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Your Cup of Tea Posts Written by Lucky

What’s Wrong with Your Diet?

What's Wrong with You Diet?

I don’t know about you, but here’s what happens when I go on a diet... I spend the entire time thinking about what I’m not eating. I devote Pinterest boards to magical fattening foods that aren’t even healthy to look at. I resent the pizza … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Day Planner

Weight Loss Day Planner

Some people need the cold, hard facts. Like, if I had a checklist of what I needed to do to be a happy, healthy me, I’d have a much better chance of achieving that goal than if I had to figure it out all on my lonesome. I just want guidance and … [Read more...]

A New Routine: Taking the Work Out of Workouts

taking the work out of workouts

I am a fan of routine. Sure, every now and then, I can use a bit of uncertainty to spice things up, but honestly, I’m kind of ritualistic. If I can’t have a routine, I’d at least like a specific deadline. Deadlines give me a light at the end of … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

If only the weather would agree with the calendar, it would be springtime in all proper respects. It is about that time, though, to shirk off the clutter of those winter months. Open a window. Stand in the sun. Listen to some birds a-chirpin’. Get … [Read more...]

A Little Discipline: Tips For Getting Motivated

Tips For Getting Motivated

You can’t make change simply by wanting to make change. You want to get thinner and healthier? Wanting isn’t enough. You have to take action. You have to scream about it, fight with your lazy inner teenager to get off the couch, and burn … [Read more...]

What Am I Forgetting?

tips for planning

So… I haven’t planned this well at all. I was hoping I could offer up some information about maybe weight loss, or healthy eating, or exercise, or getting motivated… but I just can think of anything new. I think I might have reached the bottom … [Read more...]

Love, Love, Love

love and your health

Yeah, it’s Valentine’s day. It’s all about love, and if you happen to be in a beautifully commited relationship, you’ve got even more to be glad about then the free kisses and whispered sweet nothings. It’s a many splendored thing, they say. It … [Read more...]

Mind Over Matter

tips for improving your attitude

It’s no secret that your attitude is important the success of any pursuit you undertake. If you start off thinking you’ll fail, that’s probably how it will go down. Heck, why bother? But if you go into a situation with the firm belief that you … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Sick!

home remedies for sickness

Sniffles, coughs, and aches; oh my! There are plenty of germs circling around these days, and if you hang around people, there’s a chance you’ll get a bug just by proximity. Heck, doorknobs can pose a hazard this time of year, and if you start … [Read more...]

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

accentuate the positive

Warning: This is not a pep talk. It’s going to be a hard slice of reality. Just thought you should know before we got into it, because a vague disclaimer is no one’s friend. You won’t be good at everything you try. There. I said it. I … [Read more...]