3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Health

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It’s 2013.

And the truth is that we are living in the future. Even if we still have rolling cars rather than the flying ones I wished for when I was a kid (thanks to the Jetsons).

Technology is everywhere, and ideas that were unheard of even 20 years ago are commonplace.

Flat screen televisions, computers, and smart phones are all around us and exist in a growing number of households in a way that seems no more unusual than blenders or vacuums. (Can you imagine having seen a vacuum for the first time?)

While I think it is important not to let this technology take over too much, there are surprising ways that it can enhance your life and your health.

Here are a few ways to use technology to be fitter, healthier, and maybe even happier…

Get Your Game On:

Now, I am not talking about those multi-player video games that can get you stuck playing for hours in your living room while you ignore the outside world. I am talking about the interactive game systems like Nintendo Wii or the Xbox Kinect that are offering up ways to be active and play at the same time.

From boxing to dancing to more hardcore workouts, there are a huge variety of game options to choose from. Look for ones that engage your whole body and get you to break a sweat. Now, while these aren’t a substitute for regular exercise, they are a lot of fun and certainly better for you (and your kids) than sitting around watching TV.

Get Your App On:

Smart phones are pretty dang smart, and you might as well take full advantage if you have one. I was personally surprised at the amount of health/fitness related apps that are available (and many of them free).

There are calorie trackers, food journals, workout routines, virtual coaches, and even apps that use GPS to track your jogging or walking routes. The variety will amaze you and there really is something for everyone.

Get Your Video On:

A simple visit to Youtube will offer you a huge range of completely free workout videos. These cover pretty much every different kind of exercise you can imagine and are great because you can search for something that specifically suits your age and fitness level.

Another way to take advantage of free workouts is in the On Demand, FitTV, or other free exercise related stations through your cable or satellite network provider. With everything from yoga to cardio, this is a great way to try new things in the comfort of your own living room.

Are there any ways that technology has helped you to get fit or lose weight? I would love to know…



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