Where To Buy Wu Long Tea?

Where to buy Wu Long teaWu Long tea, or Oolong as it is officially known as, can be purchased in a variety of locations. Where to buy Wu Long tea is an important decision. You can buy it from us, you can buy it from any number of websites, you can buy it at specialty tea stores, you can even buy Wu Long tea at your local grocer and health food stores (higher end grocers).

Of course, we believe our tea is the best and you should buy it right here, but if you wish to shop around here are some links that will help you.

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The pricing of Wu Long or Oolong tea varies greatly and you will find stores selling 100 tea bags for $4.99 and you will find stores selling it for $198/pound. Like most things in life, you will absolutely get what you pay for. Here are some pricing considerations when you need help with where to buy Wu Long tea.

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Oolong tea may appear expensive, but for all the amazing health benefits of Wu Long tea, it is really a bargain. Think of it this way.

Most people have a daily drink habit. Whether it is coffee, soda, tea, or now the popular energy drinks they all are pretty expensive. They vary in thier respective health benefits too, from benign to downright harmful. Let us look at a quick monthly cost comparison. Let us assume you are going to drink one of the beverages per day for a month.

Drink Cost per day Cost per month
Daily cup of Okuma Wu Long tea $.53/cup (if you buy 3 boxes for $97) $15.90 per month
Daily medium coffee from Starbucks $2.05/cup (today's price in CO) $61.50 per month
Daily soda $1.59/bottle $47.70 per month
Dail energy drink $3.00/12 oz can (found on Google) $90.00 per month

You can clearly see that Okuma's Wu Long tea is actually the CHEAPEST to drink on a daily basis, and if you compare the health benefits, is one of the best drinks you can put in your body on a daily basis.


Not all Wu Long tea is created equal.

Like fine wine, oolong teas are not all the same.

Okuma works with the best tea masters for sourcing and quality control to discover where the tea is grown and which crop cycle provides the maximum benefits. You see, the tea market has grown substantially over the years. It's not just the variety of teas available but the quality levels vary greatly from brand to brand. Be careful where you buy Wu Long tea.

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