What Am I Forgetting?

tips for planning

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I haven’t planned this well at all.

I was hoping I could offer up some information about maybe weight loss, or healthy eating, or exercise, or getting motivated… but I just can think of anything new. I think I might have reached the bottom of my bag of tricks for you.

I’m so sorry. It’s really embarrassing for me.

But I have to give you something, right? I have to come up with something to say. The show must go on!

I think the answer to my problem lies in the problem itself. If I had thought this out a little better, I would be well on my way to something well written.

So let’s talk about planning, because obviously it’s an issue.


So, I needed an idea today. I have ideas all the time. The trick is remembering them.

When I’m on my game, I carry a pen. I try to always carry a pen, because who knows when you’ll need one.

A pen is good for impressing people. “Oh, look at how reliable he is!” they say, as I retrieve my Precise V5 extra fine black ball point. It’s also good for writing things down, like lists.

I also like to carry a notebook, and I mean the paper kind, not the kind with a screen and a warranty. You may think I’m old fashioned. Yeah, everything is digital these days. I could type whatever I want into my phone.

But I honestly believe the act of writing is more impactful to memory than the act of typing. I feel making the letters helps the words stick in my head. That might be because I am old fashioned. But usually it works for me. And who knows? It might work better for you.

Try carrying around a pen and notebook. In a pinch, you could write stuff on the back of your hand. And, yes, yes, yes, you can just type it into your phone. Whatever it takes to keep an idea from slipping away, because no matter how good you think you are at remembering, the written word has you beat.


Let’s say you have a bunch of ideas in your new handy dandy notebook. What do you do first?

You have a couple options here. I take what I call “the S.A.T. approach.”

When you’re prepping for that famous standardized test, the advice they give you is to go through and finish the easy ones first. That way, you get more answers done and out of the way, and you can go back for the harder ones.

Finish the easier stuff on your list. If you have to do research or get supplies or test something in a lab, save it for later. But if you can git ‘er done right here, right now, then have at it already.


What do you do when you can’t finish your list? Move them onto tomorrow’s list.

Hopefully, you’ll be thinking up new thoughts all the time (because that’s really a good habit to get into). And as you complete one and bring it out of the realm of possibility into the land of definitely, you’ll still have leftovers that shouldn’t be looked over. They will need tending to at some point.

Maybe they won’t get used the next day, or the next week, or ever. But they will be there, ready, willing, and able to help you get what you need to get done…

…like I did, just now.


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