Incredible Disease-Fighting Tea Tip [already in your kitchen]


Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea is the world’s number one fatburning diet tea.

It is the easiest, most convenient way to boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and shed fat faster.

Wu-long is 100% natural Oolong Tea; no fillers, no preservatives, and NO chemicals you can’t pronounce.

And did you know that there are hundreds of ways to make Wu-Long tea even MORE effective?

I’ve had DOZENS of raving Wu-Long tea fans ask me, “Stephanie, what can I ADD to Wu-Long to give it more flavor, and an even MORE healthful boost?

My #1 go-to add-on:  LEMON

Wu-Long With Lemon Improves Liver Function

The key function of your liver is to regulate chemical levels in the blood.

The liver excretes a product called bile.

Bile helps to breakdown fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption.

So add Lemon Juice to your Wu-Long tea to improve healthy liver function; lemon juice reinforces liver enzymes, normalizes levels of carbohydrates and increases the production of enzymes

Wu-Long is packed with antioxidants, and adding lemon juice will act as a liver detoxifier – revving up your fatburning potential.

Lemon Juice Enhances Urine production

Urinating is part of your body’s process to remove components cleaned by your kidneys and liver from your body.

Every year, people spend millions of dollars on natural diuretic products and teas.

But many of these products are filled with chemicals, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.

Lemon Juice, however, acts as a natural diuretic.

Add lemon juice to your Wu-Long tea to increase your rate of urination, and thereby cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.

But it won’t dehydrate you!

That’s because lemon juice rehydrates your body and replacing fluids in your lymph system.

This Acidic Treat Actually Alkalizes Your Body?

Studies about disease prevention continually talk about alkalizing the body; or fighting acidity.

Here’s something fascinating: lemon, notwithstanding it’s acidity, actually makes your body more ALKALINE.

When your body is overly acidic, its systems can be weakened.

Alkalizing the body can help you resist disease.

Moreover, studies show that Oolong Tea is loaded with properties that restore your body’s organs, while slimming your waistline.

Lemon Juice Boosts Your Body’s Immune System

Lemon juice is packed with Vitamin C.

But if you really want to unlock the vitamin and mineral content in Vitamin C – grab a microplane and shave the skin into your tea.

The lemon rind is packed with exponentially more Vitamin C than in the juice, and it has even more of the sweet, zesty flavor.

Moreover, Vitamin C deactivates free radicals in your body that induce aging and promote disease.

Got acne?

Vitamin C is also great for the skin and will help in blasting those blemishes.

You’re WORTH The Very Best…

Okuma Nutritionals is devoted to bringing to light all the ways Nature has provided us with the tools to live well, fight disease, and feel great.

If you haven’t tried Wu-Long Tea because you’re accustomed to teas with artificial flavors – that’s totally OK – you CAN add *natural* flavors to your tea to make it taste exactly how you want.

Flavors that don’t come from a science experiment!

Go ahead…

Add real, natural, disease-fighting ingredients to your Wu-Long tea so that it is packed with flavor AND alkalizing properties.

Don’t settle for grocery-store teas that contain suspicious ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals.

Drink Wu-Long, Okuma’s 100% Oolong slimming tea; grown high on the mountains of the Fujian Province in China – where it’s potency is measured by master tea growers.

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