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11 Amazing Benefits of Sun Exposure…

Happy in the grass

Find out why the sun and Slimming Tea create a perfect “Happiness Cocktail!”


Today I feel like celebrating!

After what seems like interminably cloudy, windy days; we’re finally having a good dose of sun!

One of my employees spent the afternoon in the park yesterday in Denver – another went to a street fair in Chicago – and I ran outside with my puppies in Texas.  We were all in such great moods!

Did you know that Western culture even has traditions of sunlight therapy that date back to the ancient Greeks?  They called it Heliosis.

So if you’re going to brave going outside without sunscreen this year (which blocks the Vitamin D absorption in your body), here are 10 reasons you’re going to feel better for it!

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10 Amazing Benefits of Sun Exposure

1. Sun May Reverse Certain Cancers…

Some medical experts have used a whole-foods based diet with sunlight to reverse metabolized breast cancer.  Dr. Zane Kime popularized the theory with the book “Sunlight”, in which he proposes that sunlight lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and pressure on blood sugar.  He also discusses how sun combined with a whole foods diet can help you resist infection.

2.  Sun Makes You Sexy…

Dr. Kime also proposes that Sunlight increases endurance, and even sex hormones.  Maybe sun, and not ‘bathing suits’, is the reason so many teenagers flock to the beach for days on end?

3. Sun Fights Bacteria…

14 million people visit the hospital every year from skin and soft tissue infections.  However, the antibiotics normally used to treat bacteria are becoming less effective in a society that has become increasingly resistant to antiobiotics.  According to the AAC (Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy) Report from December 20121, sunlight may reverse skin infections or bacteria contracted through surgeries, under-chlorinated pools, even dirty contact lenses2.

4. Sun Fights Acne…

I’ll never forget watching my father sunbathe for hours when I was a kid.  A lifetime acne sufferer – he claimed that the sun helped ‘dry up’ acne.  Hmm… was he crazy?  Not necessarily!  Well think about it; sun is known to fight bacteria.  And not to mention Vitamin D is the best way for our bodies to fight acne!  Now imagine what moderate sun exposure and acne-fighting Slimming Tea can do for your skin!

 5. Sunlight Lowers Cholesterol…

The sun may convert high cholesterol in the body into steroid and sex hormones4.  However in a lack of sunlight, your cholesterol levels may become to high!  It’s important to talk to your doctor about how much cholesterol is too high or too low.  Yes – cholesterol CAN be too low.  Did you know that if your cholesterol levels are too low… you won’t be able to absorb the sun’s amazing benefits?  Healthy exposure to sun promotes sufficient levels of Vitamin D, but in order to for your body to synthesize Vitamin D, you also need healthy levels of cholesterol.5

 6.  Sunlight Increases Testosterone

Vitamin D is a “steroid” hormone that is critical in developing healthy sperm cells.  Moreover, Vitamin D. actually helps boost libido by increasing testosterone.  Austrian researchers found that overweight men who were given Vitamin D. supplements over one year had a significant increase in testosterone6.

7. Sunlight Lowers Blood Pressure…

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology proposes that just 30 minutes of sun per day is linked to lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and therefore reducing your risk of a heart attack.7

8. Sun Boosts Metabolism…

Sunlight delivers oxygen to the blood – kind of like a workout!  In fact, moderate sunlight also stresses the body similar to they way resistance training would; thereby increasing metabolism8.

9.  Sunlight Is Good For Kids…

It isn’t all about getting away from the glowing box in the living room.  (Which is increasingly becoming more of a glowing ‘tablet’.)  Sunlight in small children may actually effect how tall the child becomes!  Studies promote pregnant women provide moderate sun exposure to promote strong bones in their babies9.  Another concern for women who’ve had ceasarians is that these babies are often found to be Vitamin D deficient10!  All the more reason to go play outside, little ones!

 10.  Sunlight Makes You Happy…

A lot of people complain about being sad during the winter – which is referred to as “Seasonal Affective Disorder” – or SAD.  There’s some truth to this!  In fact, one study found that sunlight increases serotonin, one of our brain’s ‘happiness chemicals’11.  Did you know that Slimming Tea also increases serotonin and dopamine production in our brains, making us feel happier when we drink it?  Read more about Slimming Tea here.

 11.  Sunlight Helps You Sleep Better…

When your eyes are exposed to the sun, your brain produces melatonin; a hormone that helps you sleep. When you’re exposed to the sun in the daytime, your brain produces natural melatonin at night – which helps you get a good night’s sleep12.

Now go enjoy a cup of Slimming Tea and some of those beautiful sunny rays!

Both the sun AND Slimming Tea have effects on your brain that increase ‘happiness chemicals’, dopamine and seratonin.

Go here to get the ingredients for your “Happiness Cocktail” today!




Do You Have "Human Barbie" Syndrome?

Yesterday I was bombarded with questions about what I think about the “Human Barbie”, a woman named Valeria Lukyanova who has pulled, pressed, cut, and reshaped her body to look like… well… a Human Barbie.

While Lukyanova states, “Look, to me the Barbie Doll looks perfect; it was created as a human idol…’, others think she looks like an alien.

You see – the whole Valeria Lukyanova thing ignited both a visceral reaction in me as well as one of respect.

On one hand – it’s toxic to think that there’s only one truly perfect human appearance.

On the other hand, I believe in freedom; even if that freedom makes you look like an alien.

Is there a part of me that wants to scream if I one more store full of ‘skinny jeans’ and ‘bodycon’ dresses?

Well, frankly yes.  I am 5’1″; I’m curvy; I’m muscular; and I’ll never really look just right in either of these hot clothing trends.

I tried to do the “Barbie” thing for years and it left me just, plain miserable.

What Is Human Barbie Syndrome?

Every year thousands of people die due to eating disorders.

But the truth is, many others live with eating disorders; they’re just dying inside.

You don’t have to be an anorexic or bulimic.  You may be dying inside because you can never relax around food.

Or maybe you constantly have an image of what you ‘should’ look like… and no matter how healthy you are, you can’t stay happy in your own skin.

We’re all inundated with Photoshopped magazine covers daily.  So how do we find a measure of beauty that satisfies us?

I’m 5’1″; I’ll never look like a Barbie.  Or even a Disney Princess.  I’m just me.

But for years I had Human Barbie Syndrome.  (I don’t know if it’s a real term so I hope I’m not stepping on any toes, here.)

I spent time thinking about nothing but my thighs.  Or how tiny my tummy looked.  Or how much I could make my cheekbones protrude.

Human Barbie Syndrome is trying to measure yourself up to a standard of perfection that isn’t natural- or even possible; and making yourself miserable when you don’t reach that standard.

How Human Barbie Syndrome Destroys Lives…

Let me tell you: my Human Barbie Syndrome was miserable.

I’d snap at cashiers, waiters, my family, my professors, my friends…

Looking back at pictures – I see a stunning, stunning young woman.

But I had Human Barbie Syndrome.

I constantly compared myself to models.  Or my thinner friends.  Or friends who were the same size as me but wore it better.

I didn’t want to leave the house and I didn’t want to stay at home near a refrigerator either.

Food fears imprisoned me.

And worse yet, I burned more bridges because of my social anxiety and appearance woes than I could ever hope to rebuild.

How To Heal From Human Barbie Syndrome

If I just ended this blog post with telling you to “focus on the good things”, it would sound completely prosaic, even trite.

This is how I snap myself OUT of Human Barbie Syndrome and into self-appreciation.

1.  Distract Yourself…

Mark Twain said that “comparison is the death of joy”; but nonetheless we constantly compare ourselves to others even though it makes us miserable… and it does nothing to change our appearance, or our hearts!  (If nothing else – it makes you look ugly!)

Focus on what IS beautiful about you.  Your nose isn’t flawed – it’s got personality.  YOUR personality.  Your rear end isn’t fat.  It’s voluptuous.

Maybe it’s your silky hair. Your cellulite-free thighs.  Your endurance.  Your complexion.

When I meet a tall, skinny, waif-like woman I don’t feel envy.

I tell myself that I’m grateful I am not too tall because that comes with it’s own slew of problems that I don’t need.  Like towering over average-sized men I’ve dated.  Or finding long pants.

Start to measure your self-appreciation not in dress sizes, but in overall health.

2. Bring Balance To Your Brain…

When in a group listening to people praise the ‘skinny’ girls, or when spending time with men who have skewed views of what women “should” look like, I immediately shut the door to my mind and heart.

For every Barbie Doll who walks past my gawking male friends – I balance that with a compliment to myself.

“Stephanie, you’re smart.  Perhaps even smarter than her!”

“Stephanie, you’re a rockin’ wife.  Your husband must love that you chill with his guy friends effortlessly.”

Get into the practice of changing every negative thought that could enter your head with a dose of self-love.

Now instead of comparisons, you’re flooding your mind with self-love.

3.  Pay It Forward…

Give others what you most desire yourself.

If you want your personality, your smile, or your work ethic validated, seek to appreciate another.

What goes around does come around – and your attitude of appreciation will only make you shine brighter as a person.

And that’s beautiful!

4.  Keep Happiness In Your Pocket…

One of the best ways to feel overcome Barbie Syndrome is to take your focus away of an ideal person or body and focus on your OWN body in a positive way.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is to have a go-to happiness trigger with you at all times.

L-Theanine and Caffeine in Slimming Tea actually stimulate the production of alpha brain waves.

That’s not a normal caffeine high like you’d get from energy drinks.

Rather, it’s a rush of dopamine and serotonin; neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for making you feel good.

Psychology Today even calls them your “happiness chemicals”.

Do your brain, and your body a favor by keep Slimming Tea with you anywhere you go.

That way, if you feel the blues or the Barbie Syndrome coming on, you can fill your heart with something that increases your personal health, and happiness!




4 Ways Your Toothpaste May Be Toxic…

Little boy brushing teeth. Personal hygiene.

I kinda bought into the anti-fluoride thing a few years ago when some of my “health-conscious” friends convinced me that it was basically poisonous.

But like many healthy habits… I didn’t have time to dig into this one; so I took it at face value.

…Until now.

I remember my childhood dentist sticking that horrific gooey sour-grape-flavored mold over my teeth as a kid and how I hated the “Fluoride Treatment”.

I dreaded it!

Intuition, perhaps?  Or just a normal childhood fear of the dentist?

Upon looking further into the Fluoride fiasco; what I’ve learned has really horrified me.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is the 13th most common element in the earth’s crust.

But the fluoride that’s infused into drinking water all over the world is the kind that’s synthesized in a lab.  Strike One.

Remember:  Nature has given us plenty of incredible, edible gifts that don’t need to be synthesized in a lab – such as pure, powerful Wu-Long Tea.

Simply put, if you have to conduct a series of science experiments to make something edible or potable… it’s probably NOT the best thing for your body – or your brain!

Some fluoride found in water or tea is naturally-occurring calcium fluoride.

Calcium fluoride is safe in small doses.

Sodium fluoride, however, is a synthetic fluoride that seeps into our water through aluminum mining and fertilizer production.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), deems sodium fluoride a serious threat to human health.

And a researcher from the University of Derby states, “Although fluoride is considered an essential micro-nutrient for human health … excess fluoride in the diet can have detrimental effects… Dental fluorosis, the mottling of tooth enamel, and skeletal fluorosis, pain and damage to bones and joints through calcification, can occur.”

Here are 4 ways Fluoride may be sneaking into your life; and then action steps I’ve provided to help you quickly and easily eradicate this synthetic toxin from your and your family’s lives.

1.  Fluoride Damages Organs, Tissues, and Teeth…

According to the Department of Environmental, long-term exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride is known to be toxic to human beings.

It can cause extensive damage to organs and tissues inside the human body.

In fact, a study published in the journal Food Research International holds that millions of people are at risk tooth decay, bone loss, and other diseases due to fluoride.

The most obvious sign of excessive fluoride in somebody’s diet is the decaying of their teeth, known as dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is basically the erosion of tooth enamel.

According to FAN, it has increased 400% in the past 60 years.

And the CDC considers approximately 41% of the US population victim to fluorosis.

While cosmetic surgery may be used to ‘cover up’ the erosion of tooth enamel; it’s expensive…

… And you may not know you are suffering from fluorosis until you’ve suffered considerable damage to your teeth!

Dental Fluorisis

Chart Courtesy of FluorideAlert.Org

2.  Fluoride Wreaks Havoc on Hormones…

Scientists also conducted a study to measure the impact that fluoride has on male reproduction.

When rats were used to test this theory; the rodents even showed signs of physical abnormalities.

One such case study claims that abnormalities are mainly due to “disturbance of spermatogenesis and germ cell loss in addition to oxidative stress. “

In 2006, the National Research Council stated that fluoride disrupts normal endocrine function.

Your endocrine system is the system your body uses to secrete hormones into your body.

Among other things, your endocrine system is responsible for:

  • Adrenal glands; which release the hormone cortisol into your body
  • Hypothalamus: which tells the pituitary gland to release hormones
  • Ovaries
  • Pituitary gland: the “master gland” which influences, among other glands, your thyroid
  • Testes
  • Thyroid: which controls metabolism

I don’t know about you, but with the prevalence of miscarriages, low-testosterone, erectile dysfunction, ovarian cancer… and a plethora of other diseases that are already plaguing human reproductive health; I’m not taking any chances! 

3.  Fluoride May Kill Brain Activity…

Fluoride is well-known to cause neurotoxicity in adults.

Studies in rodents have also linked it to memory and learning problems.

The Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with China Medical University revealed 27 case studies that studied the impact on children who consume fluoride on a regular basis.

All but one of the studies concluded that fluoride has an obvious impact on cognitive development in children and causes an “IQ deficit”.

Other studies have found that kids who live in highly-fluoridated areas are much more likely to have lower IQ scores than kids who live in lower fluoridated areas.


Did you know that Japanese Researchers concluded recently that

Wu-Long actually restores organ health?  Read more here…


4.  Fluoride is Linked To Tumors…

Studies by the National Toxicology Program, which is part of the National Institute of Environmental Health sciences, conclude that fluoridated water may lead to osteosarcomas – or bone tumors.

These studies weren’t over a lifetime or even decades.

Rather, the tumors occurred in rodents after a mere two years of exposure to fluoride in water.

Another case study revealed that males show higher susceptibility to bone tumors caused by fluoride.

Fashion style photo of an attractive young couple

How Can You Avoid Fluoride?

Fluoride is found in store-bought drinks and juices, red and white wine, toothpaste, tap water, your shower…

It’s no light task to take fluoride out of your life.

Here are a few tricks I’ve used to help me eradicate fluoride from my own life.

  • Change Your Toothpaste

Try using non-fluoride toothpaste.

You can find them on Amazon or at your local conscious, organic dentist’s office.

My personal favorite is “Oxyfresh”, but at the office I have PerioBrite and Tom’s.

This is one of the EASIEST things you can do to avoid consuming fluoride.

  • Don’t Buy Store-Bought Drinks 

Store-bought juices, bottled water, and ‘prepackaged drinks’ are not usually made with filtered non-fluoridated water.

This is a huge life-change so you may need to start really small.

Step one for me was kicking a soda-pop addiction I acquired from after college.

Then removing store-bought bottled waters and flavored beverages became the objective.

Now I don’t care how green it is: I avoid ALL drinks in bottles at ALL costs.

  • Filter Your Tap Water

It seems ironic when my friends ask me if my tap water is “safe to drink”.

I don’t care what country I’m in; I always avoid tap water and prefer to travel with my own filtering water bottle.

My favorite water filters all come from Berkey, but there are a ton of other .

I have the small ones for travel; the huge one for my kitchen, and a convenient coffee pot sized one for the office 😉

At home I use filtered water for my coffee, tea, soda water that I make at home, drinking water, and even to brush my teeth!


Dr. Laura Chan Tea Quote

  • AVOID Grocery-Store Teas

Did you know that I also avoid store-bought TEAS?!

That’s right.  Many cheap, grocery-store teas have toxic levels of fluoride.

In fact… grocery-store teas often have fluoride levels that EXCEED the already-high government standards for fluoride!

That’s why if you drink tea, you should ALWAYS BUY THE PUREST, most healthful tea.

Wu-Long is some of the world’s purest tea with ZERO added flavors, colors, contaminants, or chemicals.

Here’s a crazy fact:

Dr. Laura Chan from the University of Derby found that in 38 grocery-store teas; fluoride levels averaged 6mg/l.

Those are generally accepted UNSAFE levels.

In fact, just ONE store-bought tea bag used in her study

Get yours here today.

Research I Conducted…




75 Trillion Reasons To Do THIS…

photo (16)

Here’s a bit of a riddle for you:

What’s something that you don’t realize is a big deal until… well… you do?

For me it’s easy to pinpoint: DIGESTION

As a child I was plagued with food allergies and as an adult have come to grips with the fact that my body doesn’t process eggs (my favorite food), gluten, soy, nor dairy (did I mention I also love cheese?!)

Plus, I have leaky gut syndrome.


This has caused me to suffer with some pretty debilitating digestive problems.

…So much so that my husband and I laugh about a time on my honeymoon when I ate an entire cup of prunes because every meal, every day was filled with foods that I don’t digest.

The prunes didn’t even work.  I was NOT laughing.

Recently I ran across this awesome testimonial about how our Wu-Long tea really works to help digestion from one of our customers who’s only been using Wu-Long for only 90 days!

Spencer says:

“I have been LOVING this Wu-Long tea. 

My digestive system has been very touch-and-go

but this tea has made it work sooo much better! 

Much Thanks, 


That’s great!  But you may be asking: why is digestion such a big ‘stinkin’ deal?

And furthermore: exactly HOW does “Slimming Wu-Long Tea” work for digestion?

Allow me to explain…

Why Digestion Is Important…

Helping your body with digestion is no small feat on the part of Wu-Long.

Your digestive system provides nutrients to 75 TRILLION cells that live in your body.

But slow digestion causes disease, nutrient deficiency, and even serious disease.

Why is digestion and detoxification such a big deal?

Well, first of all, your body runs slowly when you’re not ‘regular’.

Also, the digestive system breaks down your food into itty bitty particles so that the bloodstream can use them.

When you aren’t digesting your food properly, you may feel nauseous or sick.

Plus, poor digestion can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the incubation of viruses, and worse… even leading to death.

In short, it is critical that you have “regularity” to keep your entire body healthy, and happy.

Wu-Long is a very rare, very special form of ‘high mountain’ grown Oolong tea that only comes from one very specific place in the Wuyi Chinese mountains.

It is considered a medicinal grade tea by the Chinese and is commonly drunk during meal times in Chinese households.

Wu-Long is packed with powerful antioxidants and free of ANY traceable pesticides or toxins; these are two of the many reasons it’s great to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Here are 4 reasons Wu-Long helped Spencer… and will help YOU with Digestion.

1.  Wu-Long is Very Alkalizing to Help Digestion…

Wu-long is very alkalizing.

You’ve probably heard this word used in ‘alkaline’ diets or ‘alkalizing foods’.

What alkalizing foods and drinks do is to help limit the amount of acid in your body.

In an ironic twist – some things that add ‘acidity’ to foods; lemons and vinegar, for instance; are actually very alkalizing to your body!

In my own husband’s cancer treatment; we drank entire lemons every single morning in our juices – including the nutrient-packed yellow zest!

Alkalizing foods are known to help fight cancer, which feed of acid in the body.

Wu-Long helps alkalize your digestive tract as well as help with acid reflux and ulcers.


Here’s a hilarious quote by James Altucher from one of my favorite books in the world: Choose Yourself.

James QUote

2.  Wu-Long Will Raise Your Metabolism to Aid Digestion

Most Wu-Long Tea Drinkers know that Wu-Long helps you lose weight fast.

That’s because Wu-Long raises your metabolism, which helps you burn more fat throughout the day.

For digestion, a raised metabolism helps your body break down food more quickly.

This helps you lose weight… and it also breaks down fat.

Wu-Long is great for detoxification because it clears bad bacteria out of your digestive system.


Try Wu-Long TODAY.  Click here for free domestic shipping.


3.  Wu-Long Is A Relief For Upset Stomachs…

I recently coordinated, MC’d, and hosted an enormous party with important people and friends from all over the country.

An hour before the party was supposed to start, it felt like Nancy Kerrigan was doing triple axles in my esophagus and Tonya Harding was beating my stomach with a wrench.

I was nervous.

I obtained some hot water and quickly made a cup of Wu-Long.

Ahh… I FELT much better!

Why does Wu-Long soothe the stomach so well?

Well, Wu-long is a very smooth, almost creamy-tasting tea.

It isn’t bitter and it has both mild flavor and aroma.

Black and green teas can be much more harsh.

Wu-Long not only calms you down, but settles your stomach.

It’s even used to settle your stomach if you’ve had a meal rich in fatty or greasy foods.

4.  Wu-Long Helps You Poop…

 We know that Wu-Long helps you cleanse toxins and impurities from your system…

But did you know that Wu-Long also helps you literally ‘flush’ things from your body?

Drink Wu-Long first thing when you wake up to kick-start your digestive system

And drink it hot to get the most digestive benefits Wu-Long has to offer.

Grab your Wu-Long here today so that your digestive ‘issues’ will be a thing from a distant past.



Try Wu-Long TODAY.  Click here for free domestic shipping.







The Trick To STOP Having Fat Days

Fat man

Few things can make your day stink worse than these 4 evil words:

“I feel fat today.”

You know those days; when no matter how loosely you wear your tie – you keep feeling like you have a double chin…

..Or when you put on your pants or nylons… and feel like a stuffed sausage.

It’ s not just a miserable feeling, but it’s also a dangerous one.

Before I took control of my own body – I remember waking up and just wishing I could swap my body with another woman’s.  Maybe somebody tall, long-legged, skinny, and with a super-fast metabolism!

Feeling “Fat” is a very dangerous thought.

Here’s how to nip it in the bud once and for all…

How To Overcome “Fat Days”

There are few things that can cause you to skip workouts, eat bad foods, and even swap your Oolong Tea for nasty sodas more than “fat days”.

Why?  Because you create defeat before you’ve even given yourself a chance to have a great day!

Plus – telling yourself you’re fat or ugly won’t just make you feel fat or ugly – it will actually make you look that way.

What To Do When You “Feel” Fat…

1.  Do some squats, sit-ups, or another quick exercise that gives you a nice burn in a place where you “feel fat”.  Being curvy and with super-short legs, I like to do 25-50 squats to make my legs feel strong and tighter.  It only takes a few minutes – but gets my day started on the right ‘foot’!

2.  Fill your mind with something uplifting.  I enjoy listening to books on Audible while I get my briefcase ready, walk the dog, or prepare breakfast.  Choose something powerfully motivating to you.  If you want a few suggestions just Reply to this email and I’ll share a few that I love.

3.  Stop the ‘feelings’ in their track.  Just stop.  Don’t repeat them – and fight tooth and nail to think about something positive!!!

You see, when you fill your mind with negative feelings, this may trigger bad behaviors.  This will cause you to feel even worse, which may lead to even more destructive behaviors, and so on and so on.  I like to play this video of Bob Newhart for my friends.  It will have you rolling on the floor laughing – and laughing feels great!

Bob Newhart Stop It

Picture yourself as the woman in the chair constantly repeating the fact that you ‘feel fat’.  Then picture Bob Newhart yelling, “Stop That!”  “Fat is not a feeling!”  You will soon see the absurdity of telling yourself that you feel fat!

4.  Use a Jedi-Mind-Trick.  Really… it’s not a Jedi-Mind-Trick.  But it feels good.  Practice looking in the mirror and instead of focusing on the irritating place where your gut hangs out too much or your thighs rub together… focus on the thing you love most.  (If I sat and looked at my thighs all day – I’d develop a complex about them!)

Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you look when you smile.  Or sing.  Or dance.  Now you are creating positive energy that will permeate the rest of your day.  Stress causes our bodies to produce cortisol – which can cause you to overeat and gain weight.  That’s how telling yourself you’re fat can actually cause you to gain weight!

5.  Make a cup of Oolong tea with lemon.  Sometimes when you’re feeling fat, you’re simply bloated and in need of a nice healthy bowel movement.  Drinking hot Oolong first thing in the morning with lemon (on an empty stomach) can help your digestive track get back into gear, which will usually make you feel much better – and much less ‘fat’.

I don’t know about you, but I will never look like the models in the magazines – never.

But I choose to look in the mirror and love what, and who, I see.

Love yourself… and drink Oolong Tea every day to have healthier skin, teeth, organs, bones, and heart health.

I hope you and your body are here for a long time; that’s why I’ve devoted my life to naturally-occurring health miracles like Okuma’s Oolong Tea.

Show your brain and your body the love they deserve.

Go ahead – look in the mirror right now and just remind yourself – you’re beautiful.

(Doesn’t that feel better?)

12 Tips To Stay Trim Through The Holidays [without being a party pooper…]

Defocused abstract blue and yellow christmas background

If you aren’t the chef de cuisine at this year’s holiday gathering, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Fret not!

Here are 12 stellar tips to keep you on track with your weight loss goals, without being the party pooper!

1.  BYOF

Bring Your Own Food.  There are two benefits to contributing to the meal, whether it’s at your house or at the home of a loved one.

1.   Not showing up empty-handed is the generally the polite thing to do. 

Plus, if you’re a guest at somebody’s home, you can’t expect them to fuss with a 100-year-old family green bean casserole recipe on account of your not eating bacon… err… you get the point.

2.   Nobody is going to care about your weight loss goals like you do.  

Even if they say they do – it’s unreasonable to expect people to cook around your diet.

That’s why I recommend bringing a snack to share with everybody.

One of my favorite snacks to bring to the holidays is a seafood platter with shrimp, gluten-free low-sugar cocktail sauce, grilled calamari, and even some fish roe that I get for a reasonable price at a local Asian foods store.

If you’re attending the party of a more “beer-n-brats” type gathering, bring something low-key that people can still slather in their chemical-laden ranch dressing.

Veggie platters don’t have to be the overpriced grocery store version with fatty, sugary salad dressings in the middle.  Head to the local organics section for Belgium Endive, Snap Peas, Baby Zucchini, Asparagus in every color… and Radishes!

Next week Okuma is releasing our Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide – a cookbook and collection of stories that will help you keep Merry AND Trim throughout this holiday season.

I’ll provide you *better* dressings (fresh and in just 2 easy steps!), great snacks and desserts to share, and lots of incredible stories that will help you stay on track without being a party pooper – no matter how many holiday parties you attend!  Stay tuned!

2.  Juice Before Getting Loose…

My sister Val is notorious for stopping at the coffee shop for a hot tea with milk or a latte before holiday gatherings.

A professional dancer for many years, she was under intense pressure to keep her tummy taut throughout the season.

This has become one of my favorite tricks for holiday healthfulness!

I stop at the Whole Foods or local juice bar before attending a party to get a nice green juice.

I sip the juice before arriving so that I won’t be hungry during the snacking phase of a party.  I may nibble on some olives, veggies, or protein-packed mixed nuts, but it keeps me satisfied until the main meal is served.

When I’m really in a rush, I arrive at the party empty-handed, but request a cup of hot water for my Oolong tea with honey and sip that for an hour or so in order to pace myself for the long, food-filled parties my family throws.

3.  Beware of Portion Distortion

Nothing can keep me away from my Grandma’s Homemade Ravioli or my Mom’s Famous Breakfast Casserole (I included a gluten-free version in my cookbook), but instead of twelve raviolis, I fill my plate with salad and have one piece of each filling.  (One ricotta, one beef.  Mmmm…. ravioli.)

Instead of two slices of my dad’s to-die-for homemade bread, I eat the crusty end of the loaf – my favorite part, and a decidedly smaller piece than one from the massive gooey middle of the bread.

4.  Don’t Deny Yourself

Who am I to turn my nose at fine champagne or my Aunt Diana’s mouth-watering meatballs?

The key is portion control.  

I don’t go back to the crock pot with my toothpick four or five times for meatballs.

Instead I take one, try a reasonable bit – savor that bite and let my mouth and taste buds enjoy the fatty meat and fruity sugars – and share the rest with somebody who isn’t watching their diet.

I’ve never had a problem taking half-portions or small bites of anything.  In fact, you enjoy the food MORE when you savor each bite slowly than if you scarf down seventeen meatballs.

Instead of a glass of champagne every hour – I’ll have a half a glass with my desert. That way I’m enjoying 50 calories of a sugary drink instead of 700 calories of French Silk pie.

And frankly, I prefer to “drink my dessert” as it is!

5.  Choose Your Battles…

There are some foods that I absolutely won’t touch at parties.

It’s good to use a bit of discretion – or even to be resolute about certain foods. There’s something wickedly cool that happens in the brain when you make a choice.  When you willfully choose to do something – your brain is filled with chemicals that fill you with a sense of reward.

The more we practice the art of willfully choosing a course of action – or saying “no” to foods that nobody should ever eat – like Velveeta cheese dips – the easier it becomes to practice self-control on a regular basis.

If you have ever suffered from addiction, you know that until you cultivate these higher self-control processes, you feel like a an teenager on the school yard who falls into smoking or drinking habits – it’s harder to say no to things when you haven’t practiced.

Your brain – and your body – will become stronger with each good choice you make.

6. Choose Your Booze Wisely!

I love to enjoy a nice glass of wine many nights of the week.

I live in the city so it’s a great way to break from my beloved work here at Okuma and meet a friend out on one of our notoriously warm, dog-friendly Austin outdoor patios.

I find that most parties, weddings, and celebrations tend to provide an abundance of drinks with high-sugar, empty calories, and inevitable hangovers.

My trick is to show up with a nice bottle of wine (or two) – something that’s a treat even for me to drink.  Then I’ll set it on the counter and let it breathe for 30 minutes or so.

If you start the celebration off with a sugary drink such as a martini or champagne right away, this has a few really negative side effects.

Here are a few that are excerpts from our upcoming Holiday Recipe Book!

Bonus Tip:  3 Reasons NOT To Start The Party With Sugary Drinks

  1. Sugary drinks spike insulin levels.  When you have excess insulin levels in your blood – your brain signals your body to pick up fat cells from the bloodstream in order to store more energy.  That’s why sugar is your worst enemy for fat loss – an excess of sugar = excessive fat storage.
  1. Alcohol affects your judgment – if you drink on an empty stomach you’re more likely to drink more, and use less discretion with your food choices.
  1. Eating sugar doesn’t satisfy you – in fact when you eat an excess of sugar – your brain doesn’t pick up on the fact that you have enough energy in your body and are full.  Therefore, you overeat.

My tip is to sip a delicious wine and really focus on it’s flavors, aromas, and texture.  Wine has unbelievable health benefits, such as antioxidants and the resveratrol in wine is linked to a healthier heart.

Not a fan of wine?  There are a plethora of other low-sugar options that I share in our Holiday Recipe Book.

Best yet – almost every one of our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be prepared with Okuma’s Slimming Wu-Long Tea!

Tip #7.  Use Your Guests To Divert Your Attention From Food

My favorite way to divert my attention from food and booze at a party is to play with kids.

I have tons of cousins and it’s easy to spend hours running around, playing games, or throwing a ball with them.  In Chicago one of my favorite holiday pastimes is getting bundled up and creating a snowman with the kids.

It’s amusing for the guests – and it’s an incredible workout.

In Texas where I live now – it’s almost always perfect weather for a walk.

Make a game of it: take a group with you to have a holiday scavenger hunt or sing a carol to your favorite neighbor who lives a few blocks away.

Dig up your dad’s old Radio Flyer sled and trek to a hill near the house.

BONUS:  The parents will love you for minding the little ones for a bit while they relax and enjoy the holiday.

And the kids will think you’re the bee’s knees for years to come.

Tip #8.  Don’t Dip

It’s rare to find a dip that isn’t loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, and preservatives.

One way to stay on-track with your holiday is to avoid dips altogether. Ketchup, dressings, barbecue sauces, and cheese dips are the nastiest offenders.

Instead of dunking your veggies into a bath of chemicals, bring an organic hummus on-hand that will give you protein, vitamins, and is just as satisfying on your veggies.

Opt for mustard instead of ketchup on your grilled foods and if the menu calls for steak sauce or barbecue – find a special gluten-free one and offer it as a gift to the host or hostess.

One trick I use when going to a barbecue is to find a fancy, $8.00 bottle of sauce that is locally made, organic, and gluten-free.

Now you don’t look like you’re not gracious to your host – you’re presenting your healthier option as a gift to the party-thrower!

BETTER YET – make fresh, gluten-free homemade dips.

I’ll share tons from my new recipe book with you next week!

Tip #9.  Be Sweet… But Picky!

Loading up on turkey and salad is the easy part of a healthy holiday meal.

But what if you’re suddenly confronted with a room full of ice cream, pies, cakes, candies, and coffee drinks?

This is one of the easiest ways to take an otherwise healthy meal and blow it.

My trick has become a fun game for the whole family.

Everybody wants to try every treat – but it seems like each family brings enough dessert to feed the whole party!

That’s when we cut a couple slices of each desert and put them on plates with a few forks around each plate.

Now I’ll taste my Mom’s homemade pies while also getting a reasonable bite of my Uncle’s authentic cannoli too.

Or if there’s just one dessert you must have – cut yourself a mini-slice and slowly savor each bite.

You may find that the first bit is out of the world – and by the end you’ve spent so much time savoring and appreciating the dessert that you don’t need to finish it!

Tip #10.  Make Post-Holiday Plans…

My father loves to make post-holiday plans that keep him and my mom on track the day after a party – when most people want to sleep in and gorge themselves with fried eggs and toast in front of a football game.

My family, however, started a tradition of going on a hike the day after the holiday.

We all pile into cars and trek a few hours south of where they live to hike trails.

It gives us a reason to burn beaucoup calories – and spend quality time together as a family.

Nobody associates it with working out – everybody sees this as a cherished family adventure.

Plan an activity the day after your holiday that will inevitably get you back on track with your weight loss goals, and provide you with quality family time.

Tip #11.  RELAX A Little!

If you’re preoccupied with thoughts of calories and weight loss, your holiday will be anything BUT merry.

If you enter the holidays feeling confident about your workout routine, weight loss successes, and realistic about your goals; you will BE stronger.  At the bottom of every email I write is this quote:

“A Person Is Limited Only By The Thoughts That He Chooses”  ~James Allen

Go into your holiday season envisioning all the ways you will stay fit, and merry!

Visualize yourself using all these tricks to conquer the food frenzies.

Envision yourself going to bed at night after the holiday party and feeling fit, sober, and satisfied.

Know that you have already maintained your weight loss goals over the holiday season… you’re just waiting for the universe to catch up to what you’ve already accomplished.

REMEMBER:  If you believe it, you WILL achieve it!

Tip #12.  Curb Carb Cravings BEFORE You Indulge·

I ALWAYS keep Okuma’s remarkable Slimming Tea Capsules in my purse at ALL TIMES.

Taking one capsule 15 minutes before a meal CURBS carb cravings.

Wu-Long Slimming Tea capsules also rev up your metabolism for increased fat burning.

Our capsules are some of the BEST, 100% NATURAL ways to kill cravings and melt belly fat.

One Oolong Slimming Tea Capsule has nearly TEN TIMES the powerful fatburning polyphenols of green tea!

Busy days don’t always allow for a nice, relaxing cup of Oolong Tea. But there’s ALWAYS time to take advantage of our revolutionary tea capsules.

Get yours here today so that they arrive before the holiday parties begin!




Good News (if you got 'back'…)

Woman with meter

Being a curvaceous woman in an era of bandage dresses and skinny jeans is tough.

Instead of getting down in the dumps about my own curvy figure…

I fill my mind and heart with body-loving positive thoughts.

Many of those curvy body-loving thoughts derive from these 4 fascinating facts about women with big butts (I said it) and why they’re smarter, and healthier!

4 Benefits to Being a Woman With Curves…

#1  They Have Healthier Hearts

In a 16,000 participant study by the University of Oxford, we find that the presence of a big butt has a plethora of health benefits.

First off, it coincides with the presence of hormones that metabolize sugar in you body.

This means that big-bottomed girls have a greater chance of avoiding diabetes and heart problems.

Also, curvaceous bodies actually trap harmful fatty particles in a tissue called ‘adipose’ located in the buttocks.

This fatty tissue trap wards off future cardiovascular disease.

#2  They’re Smarter

A large rear end is predicated on the presence of an excess of Omega 3 fats in the diet.

Omega 3 fats are essential to the body – but our bodies don’t make Omega-3 fats naturally.

That’s why diets rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are critical.

You can find Omega-3’s in fish, algae and krill, certain plants, and nut oils.

They play a critical part in brain function and normal growth & development.

In fact, researchers found that even the children of curvy women are intellectually superior to their peers!

3.  They Have Less Disease…

In the 16,000 women used in the University of Oxford study, another resounding correlation was made…

Women with big butts have lower cholesterol and glucose levels.

In fact, they are more likely to produce the hormone dinopectina, which has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dinopectina is a hormone that is responsible for strengthening vascular health, as well as the ability to stave off scary diseases such as diabetes.

4.  They Are LESS Prone To Weight Gain…

Curvy women have healthier leptin levels in their blood.

Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells that let your brain know when you’ve eaten enough.

When your body is properly regulating leptin levels, you stop eating when you’re full… and your metabolic rate increases in conjunction with the energy you consume.

When the brain is resistant to leptin, you don’t pick up on those signals that tell you when you’re full…

…Nor the signals that raise your metabolic rate!

Another disadvantage when leptin levels are out of whack:  you go into energy-STORING mode vs. fat-BURNING mode.

How To Love Your (Curvaceous) Body…

Ladies, this is GREAT news for your health – both physically, and (especially) emotionally.

Seeing long-legged Scandinavian beauties on the covers of magazines is NOT fun for any of us who struggle with a bit extra below the belt…

But knowledge is power: when you understand that your body is perfectly equipped for health – you can conquer your weight loss goals.

Here’s how I’ve interpreted new like this to conquer my own personal weight loss demons.

You Are What You Think

First, it’s critical for you to wake up in the morning and love WHO, and WHAT you see.

If you’re busy spending the day feeling sad, sorry, and miserable – your choices will reflect that attitude.

I live my life by one very simple motto that takes me out of dark, depressing thoughts all the time.

You are what you think.

The writer James Allen says,

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you;

you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

Next time you want to grab a toxic drink like diet soda or a sugary latte – grab yourself a cup of Oolong tea.

(It’s just as effective hot or iced!)

If you’re on the run and struggling with temptations to snack – take a Wu-Long slimming tea capsule

Taking a Wu-Long Capsule 15 minutes before a meal will help eliminate “carb cravings” by regulating insulin spikes.

This is why so many people finally start to see their weight dropping when they start taking Okuma’s Wu-Long Slimming Tea Capsules.

Now grab yourself some tea or capsules – look in the mirror and remind yourself, “I AM powerful enough to make the right choices to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

To Your Health & Vitality,



Are Eating Habits Contagious?

Are Eating Habits Contagious

Could it be that one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is actually the people around you?

It isn’t a factor we talk about a whole lot, but it just may have more impact on your waistline than you think.

As a matter of fact, research shows that those around us can significantly influence our health behaviors and the way that we eat.

Here is a little more info to get you thinking, and some tips about what you can do to stay on track despite the influence of others…


Our social group may have the biggest influence of all over what we eat. One study found that people are actually 57% more likely to be obese if their friends are obese. If you think about this, it makes a lot of sense. We tend to surround ourselves with those that are similar to us, and we also tend to behave similarly to them in social settings.

What you can do: If you want to get healthy and feel like your friends are not on the same path, try to see if you can bring them along with you. Suggest healthy restaurants or potluck get-togethers, become fitness buddies, and plan activities together than aren’t food-centric. Also, be sure to let them in on your specific goals. It will be easier for them to support you, and they just might get inspired as well.


The same study cited above found that those who have an overweight spouse are 37% more likely to be obese if their spouse is obese. This can be a tricky situation. I know that when I was at my heaviest, it had a lot to do with being in a relationship in which I essentially took on the same eating habits as my partner (lots of pasta and pancakes, very few fruits and vegetables). Understandably, when you live with someone it is a lot more difficult to avoid junk food if that is what they enjoy.

What you can do: The best thing you can do is to talk about it. See if you can become a team and try to incorporate healthy changes together. Try taking some of you’re favorite recipes and giving them a healthy makeover, and agree to keep temptation out of your cupboards. If your partner isn’t on board, don’t criticize, just stick to your game plan and let it be. Who knows, maybe your success and enthusiasm will win them over.


We all try to practice what we preach and stay pretty healthy in this office, with one little exception…cookies. There is a restaurant very nearby that makes spectacular oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. These things are magical and usually arrive still warm from the oven. If someone goes anywhere near the restaurant, chances are that a cookie or two (or three) will come back with them. Many an afternoon have I thought I should say “no,” but ended up indulging instead.

What you can do: Whether it is bagels, doughnuts, lunch meetings, or cookies, just be aware that these over eating temptations come up often in the workplace, and do your best to prepare. Eat breakfast before you go to work, pack your own lunch, and be sure to have healthy snacks on hand so that it is easier to avoid these diet pitfalls. Also, never be afraid to politely decline, it may be difficult sometimes, but you will always feel better for it later.

Oh, and of course you can drink your Wu-Long Tea to help fight off cravings.

The Real Rules of Fitness

Rules of Fitness

photo credit: myyogaonline via photopin cc

The world of fitness – just like the world of weight loss –  is complicated.

There’s lots of advice everywhere you look, and pretty much everyone is a fanatic about the one thing that they will swear by as the very “best” way to get in shape (crossfit, yoga, etc.).

The truth?

What works for you may be different from what works for everyone else, and that’s perfectly okay.

Here are 3 of my cardinal rules of fitness…


Something For Everyone:

I know it’s really easy to hear fitness or exercise advice from others and immediately come up with reasons why you can’t do what they’re suggesting. I mean, I really know. The truth is that I have had both of my hips reconstructed and now have to carefully consider my options when it comes to exercise. Does this mean that I use it as an excuse to do nothing? Definitely not. I may not ever be a runner or a skier, but I can walk, and swim, and bike…so I do.

There really is a way for everyone to get some form of exercise into their lives…whether they are overweight, elderly, or have other limitations.


Pain Does Not Equal Gain:

Forget the old adage. Getting fit does not require you to strain yourself, and it doesn’t need to involve blood, sweat, and tears (well, maybe a little sweat). If you are a body builder and you love to push your limits, that’s great. But if you are intimidated by exercise, don’t be. You do not have to push yourself past your limits, it can be defeating and put you at risk for injury. It’s perfectly okay to start with baby steps and work your way up…every little bit counts.


(Almost*) Nothing Happens Overnight:

Fitness is a process, and you will not see massive results overnight. Just like with weight loss, it takes time (and you shouldn’t believe anything that promises otherwise). Sometimes it’s hit or miss to find the routine that fits your life, but it’s great when you do. Don’t be disheartened though, results will come, and it is an amazing process to suddenly realize that’s your pants are too big or to watch muscles begin to take shape.

*Bonus: The thing that will happen quickly is that exercise can make you feel better. It raises endorphins, lowers anxiety, and has even been shown to be an effective treatment for depression.

For more great fitness advice from one of my favorite bloggers, check out this link…

What's Wrong with Your Diet?

What's Wrong with Your Diet?

I don’t know about you, but here’s what happens when I go on a diet…

I spend the entire time thinking about what I’m not eating. I devote Pinterest boards to magical fattening foods that aren’t even healthy to look at. I resent the pizza companies rude enough to actually advertise in the middle of the shows I’m watching, almost as much as I resent the shows themselves for having dinner scenes.

And no, I don’t want to hear about that great new fro-yo place that just opened up, but you better tell me all about it, especially the toppings bar.

Going on a diet is a terrible way to lose weight.

What’s wrong with your diet? It’s a mental torture that we place upon ourselves. There must be a better way.

Mind Games

Don’t think of a polar bear right now. Don’t imagine an iceberg floating on a moonlit sea with a happy little polar bear sitting on the top. Don’t do that.

Did you do it? Even though I told you not to?

That’s the thing about diets. They’re about this “Don’t” mentality that our rebellious brains can’t help but spite. Tell us not to want something or to do something, and that’s the thing we’re most likely to want or do. Or want to do. It’s human nature.

What if we took a mental-Judo approach? Judo is the martial art of using our attacker’s strike against them. Instead of resisting the temptation, turn the force of that temptation against itself.

Stop thinking of what you can’t have, and rejoice in all the things you can have.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Furthermore, you can’t eat your cake and have it, too, which makes more sense to me than the typical way that expression goes. My point is, you can’t eat cake if you don’t have cake to eat.

Make it hard to get the stuff that you know is bad for your health. It’s as easy as not buying potato chips, which you’re probably doing right now. You’re not buying chips right now, are you? See?

Instead, buy the stuff that’s good for you. More importantly, buy the stuff that you’ll like that’s good for you. If you don’t like Brussels sprouts, you’re not going to eat them, no matter how many you bring home. But if you do some research and experiment with your daily menu, you’ll find that perfect mix of healthy and yummy.


Anyone who’s good at cheating at anything knows the best way to do it is in small increments. They don’t steal the answers to the whole test; just a few here and there. They don’t win with royal flushes for every hand. The same approach works with food.

Don’t eat a whole cheese cake and think it’s just cheating. But allow yourself a nibble here and there. It will take the edge off. Allow yourself the occasional indulgence, because otherwise you’re back in that “Don’t” frame of mind.

After all, you’re a grown up. You can do what you want. It’s just a matter of wanting what’s right for you.

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