing it. Your best bet to sit and enjoy each meal without distraction. If you must eat in front of the t.v., make sure to portion your food onto a plate or bowl beforehand and leave the rest in the kitchen.

2. Slow Down

Have you ever wolfed down a plate of food in no time at all and then felt uncomfortably full 15 or 20 minutes later? The fact is that it takes time for food satisfaction signals to reach your brain. Slowing down and savoring your food will mean that you enjoy it more and that you can stop before you overdo it.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals will make controlling your food intake extra difficult. If you wait too long to eat, your blood sugar will drop and this can make you feel tired and ravenous. This means that just saying no to the vending machine or that box of donuts in the break room may be nearly impossible. Your best bet to control overeating is to have regular meals and healthy snacks in between.

4. Eat Your Breakfast

Research has shown that those who eat a balanced breakfast in the morning consume less over the course of a day than those who don’t, and they tend to weigh less. I realize that time in the morning can be tight, but there are plenty of quick and healthy breakfasts that only take a couple of minutes to prepare (or be super smart and do it the night before).

5. Get Your ZZZ’s

Too little sleep can have a direct effect on food cravings (not to mention your stress level). Healthy adults should aim for between 7-9 hours of sleep each night on as consistent a schedule as possible. Insufficient sleep can lower leptin, which is the hormone that tells your body when you are full. And it raises your level of ghrelin, which is the hormone that triggers hunger.

And, don’t forget, another great way to curb cravings and keep yourself satisfied is by drinking 2 cups of Wu-Long Tea every day.

Just Do It: Finding Your Motivation

Tips For Finding Motivation

Do you ever have one of those days?

You know, when the alarm is an unwelcomed friend and the rest of the day just never quite settles into place?

On days like these exercise is often one of the first things that we may let go of.

Honestly, it can be very hard at the end of a busy day to find the motivation to get moving. Especially if you are already feeling worn out.

The thing is that exercise may be the most beneficial for you on those kinds of days. It can get you energized, melt away stress, and improve your mood.

Here are a few tips for finding motivation when you just aren’t feeling it…

Walk it off:

Are you just not feeling committed to putting in a long session at the gym? Well, don’t. Instead, find some time in your day to put on comfy shoes and take a 30-minute walk (or even longer if the mood strikes you). Whether you head to a park or just explore the neighborhood, a good walk will get your blood pumping and can also be great stress relief.

Find your bliss:

It is important (especially when your feeling unmotivated) to remember that exercise doesn’t have to be torture. If you dread doing it, then chances are you will eventually throw in the towel completely. So think outside of the box and find the things that will appeal to you the most. This can be yoga, Pilates, Zumba, bike riding, hiking, swimming, or any number of other activities. If you are doing something you really enjoy, it will feel less like chore, and you might even have some fun.

Take a lunch:

This one has really worked for me. I am not a morning person, and am often tired by the end of the day and not always willing to work out. So I started using my lunch breaks to get in some physical activity. Long walks, a trip to the rec center, or a neighborhood yoga class (and lots of places will give you one week for free!). This uses time that you already have set aside in the very best way, with the added bonus of giving you extra energy to get through the afternoon.

Give yourself a break:

Every now and then it’s perfectly okay to give yourself a day off (as long as it doesn’t become a habit). If you have a bad day, or your body needs a break, then take one. Just don’t beat yourself up about it, and resolve to get back on track as soon as you are feeling better.

And, of course, drinking Wu-Long Tea every day will give you a natural edge and keep your metabolism boosted, even on one of those days.

Are Eating Habits Contagious?

Are Eating Habits Contagious

Could it be that one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is actually the people around you?

It isn’t a factor we talk about a whole lot, but it just may have more impact on your waistline than you think.

As a matter of fact, research shows that those around us can significantly influence our health behaviors and the way that we eat.

Here is a little more info to get you thinking, and some tips about what you can do to stay on track despite the influence of others…


Our social group may have the biggest influence of all over what we eat. One study found that people are actually 57% more likely to be obese if their friends are obese. If you think about this, it makes a lot of sense. We tend to surround ourselves with those that are similar to us, and we also tend to behave similarly to them in social settings.

What you can do: If you want to get healthy and feel like your friends are not on the same path, try to see if you can bring them along with you. Suggest healthy restaurants or potluck get-togethers, become fitness buddies, and plan activities together than aren’t food-centric. Also, be sure to let them in on your specific goals. It will be easier for them to support you, and they just might get inspired as well.


The same study cited above found that those who have an overweight spouse are 37% more likely to be obese if their spouse is obese. This can be a tricky situation. I know that when I was at my heaviest, it had a lot to do with being in a relationship in which I essentially took on the same eating habits as my partner (lots of pasta and pancakes, very few fruits and vegetables). Understandably, when you live with someone it is a lot more difficult to avoid junk food if that is what they enjoy.

What you can do: The best thing you can do is to talk about it. See if you can become a team and try to incorporate healthy changes together. Try taking some of you’re favorite recipes and giving them a healthy makeover, and agree to keep temptation out of your cupboards. If your partner isn’t on board, don’t criticize, just stick to your game plan and let it be. Who knows, maybe your success and enthusiasm will win them over.


We all try to practice what we preach and stay pretty healthy in this office, with one little exception…cookies. There is a restaurant very nearby that makes spectacular oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. These things are magical and usually arrive still warm from the oven. If someone goes anywhere near the restaurant, chances are that a cookie or two (or three) will come back with them. Many an afternoon have I thought I should say “no,” but ended up indulging instead.

What you can do: Whether it is bagels, doughnuts, lunch meetings, or cookies, just be aware that these over eating temptations come up often in the workplace, and do your best to prepare. Eat breakfast before you go to work, pack your own lunch, and be sure to have healthy snacks on hand so that it is easier to avoid these diet pitfalls. Also, never be afraid to politely decline, it may be difficult sometimes, but you will always feel better for it later.

Oh, and of course you can drink your Wu-Long Tea to help fight off cravings.

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